Morning Quickies: Heather Locklear Hospitalized For Drugs & Alcohol

  • If there’s one thing not to mix with alcohol, it’s prescription drugs. Heather Locklear learned this the hard way and was hospitalized yesterday afternoon after her sister called 911. A hospital spokesperson says Heather is awake and responsive right now, but law enforcement sources say the actress consumed a “dangerous mix” of drugs. In 2008, Heather’s doctor called 911 out of concern that she may have ODed on prescription meds. Get well soon, Heather Locklear! [TMZ, Starpulse]
  • Sinead O’Connor has called off her marriage with Barry Herridge yet again. The couple married, then split after 17 days, then got together again. In a message on her website, Sinead posted “The marriage [is] untenable so that is now over.  … I’m gonna be me. And if anyone doesn’t like that they can seek therapy. Because I am wonderful. Exactly as I am. As Bridget Jones would say.” While I admire her quotation of Bridget Jones, I am worried for this woman! Earlier this week, Sinead tweeted that she desperately needed a psychiatrist who could prescribe her meds. Hope she’s getting the help she needs. [The Sun UK]
  • James Franco has been tapped to play Robert Mapplethorpe in a flick about the famed photographer, who died in 1989 of AIDS. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Olivia Munn is the latest celeb to pose nakey-nakey for PETA, alongside a floppy bunny. [Starpulse]
  • Lindsay Lohan owes $94K in back taxes for 2009 and has been hit with a tax lien. Oof. Tax bullshit is no fun. [Evil Beet Gossip]
  • Leah Messer from “Teen Mom” is pregnant with twins again and is hoping to cash in with a spin-off show, just like Kate Gosselin. Her first set of twins are by her ex-husband; her second set of twins are by her fiance. Sweetie, being “just like Kate Gosselin” is not something to aspire to. [ONTD]
  • Katie Couric was on a first date at a sushi restaurant with a new dude when ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams was randomly seated next to her and started “throwing edamame at her in a friendly fashion.” I just … can’t. [New York Post]
  • Tila Tequila is converting to Judaism. Mazel tov! [TMZ]
  • An upcoming episode of “30 Rock” will address Tracey Morgan’s homophobic rant last spring. Liz Lemon will write Tracy’s apology for the show and says he’s not a homophobe, he’s an idiot. [Queerty]
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