Ladies, Being A Fake Girlfriend Ain’t What It Used To Be

Once upon a time, a man (Richard Gere) paid upwards of $10,000 for a week of the Girlfriend Experience (from Julia Roberts, no less). But these days, the laws of supply and demand have totally skewed things, and women have now lowered their fake girlfriend rates to a pittance. A woman named Cathy on the website Fiverr — which gives users the ability to charge one another five dollars for virtually anything — is offering up herself as a fake Facebook girlfriend for up to 10 days. Yes, she’ll pretend to be “in a relationship” with you for only $5. That’s the price of a latte, jerks! And, if that’s not quite to your liking, she’ll also, alternatively, leave jealousy-inducing messages on your Facebook wall for the same price — up to three per day. Says Cathy (pictured):

I’ll be your girlfriend on facebook for 10 days. I’m Cathy, a 23 year old student and I live in New York city. There’s a second option by the way: If you want a few messages (3 max.) on your profile to make somone [sic] jealous that’s also possible, just send me the message(s) and the facebook-link! byebye!x (I don’t! do any promotional stuff!

So far, three men have taken her up on the offer. And it’s spawned a bunch of copycat posts on the site, from women and men who are equally willing to play fake BF and GF for a price. Tell us: would you hire someone to play virtual suitor? [Fiverr]