Michael Fassbender Reminds Us We’re All Going To Die One Day

“… [W]e feel a lot of pressure about looking silly or appearing weak, whatever that means, or being a failure. You have to keep in your head: what’s the worst that can happen? I’m trying to tell a story — what’s the worst that can happen? You fall flat on your face, then hopefully you get back up again and go for it again and try something else. We’re all going to die one day. I’m stealing that off [director] Steve [McQueen]; it’s what he’d say when he ordered me to take my clothes off. ‘WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE ONE DAY!'”

I love my boyfriend Michael Fassbender for many reasons and chief among them is his willingness to get s-e-x-y before the camera. In “A Dangerous Method,” “Fish Tank,” and “Shame,” he does everything from spank women to hire prostitutes to get naked onscreen. Did I say just naked? I mean that in “Shame” his glorious Fass-dong is hanging out for all the world to see for several minutes. Because why not? We’re all going to die someday. [Guardian UK]

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