Evening Quickies: Beyoncé’s Birthing Suite Is Nicer Than My Apartment

  • Check out Beyoncé’s super-luxe birthing suite! TMZ has published pics from inside Lenox Hill hospital where Bey gave birth on Saturday night to baby Blue Ivy Carter. Beyoncé’s birthing suite had two couches, at least one arm chair, and four flat-screen TVs. Wow, even if you had nosebleed seats in this hospital room you could still see the baby crowning! [US Weekly]
  • Marc Anthony flipped out after he discovered his and J.Lo’s twins refer to Mommy’s new boyfriend as “Daddy Casper.” Marc supposedly threatened that he’ll ask the kids to call his new girlfriend, model Shannon De Lima, “Mommy Shannon.” Oof. [Bossip]
  • Lindsay Lohan crashed the Weinstein Company’s Golden Globes party last night at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont. Meh. If you’re as famous as Lindsay Lohan and a clipboard Nazi still lets you through the door, I don’t think you can say she “crashed.” [FoxNews]
  • Great douchebags of classic literature. We’re looking at you, Mr. Rochester. [Glamour]
  • Is it okay to use orgasms as a sleep aid? YES. Next question? [Em & Lo]
  • Long commutes put pressure on relationships, science says, and long-distance commuters are more likely to end their relationships than others. This is totally, totally true. [How About We]
  • Stop being so cute, street style bloggers Garance Doré and Sartorialist Scott Schuman. [NYmag.com The Cut]
  • How to splurge responsibly. [Already Pretty]
  • The legend of the drop-crotch skinny jean. [The Hairpin]
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