Today’s Lady News: CVS Refuses Emergency Contraception To Man, Suggests He’s A Rapist

  • A Texas man is suing a CVS pharmacy after it refused to sell him the morning-after pill, which he was purchasing for his wife. Jason Melbourne drove to four pharmacies until he found one which sold Plan B emergency contraception, but the pharmacist refused to sell it, pointing to the fine print that said he must be over age 17. He pointed out he is over age 17. The pharmacist then said she needed to see the ID of Melbourne’s wife (who was at home caring for the couple’s two children). A male pharmacy technician then intervened, presumably trying to help, and said they wouldn’t sell Plan B to men because men might be giving it to “rape victims.” Hoo boy. Now Jason Melbourne has enlisted the ACLU to help him fight against this BS. I know for a fact that pharmacies in general let you pick up prescriptions in loved one’s names. There is no reason the morning-after pill should be any different. [Think Progress
  • Lesbian Native American Susan Allen won a special election for a seat in the Minnesota State House last night. [Gay Politics]
  • The gayest city in the country is … Salt Lake City, Utah? Um. [Newser]
  • Check out this Riot Grrl documentary posted on Vimeo called “She’s Real (Worse Than Queer).” [Because I Am A Woman]
  • New Jersey’s state legislature announced this week it will introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. []
  • The geography of women’s economic opportunity. [The Atlantic Monthly]
  • Actress Tilda Swinton has penned an introduction to Virginia Woolf’s novel, Orlando. She starred in the movie based on the book. [Telegraph UK]
  • The case for giving J.K. Rowling the Nobel Prize. [The Atlantic Monthly]
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