3 Places Where You Might Not Actually Want To Meet Guys

You’re single. You’re on the lookout. We get it. And you’re probably not looking for love in all the wrong places because you know where these “wrong places” are (all-day buffets, an ex’s bed, Red Lobster, a strip club, to name a few). However, if you’re searching for guys in the following spots, you might want to be aware of their downsides. 

1. Your neighborhood bar. This is the place you hit up frequently, the vibe here is distinctly local, and you love it for that. But it’s a tricky spot because should your flirtation go downhill, you’ll have to deal with being reminded of it. Consider the following: You meet a guy one night, and yes, he seems cool because he fits in with the crowd here. You have a flirty conversation and maybe share a kiss and exchange numbers. But before you know it, you find you can’t maintain a traditional dating course because you keep running into him. Deciding to talk to each other feels like a forced date; hang out in the same space separately and you run the risk of seeing him talk to other girls (and you can’t blame him, because that’s kind of what bars are for). Before you know it, you’re avoiding your favorite bar. That sucks.

2. Yoga class, spin, your gym, etc. Similar to #1, except 1000 times worse because you run into each other when you’re drenched in sweat, smelling like a hobo, and wearing sweats or Spandex (oh, the horror!). A perhaps even more annoying side effect: You become one of those girls who dresses up and wears makeup to go to the gym. 

3. Your writing, cooking, or whatever class. Avoid “taking a class” if that really means “I heard there would be hot guys.” Take the class because you want to take the class, sure. But if you go in with the expectation of making a new connection, you’ll only be dissatisfied that you spent money and didn’t find even one of your fellow students attractive or available. Also, we might add that every time we’ve done this (and yes, we’ve done this) we’ve noticed the ratio isn’t exactly in our favor.

Got any other places that maybe aren’t as ideal as you’d expect for meeting guys? What about unexpected spots that are surprising good for meeting singles? Share in the comments!