Style Resolution: Dress More Adventurously!

You can’t tell just by looking at me, but I live and breathe fashion. I follow all the right blogs, know all the right names, and stalk like a savant. I whittle away days on the internet amassing perfunctory “wishlists” of items I will never be able to afford, and I have forgone meals in favor of spending my money on thick issues of Vogue in languages I can’t read. I’m in deep.

Still, when you have a kind of go-to look, a uniform even, it grows into a habit that’s hard to break. I’m so comfortable in shades of black and grey, thrown together into a messy lazy-girl formula ruled by skinny jeans, oversized sweaters, and low boots, that I haven’t dared to wear anything else in, well,years. Am I just lackadaisical when it comes to dressing … or am I scared?
This is my resolution: to step up my style game. Cashmere cardigans and Doc Martens are all good and, well, but it’s high time for me to get out of this rut. In the spirit of changing things up, I found some pieces that are just effortless enough for me to integrate into my everyday ensembles while staying true to my aesthetic. If you have a similar customary look, or you’ve managed to escape the clutches of your fashion Groundhog Day and lived to tell the tale, share in the comments — I need all the help I can get!