We See Chick Flicks: “Newlyweds”

Starring Edward Burns and Caitlin Fitzgerlad

Do relationships thrive on total honesty and communication? Or do omissions and little white lies keep hurt feelings at bay and  love burning strong?

These are the questions posed in “Newlyweds,” a new film written, directed and starring Edward Burns. Burns and Caitlin Fitzgerald (“It’s Complicated”) play Buzzy and Katie, a newly-married couple in New York City whose bond is tested as relationships unravel around them. It’s the second marriage for both; instead of a long, drawn-out courtship, the couple married quickly, and due to their busy work schedules, they seldom see each other. Sound like red flags? They don’t think so. Buzzy and Katie say that not knowing too much about each other or not spending all their time together is what keep things fresh. When Katie’s sister Marsha suddenly splits from her longtime husband, and when Edward’s younger sister Linda drops by unannounced from L.A., it only seems to prove their point. That is, until competing loyalties to their family members make both Buzzy and Katie wonder how well they know the person they’ve just married.

The Verdict:

I really enjoyed “Newlyweds” and god willing, it wrestle the Google search term from that godawful reality show that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey did together once upon a time. (A girl can dream, can’t she?) New York City-ophiles are in good hands if Ed Burns takes over the mantle of NYC-based filmmaker from the king, Woody Allen, whom he has professed is an inspiration. It is clear from “Newlyweds” that Burns has a talent for telling stories and creating characters that evoke strong reactions out of people. (In the case of “Newlyweds,” the divorcing sister and brother-in-law are particularly insufferable, but in a funny way.)  I was impressed the film was made on a $9,000 budget, filmed around NYC in apartments of Burns’ friends and with all the actors wearing their own clothes. That made the flick feel real, not “low-budget.” It’s indie filmmaking that you can watch — and love — with your suburban mom. And it doesn’t hurt that Burns makes for pretty sweet eye candy, too!

“Newlyweds is available on video-on-demand.