Hot Links: Casey Anthony Posts Another Video Diary, Plus Famous Bad-Ass Last Words!

  • Casey Anthony has posted a second video diary online. In this one, she reveals her new piercings. Ugh. [Huffington Post]
  • So, “Downton Abbey” fans — what did you think of the season two premiere? Clip and discussion at the link! [The Stir]
  • Apparently, Joan Crawford’s last words were: “Damn it, don’t you DARE ask God to help me.” Here are a bunch more bad ass quotes said on famous deathbeds. [Cracked]
  • Think your man is cheating on you? Be sure to avoid these three common mistakes! [YourTango]
  • More Babyonce news: apparently, Beyonce was feted with wine and takeout in her hospital room heavily-guarded wing. That’s the way I would prepare to bring Lucifer’s daughter into the world too. []
  • Jessica Simpson, meanwhile, is still very pregnant and she’s showing her bump off in very tight dresses. Good for her! [TooFab]
  • Relationships require a little sacrifice and compromise, but here are 11 things you should never put up with, according to a dude. [College Candy]
  • Are you still feeling ombre hair or are you over it? Click through these celeb photos and decide! [theBERRY]