25 Teeny Tiny Ways To Be A Lot More Fabulous

We’re celebrating New Year, New You month here at The Frisky, and we’d like to propose a simple, fun goal for 2012: let’s all be a bit more fabulous. Let’s bring out our inner diva. Let’s throw a fake fur vest over our jeans and T-shirts. Let’s have more orgasms. Let’s walk into coffee shops like we own the place. Here are 25 little things that will make you look and feel more fabulous. Please feel free to add your own tips and tricks in the comments!

1. Orgasms in the morning — no store-bought blush can match that glow.

2. Red lipstain.

3. Baths. Baths with candles. Baths with bubbles. Baths with wine. Bath with books. Baths with all of the above — just take a bath at least once a week.

4. Hold eye contact with people for a little longer than expected.

5. Text people out of the blue to tell them how wonderful they are.

6. Sit up straight.

7. Wear more color.

8. A dress that hugs your body in all the right places.

9. A signature scent in a gorgeous bottle. Another scent for special nights in an even more gorgeous bottle.

10. Do your hair differently — part it deeply so it falls over one eye, or sleep in braids for waves; if it’s short, slick it back, tousle it, or add a pretty headband.

11. Tap a little bit of glitter around your eyes. (Not, like, 8th grade girl status, but enough to sparkle when the light hits your face.)

12. Take your shoes to the cobbler for a good cleaning/repairs.

13. A yummy scrub in the shower.

14. Eat more dark chocolate.

15. Moisturize before bed.

16. Oversized cat-eye sunglasses with super dark lenses.

17. Spend an entire day in bed drinking mimosas and reading.

18. Every day, give a stranger a compliment.

19. Freshly ironed clothes.

20. Paint your nails a pretty color.

21. Keep a scented hand lotion on your desk at work and apply it during idle moments so you hands stay nice and soft.

22. Sequins in the daytime.

23. Fake fur accessories.

24. Know the looks that work for you and stick to them. If you don’t know what styles work best for you, ask a fashionable friend to come over and help you put together some outfits.

25. Be honest with people. Kind, but honest.