Something Totally Magical And Not At All Disgusting Happened On The NYC Subway This Week

Despite what you may have heard, the New York City subway isn’t just crammed with rats, people slurping spaghetti, and urine-soaked homeless people. Occasionally there are magical moments, like the spontaneous musical duet of ukulele player Jessica Latshaw and an unnamed percussionist yesterday morning. YouTube user mybs86 captured the whole thing:

Okay- What you are about to watch is a true New York experience. What originally started out as a typical NYC subway ride (sitting across from guy who smelled like urine) turned into an awesome performance by two people who have never met before. I captured the whole thing on video.

The singer continued with another great song after the entire subway car demanded an encore. Her name is Jessica Latshaw- make sure to check out her music.

If that doesn’t cheer you up just a little, well, you should probably just go back to bed. [Animal NY]