Some Thoughts On The Coachella Line Up Rocking Like It’s 1995

If we’re to believe the news being leaked out of Coachella Festival headquarters, this year’s double weekend Coachella Festival, held in Indio, California on April 13-15 and April 20-22, is going to be like taking a fantastical ride in the wayback machine to the mid-’90s. Supposedly the fest’s headliners are No Doubt, Foo Fighters and Radiohead. And also appearing: Fiona Apple (!), Chris Cornell, Underworld (remember “Born Slippy”?) and Nada Surf. Oh sure, there are some current bands playing too — like Best Coast and Wild Flag — but the headliners are all a zillion years old.

The nostalgia machine is alive and kicking, though it seems strange, considering many of the people that end of attending mega-festivals like Coachella were too young to remember No Doubt’s cultural ubiquity the first time around. LCD Soundsystem’s song “Losing My Edge” has a great line about “borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered ’80s” — a reference to the notion of the kind of cultural amnesia that seems so prevalent right now. We insert ourselves into historical or cultural moments we weren’t actually present for because the information about those moments are so readily available it gives us all the sense of having actually lived through them without having actually lived through them.

Normally, I am pretty into this, because I am a zillion years old myself — and I spiritually live in the ’90s and worship at the alter of Evan Dando. But it does seem a little bit Ouroboros-y — a bit like music and cultural production isn’t really moving forward if all we’re doing is wallowing in a slippery sense of “things were much better back then.” Because they weren’t. “I’m Just a Girl” was actually a really annoying song I was forced to listen to on the radio of my car because I didn’t have a tape deck. Really, really annoying. [Huffington Post]