Smutty “Cosmo” Needs To Clean Up Its Act, Says Project Anti-Cosmo Crusader

Imagine, if you will, a world in which Cosmopolitan magazine is covered in a non-transparent wrapper and only available to readers ages 18 and over. If you want to read a “Sexy Vs. Skanky” charticles about how purple nipples are out but purple nail polish is in, you need to show some ID.

This is the world model Nicole Weider is trying to inhabit with her crusade, Project Anti-Cosmo. The ex-model, who became disillusioned with the world of modeling, now seeks to rid the world of “pornographic” content one drugstore magazine at a time. “As a former reader of the magazine, I happened to pick up an issue [of Cosmo] and was reading it and was completely shocked at how pornographic and explicit the content had become,” Weider huffed to Fox News. “I immediately thought of my young teenage brothers and it horrified me to think that they and their friends could be reading this material, and the damage it would do to them if they did. So I decided to do something about it.” Her young brothers are reading Cosmo, what what what? Also, HAHAHAHAHA.

This summer, Weider started a petition on to ask the U.S. Senate — yes, the U.S. Senate — to keep Cosmo covered from young, impressionable eyes. And it has 14,000 signatures. However, you will feel slightly better about all that if you read some of the comments, like this one:

 I don’t want my mind to be subjected to the sex trash. I want to be all the way pure for my husband, whomever he may be. I also want him pure for me. And Cosmo (along with so many other magizines) make me concerned about that desire. 

She also photocopies/scans the (sexy) pages of Cosmo and uploads them her website, where she critiques the bad (sexy) messages in the (sexy) articles. How she does this without spending any money on the magazine (i.e. supporting the very cause she is against) or reading the actual articles (i.e. infecting her brain with impure thoughts) is unclear.   

On her petition, Weider also explains she is outraged about all the tips about “lesbian sex, group sex, watching porn, [and] anal sex,” that “11-year-olds” are reading. Rather than asking parents of 11-year-olds who read Cosmo to, say, do a better job of parenting, let’s get the U.S. Senate in on the act. It’s not like they have anything better to do.

Sigh. In these people’s world, “pornographic” means the same thing as “sex.” There is no nuance. Black and white. Good and bad. Literally, dirty and pure.

And the sad part is, with abstinence-only sex education ridding our public schools of any actual sex education, Cosmopolitan’s PG-13 sex tips might be the best thing some of these kids have got.



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