How To Get Super Curly Locs Without Curlers

I can’t remember how it happened, but one lucky day, I stumbled upon the chescalocs YouTube Channel, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Video blogger Franchesca, or Chescaleigh, as she’s known on Facebook, is extremely creative and hilarious. I’ve developed a habit of falling down the rabbit hole that is her YouTube channel, where she tutors on loc hairstyles and gives tips for maintenance, for hours at a time. She’s given me the courage to experiment more with my locs, or dreadlocks as some people call them.

Most recently, I took Franchesca’s advice on how to get super curly locs using loc knots. I’d tried curling my hair with rollers in the past, but it takes an awful long time — days actually — for locked hair to dry, and I’m not one to go outside with rollers or stay inside for a few days waiting for my hair to dry. So needless to say, I haven’t had curly hair in years.

But after watching her tutorial video above, I knew I was ready for a hair adventure … I just had to convince my mom that she could style my hair in loc knots. That wasn’t too difficult because the tutorial is clear and concise. My mom followed the instructions to a tee, but we had no idea it would take an additional two hours to knot the hair after she’d spent a half hour coloring my hair, I took 40 minutes to wash out said color, and then she spent another half hour re-twisting the new growth of my locs. It was definitely an afternoon of hair grooming, but I didn’t mind because I hardly have to groom my hair between washings.

This is how my loc knots looked at first, and I wasn’t sure I’d feel attractive enough to go outside with them. The knots were stiff, looking like antennae on my head. They were way different than my usual butt-length straight locs.

That night, I tied my head with a scarf as I usually do, and woke to find my knots were less stiff and had softened to the shape of my head. I loved this look! I hadn’t had such short hair in about a decade. I kept the knots in for three days while it dried. And even though I was smitten with my new “short hair,” I was also anxious to see my curls.

I have to admit I wasn’t happy with my super curly hair when I took out the knots. I thought I looked a little like Rolf the Muppet, and the curls tangled into each other causing all the hair to move en masse. I think I could have avoided the tangles if we’d oiled my hair before knotting it.

Anyway, after a few days, the curls relaxed a bit, and I began to love my curls! It has been three weeks, and I haven’t had to do any real grooming of my hair, except for an occasional spritz of leave-in conditioner to control odors and moisturize. I can’t wait for my mom to give me loc knots again, but this time, I think I’ll leave them in longer to take full advantage of this two-in-one style! Or maybe I’ll try this loc faux hawk … with Franchesca tutoring, the possibilities are endless!