5 Things To Know About Adele’s New Boyfriend, Simon Konecki

Some men might be afraid of dating a woman whose career is made of heartbroken hits like “Someone Like You.” But nope, Adele has got a new man. What’s more is that 36-year-old Simon Konecki actually seems like someone we would want to date. These lovebirds were spotted riding an alligator spotting boat in the Everglades National Park and smooching. Let’s be honest, that sounds like a great date! 

Five essential facts about Adele’s new hirsute heartthrob after the jump:

  1. Simon Konecki is the CEO of Drop4Drop, a charity based out of Brighton, UK, which works to bring access to clean water to people in developing countries around the world. Last year, Simon traveled to India for six days to visit villages it had helped.
  2. Simon’s got a big ol’ hipster beard, making him look an awful lot like the actor Zach Galifianakis. Funnily enough, Adele told the UK’s Sun newspaper last year she had the hots for Zach.
  3. Adele had her management urge her Twitter fans to follow Drop4Drop on Twitter and promised that if the charity got 10,000 new followers, she’d start tweeting herself.
  4. According to the Facebook page for Life Pure Water, Simon is an ex-investment banker who became “appalled by the growing distance between rich and poor. I felt that water was a human right and wanted to explore why we let it happen when fixing it as relatively easy.” Drop4Drop is supported by British “Eastenders” actor Sid Owen, who has been Simon’s friend for 20 years, and the comedian Stephen Fry. 
  5. Simon’s embarrassing nickname is “Swampy,” which he says is “probably due to my long hair and  lefty views.” He also did a bizarre interview recently where he was asked which famous person he would like to hire and he said Snoop Dogg. Okay then.

You’d better treat Adele right, Simon! That girl deserves a few happy songs in her repetoire. 

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