Today’s Lady News: Saudi Arabia’s Lingerie Law To Go Into Effect

  • Saudi Arabia will begin enforcing a law that requires lingerie shops to only employ women, so that men and women do not have to come in contact with each other while buying undergarments. [BBC
  • Washington’s Gov. Chris Gregoire, a Democrat, announced today that she will introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. In a press conference today, Gov. Gregoire said, “Some say domestic partnerships are the same as marriage. That’s a version of the discriminatory, separate but equal argument of the past. For decades that argument was used to keep African Americans separate in schools, at their apartments, at drinking fountains. After all, the argument went, those separate places were just as good. But we, Americans knew, separate is not equal and finally the law caught up.” [Think Progress]
  • The real losers of last night’s GOP caucus in Iowa? American women. [Women Are Watching]
  • Is the TV show “Sherlock” sexist? [Guardian UK]
  • Esme Barrera, a volunteer at Girls Rock Camp Austin and a member of the Austin music scene, died over New Year’s. [Brooklyn Vegan]
  • Surprise, surprise, “Work It” — the show about men who dress as women so they can get hired for jobs during the “man-cession” — was as terrible as it looked. [Think Progress]
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