The Best Of “It’s A Brad, Brad World”

It was a busy night last night on the Bravo premiere of “It’s a Brad, Brad World” — kind of. Brad feels like even though everybody knows him as Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe’s former assistant, they don’t know him “as Brad the independent-stylist-slash-style-editor,” so he’s still struggling to develop his portfolio. 

“Some weeks you’re really, really busy, and other weeks it’s like, crickets,” he said of his new freelance lifestyle. So, rather than waiting for the phone to ring, Brad does stuff like work out  and “go back and forth between the refrigerator and pretend I’m not depressed.” We’re sure that between his “blonde ambition” (see the video) and his healthy habits — we couldn’t help but notice that he had a sliced apple for a late-night snack — Brad is going to be just fine, and work (and work out) really hard for the cameras. Because, as he can attest, “looking cute does not pay the bills.”

Or does it? Watch video from the episode here…