How Could You Do A “Bridesmaids” Sequel Without Kristen Wiig?

If Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy (and Chris O’Dowd and Jon Hamm, yum) were to star in “Bridesmaids 2,” I would buy tickets tomorrow even if the movie hadn’t started filming yet. But Kim Masters from The Hollywood Reporter writes that even though Universal is planning a sequel to 2011’s blockbuster comedy, Wiig has confirmed she is is not involved. “We aren’t working on that,” she said, referring to co-writer Annie Mumolo. “Annie and I aren’t planning a sequel. We are writing something else.” What the eff?

The Hollywood Reporter speculates that the studio burned bridges with the “Bridesmaids” staff by not adequately compensating them for the film’s success: “Bridesmaids” grossed $288 million worldwide, but the six female stars were only given a $100K bonus each. When THR asked Wiig whether she was offended by that sum, she declined to comment. (Generally speaking, when a source declines to comment on a question you ask them during an interview, it either means “yes” or “mostly yes,” but they don’t want to go on record having said it.)

Sources also tell THR that Universal might go ahead with a sequel anyway, even if they can’t get Wiig to co-star. But I think we can all agree that would be fairly stupid and you need not look farther than straight-to-DVD classics like “Mean Girls 2″ for proof. I’d love to see a “Bridesmaids” sequel as much as the next slightly-obsessed-Melissa-McCarthy-fan-who-also-wants-to-keep-Chris-O’Dowd-locked-in-her-bedroom. But if Kristen Wiig and cast are saying “no dice” because they allegedly got screwed with money in the past — which, call me crazy, may have something to do with the fact they’re ladies who aren’t named “Tom Cruise” or “Nicholas Cage” — then good for them.

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