Today’s Lady News: Dennis Rodman Launching Topless Women’s Basketball Team

  • Dennis Rodman says he’s launching a “topless women’s basketball team” for the Headquarter’s Gentlemen’s Club in New York. “You don’t have to have too much experience,” Rodman told the New York Post, because I guess watching women playing sports is only entertaining when they’re physically appealing to the male gaze? While I generally don’t care if women want to pose nude/work in strip clubs/perform sex word, I find the combination of toplessness with a field (sports) where women are struggling to get respect particularly repulsive here. [New York Post]
  • As of January 1, girls ages 17 and younger in New Hampshire must notify a parent or guardian at least 48 hours before they have an abortion. NH’s governor vetoed the law, but his veto was overridden. [Union Leader]
  • An abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida, burned to the ground in a fire on Sunday. Investigators say American Family Planning (formerly known as The Ladies Center and Community Healthcare) has been the site of past violence. The clinic was bombed in 1984 and in 1994, a doctor and clinic escort were both murdered by extremists. [New York Times]
  • An anti-abortion group in Ohio has gotten the go-ahead to petition for a “fetal personhood amendment” to be placed on the state ballot. A fetal personhood amendment would amend the state constitution to define that life begins when an egg is fertilized. Such a petition would need to gather 385K signatures to be placed on the ballot. [WTAP]
  • A feminist deconstruction of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1.” [Alternet]
  • Meet Veverly Jenkins, who writes romance novels about and marketed towards women of color. [Madame Noire]
  • Jane Larson, a feminist legal historian at the University of Wisconsin Law School, died on December 24 in Wisconsin. [Feminist Law Professors]
  • Attention, pro-choicers in the NYC area: the New York Abortion Access Fund is holding a fundraiser on February 9 and you should go! [Feministing]
  • The three in-laws of a 15-year-old Afghani girl have been arrested for physically torturing Sahar Gul in horrifically cruel ways because she refused to become a prostitute. Sahar Gul had been living in a basement bathroom without proper food or water for five months. She was married off at age 14 to a man she did not know well and was only rescued after he mother went looking for her. Her husband is currently still at large. This story is truly sickening. [New York Times]
  • UK Guardian writer Laurie Penny takes the tabloids to task for using sexism as part of the business model. [Guardian UK]
  • Erica Wilson, a crafting guru who published books about embroidery and needlepoint, died in January at age 83. [Guardian UK]
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