Evening Quickies: “Mob Wives” Gets New Addition Named Big Ang

  • I haven’t seen the season premiere of “Mob Wives” season two, so nobody tell me what happens, but if it’s as amazing as this three-minute clip starring a new addition to the cast who calls herself Big Ang, it is going to be amazing. [NYmag.com
  • Rihanna’s New Year’s Eve look include a flash of her pierced nipple. Between RiRi and Rooney Mara, I smell a Frisky slideshow a-brewin’ … [The Gloss]
  • A celebrity cook-off featuring Rachael Ray/Aaron Carter on one team and Guy Fieri/Coolio on another sounds so compellingly awful that I think I have to watch it. [Huffington Post]
  • I’m obsessed with this navy blue dress for Jason Wu for Target. MUST. BUY. [T Magazine]
  • Elton John wants Justin Timberlake to play him in an upcoming biopic. Make this happen! [People]
  • Serena Williams says she doesn’t love tennis today, has never actually liked sports, and doesn’t know how she became an athlete. [Tennis Now
  • This is a fish that bites off mens’ balls. [Neatorama]
  • Taiwanese arline EVA Air just launched a Hello Kitty Global Jet with HK’s face on every seat and stewardess uniform. I just … no. [Queerty]
  • How not to get away with sexual harassment. [Cracked]
  • A rap song for grammar nerds. [Buzzfeed]
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