Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Ate 362 Slices Of Pizza And Still Wants More

I would like to take a moment to express my admiration for 28-year-old Colin Hagendorf, the dude who ate slices of cheese from 362 Manhattan pizza joints and blogged about each and every one. Even after his daunting endeavor to do a thorough taste investigation of the state of affairs of the NYC pizza scene (he says that seven out of 10 places serve sucky slices), he’s still down to eat more. “I still love eating pizza, but I just got sick of writing about pizza … I will always eat pizza. There’s nothing better for lunch or dinner … I eat pizza. That’s what I do,” Colin says. The dedication. The passion. The stomach of steel. My kind of man. We could eat slices together forever and ever. Colin, meet me at Ginos Pizza and we will see if that sauce is really as “delicate” as you say. [NY Daily News]