30 Sex Resolutions For 2012

In 2012, we want to go to yoga more often, spend more time relaxing on the weekends and take a trip to somewhere tropical. Oh, and we have a few sex resolutions too — 2012 is here and we’re ready to have some fun. After the jump are 30 sex resolutions — a few of them are ours (but we’re not telling which), while the rest are from other Frisky staffers and female friends. What are your sex resolutions for the new year?

  1. …to shave my legs more often.
  2. …to replace my stained period undies with saucy new pairs.
  3. …to try new sex toys.
  4. …to get over my fear of sleeping with someone new.
  5. …to have more of it.
  6. …to try a butt plug on a dude.
  7. …to initiate sex with my boyfriend more.
  8. …to give more back rubs, instead of just receiving them all the time!
  9. …to watch a porn together that we both think is sexy.
  10. …to show him exactly how I like to be spanked.
  11. …to go on the birth control pill so I can ditch condoms.
  12. …to help him perfect his cunnilingus technique.
  13. …to have an orgasm without the help of BOB (battery operated boyfriend).
  14. …to just kiss more often.
  15. …to actually go to yoga so I can bend like a pretzel in the sack.
  16. …to purchase bed raisers so my mattress will be the perfect height for my BF to do me standing up.
  17. …to grow out my pubic hair and then get a proper wax instead of the hack job I do shaving every week.
  18. …to do my Kegels every day!
  19. …to hold out for someone I actually like — not because I think it’s slutty to screw indiscriminately, but because it’s more rewarding physically.
  20. …to ALWAYS use condoms until I’m monogamous and we’ve had a serious conversation and agreed on another birth control method.
  21. …to stop faking my orgasms.
  22. …to get over my insecurity about having large and dangling labia.
  23. …to get in better shape so I don’t find getting on top to be so … tiring.
  24. …to not have any more drunken sex that I don’t remember.
  25. …to make love at least once, not just f**k.
  26. …to have sex with someone just because I feel like it without worrying about what it will mean.
  27. …to send more naked pics.
  28. …to find my elusive g-spot.
  29. …to try more role playing.
  30. …to purchase some slutty lingerie.