15 Skills Every Woman Should Master

The internet is littered with posts about a ladys must-haves (LBD!  The perfect boyfriend jeans! Matching silverware!) and while all that is lovely, we know we are not what we own. Right? Right. 

So, in honor of The Frisky’s “New Year, New You” series, let’s devote some internet space to the important skillz that you (and I) should master. 1. Change a tire. And no, using a can of “Fix a Flat” doesn’t count. Heres an excellent YouTube tutorial — but I won’t judge you if carry a some “Fix a Flat” with you for back up.

2. Change your oil. It’s silly to pay someone $25 to do something that’ll take you 15 minutes to do yourself. Besides, then you can re-enact that hot Rihanna video.

3. Satisfy yourself. And your partner. A-hem. Cough. Wink and nudge.

4. Tell a joke to your boss/nephew/BFF/lover. Heres a great joke-telling “how to.”  This is my go-to joke: slightly cheeky, unexpected, and appropriate for mixed company.

5. Say “no”/change the subject/turn someone down with class. My favorite way to deal with awkward/unwelcome questions is to say, “Oh, you! Now tell me about your [insert new topic here].”

6. Master a signature dish. This is mine. It’s crazy easy, super delicious and seems to impress everyone who eats it. I always spoil it by telling them it’s just the recipe off the back of the couscous box.

7. Invest your money. If we can see past her bizarre penchant for blazers, Suze Orman can probably teach us a thing or two.

8. Travel with only a carry on. Yes. For realz. I know you can do it!  Heres a tutorial on packing in your purse!

9. Do one choreographed dance. The Electric SlideThe Roger Rabbit. The Tango. I’m working on Thriller.

10. Look good in a photo. Here’s how I do it: tilt my head down slightly and look up through my eyelashes, angle my head to showcase my jawline, and keep my arms a bit out from my body to avoid Mashed Bicep Syndrome. Sure, all my photos look shockingly similar — similarly awesome, that is!

11. Hook up a computer. Now I know you were looking for an excuse to invite the cute IT guy over, but why don’t you just go to Comic-Con with him instead?

12. Know which direction you’re facing. And if you figure this out, will you teach me?  I never know what to do when people tell me to turn north or west. What are you talking about? My only settings are right and left and even those are sometimes tenuous.

13. Make conversation with anybody. Being able to talk to people will get you just about everywhere. When in doubt, ask them questions about themselves, then nod sagely. Seriously, this skill alone can get you through three hours of conversation. Heres a good tutorial on conversation-making.

14. Take a compliment. Even if you don’t believe the compliment or you get all full of blushes and stammers, you can just say “Thanks!” or  “Ohhh, you flatterer!”

15. Negotiate. For a raise, for a car, for a house. Here’s a great podcast series on negotiating in different situations. Yes, many of us turn inside out at the prospect of asking for a lower price or higher pay rate, but let’s suck it up and do it anyway. We deserve the best, right?

What skills do you think every woman should master?

Sarah Von Bargen writes writes daily atYesandYes about topics like non-traditional adulthood, how to cheer yourself up and how to create an awesome group of friends.  Also: cats in vests.