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Anderson Cooper Gets A Spray Tan With Snooki
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Serena Williams Gets Fined, Again, Bringing Her Tab Above $93,000
Scarlett Johansson Nude Pics Surface
Get Ready, Twihards! Here's The "Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1" Trailer!
Evening Quickies: Do Not — Repeat, Do Not — Make Eye Contact With Madonna
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Fall TV Guide: A Detailed Peek At This Week's New Shows
September 13: What Are We Wearing Today?
The Good, The Bad & The Meh At The "I Don't Know How She Does It" Premiere
Bobbi Kristina Inherits The Family Pipes
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Style Stealer: Christian Siriano's Chartreuse Runway Look
A Remote Control To Tune Out Whatever Celeb You Hate
10 Signs She's A High-Maintenance Girlfriend
10 Signs She's A High-Maintenance Girlfriend
Michelle Williams As Marilyn Monroe On The Cover Of Vogue
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Meet The Human Barbie Dolls
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11 Celebrity Thumb Suckers
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Obsessed Fan Writes, Sells Fan-Fic About Imaginary Affair With Jessica Simpson
Armie Hammer Didn't Want To Shave His Chest For "The Brothers Grimm: Snow White"
Etsy Spotlight: Un-Inspirational Quote Prints
Selena Gomez Shows Off A Faux "Justin" Tattoo
Missoni Crashed Target's Website
Meet Fred Armisen and Charlyne Yi, Treasure Hunters
Tori Spelling Worries About Screwing Her Kids Up
A Slam Dancing Slow Loris
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10 Studies That "Prove" Things Women Already Know About Men
Madonna Apologizes To Hydrangeas
Sarah Silverman On Becoming A Lumpy Cave Lady, Going Full-Frontal
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Today's Lady News: Why Does The Female Orgasm Exist?
Evan Rachel Wood Looked Like A "Nerdy Hillbilly" After Getting Tooth Knocked Out On Birthday
September 12: What Are We Wearing Today?
September 12: What Are We Wearing Today?
Model Inner Monologue: A Socky Situation
Want: Glow-In-The-Dark AIDS-Proof Cats
Culturista: Your Guide To The Week, From "Ringer" To "Drive"
Snooki Got A Questionable New Tattoo
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Let's All Toast To A "Bridesmaids" Parody Porn
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You Are Going To Want To Jump On This: Special Gilt Sale Today
Gays Are "More Dangerous" Than Terrorism, Says Wackadoodle Politician
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8 Photos Of Ryan Gosling Taunting Us With His Ankles
A "Contagion" Billboard Grown From Bacteria? Yeah, Still Not Gonna See It.
Master Of Puppets, Hoarder Of All!
For The Week Of September 12-18, 2011
Rachel Weisz, In Blue Eye Shadow, Holding A Goat
An Imagined Conversation With This Furry Model
7 Celebrity Cougar Couples
Hair Horrors: Brazilian Blowouts Are Banned!
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A Cell Phone That Can Kiss You
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Sandra Bullock Clears Up Rumors: She's Not Pregnant, Not Dating Ryan Reynolds
Great Scott! You Can Buy "Back To The Future" Shoes Now!
Michelle Williams: Style Evolution
Botticelli, With A Beyond Fat Cat
Karl Lagerfeld Sticks Up For Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Two-Snouted Pig Named Babe Born In Northern China
People Have Been Dressing Dogs Up In Stupid Costumes Since Forever
Model Inner Monologue: Make The Flowers Stop!
Campus Landmines Waiting To Ruin Your Relationship
Our Recollections From 9/11: Julie
Brilliant Guy Holds Surprise Orgy For Annoying Neighbor
Jeff Tweedy Wants You To Admire His Lovely Lady Lumps
Madonna Is A Rice Krispie Treat Whiz
Victoria Beckham Brings Baby Harper To Fashion Week!
"You Betcha," There's Yet Another Sarah Palin Documentary!
Evening Quickies: Ali Lohan's Rep Says She's Having A "Growth Spurt"
Today's Lady News: Nancy Upton Wins American Apparel's Plus-Size Model Contest
So ... About Fashion's Night Out?
September 9: What Are We Wearing Today?
Ashton Kutcher Naked On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"
Model Inner Monologue: But What About My Jacket?
Shopping Guide: 10 Flower Prints Inspired By Peter Som
Jennifer Garner: Butter Sculptor?
Eddie Vedder & Jimmy Fallon Sing Hot New Protest Song, "Balls In Your Mouth"
Lily Allen Could Have Ended Up Like Amy Winehouse
The Good, The Bad, The WTF: A Meatball Fight On "Jersey Shore"
4 Lessons I Learned About Resilience From The Survivors Of 9/11
Tyra Banks Is Haunted By The Ghosts Of "Top Model" Contestants Past
"Breaking Dawn" Breaks Out Its Official Poster
Mind Of Man: My Plan On 9/11
New Book Asks, "Is Marriage For White People?"
"Bachelor Pad" Twist: Holly Durst And Blake Julian Are Engaged
Girl Talk: On Carpetbombing A Relationship
Kim Kardashian's Blog is HERE!
Style 911: What Do I Wear With Purple Jeans?
A Shoe Rack and Sculpture, Too
Our Recollections From 9/11: Jessica
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Why We Can't Wait For Charlize Theron In "Young Adult"
13 Foods That Pay Tribute To The Penis
How Shocking: John Galliano Guilty Of Racism
Madonna's Publicist Defends Her Loathing Of Hydrangeas; Says It's Not As Bad As Hating Puppies
11 Stars Who Made Strange Name Changes In The Middle Of Their Careers
11 Stars Who Made Strange Name Changes In The Middle Of Their Careers
Evening Quickies: "Jersey Shore" Twins Want Their Own Reality Show
Today's Lady News: 12th-Grader Kicked Out Of School For Being Lesbian
La Di Da It's Fashions Night Out!
Our Recollections From 9/11: Ami
Model Inner Monologue: I Can See Your Future!
Munchies, Shmunchies: Pot Smokers Are Less Likely To Be Obese
September 8: What Are We Wearing Today?
Give Love To Your Spank Bank With
Come On Down ... You're The Next Sexual Harassment Victim On "The Price Is Right"!
Fashion Week Breakdown: Yummy Colors, Fun Prints & Nekkid Shoulders At BCBG
Kate Winslet Would Be Fine If Her Son Was Gay
Celine Dion's Burglar Draws Bath, Eats Food From Her Fridge
10 Things That Pretty Much Everyone Is Looking For In A Partner (And How To Get Better At Them)
NYPD "Rape Cop" Juror Is Cashing In
Ryan Gosling Is Embarrassed By His Act Of Heroism
Our Recollections From 9/11: Amelia
Why, Yes, I Probably Do Have Misophonia, Now Stop Chewing Like That!
"Toddlers & Tiaras" Presents The World's Tiniest Working Girl
Girl Talk: I Chased Down My Pickpocketer And Won
Evan Rachel Wood Is The 5th Non-Blonde
10 Ways To Win Over New "Bachelor," Ben Flajnik
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Let's Talk About Ali Lohan's Sudden Change In Appearance
Who Put The Bomp: 12 Songs With The Best Made-Up Words
Less Is More In These "Mad Men" Season 5 Posters
Watch Sexy Men Clean Their Sinuses
10 Female Celebrities With Anger Issues
Evening Quickies: Jessica Simpson Loves Her Boobies
Today's Lady News: Rick Perry Supports Anti-Abortion "Heartbeat Bill"
Wilson Phillips Gets A Reality TV Show: Anticipation Vs. Reality
Shopping Guide: 9 Cool Cropped Trenches
Shopping Guide: 9 Cool Cropped Trenches
Feminists Can't Get Laid, Say Ladies On Fox News
Where Can I Get A Birth Control Ninja?
September 7: What Are We Wearing Today?
Why Ryan Gosling Brought Eva Mendes, Blake Lively And Kat Dennings To Disneyland
Joy Behar Explains Why She Married Boyfriend Of 29 Years
Yet Another Radio Station Is Giving Away A Mail Order Bride As A Prize
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: A Belated Bite Of "True Blood"
Grammar 101 With Courtney Stodden
Grammar 101 With Courtney Stodden
Straight Grindr Is Here
Tara Reid's Husband: His Job Description May Include Holding Her Up
Dear Wendy: "I Caught Him In Bed With Another Woman!"
Feminist Parenting Sounds Really Freakin' Hard
Meet Our New BFF, Nancy Upton, The Girl To Beat In American Apparel's Plus-Size Model Contest
Girl Talk: My Mom Wants Me To Date A Reality TV Star
Ella Of "Bachelor Pad" Gets Five Plastic Surgeries, Makes "Struggling Mom" Story Look Like BS
10 Style Tips From Russian Hipsters
Morning Quickies: Kate Hudson's Estranged Dad Calls Her A "Spoiled Brat"
10 Weird & Wonderfully Appalling Cake Disasters
Gwyneth Paltrow Will Not Judge You For Cheating
Scarlett Johnasson And Lulu Gainsbourg Cover "Bonnie & Clyde"
Rumor Telephone: Jake Gyllenhaal's "Dates" With Rashida Jones And Anna Kendrick
Cross Species Love: Alpaca And Kitten Edition
Evening Quickies: Watch Zooey Deschanel's Show "The New Girl" Free On iTunes!
Today's Lady News: Lesbian Representative Tammy Baldwin Runs For Senate
Don't Sit On This iPhone
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: More From The 37th Annual Venice Film Festival
How To Make It Through High School (Or Almost Anything)
Chimps See The Sun For The First Time Ever
September 6: What Are We Wearing Today?
Wild Flag "Romance" Us
Happy Valentine's Day, You Selfish Bitch
Culturista: Your Guide To The Week, From Rachel Zoe To "Contagion"
Douchebags Can Be Explained By Science
Gerard Depardieu Parodies His Peeing Incident
On Seeing A Bruised Woman On The Train
Mark Twain Was Gratefuler Than Ever For His Wife
Guy Talk: Learning To Be A Husband, Not A Son
UPDATED: Rachel Uchitel Talks About Her Fiance Who Died In 9/11
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Fewer Folks Living In The "Bachelor Pad"
Girl Talk: On Being "That Young Guy With Cancer's Wife"
Long As A Day, Short As A Sentence
Please Note, Madonna Loathes Hydrangeas