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Evening Quickies: Ashton & Demi Unfollow Each Other On Twitter
Today's Lady News: Army Appoints First Black Female Two-Star General
NYC Cops Warn Against Shorts & Skirts To Avoid Serial Rapist
September 30: What Are We Wearing Today?
Justin Theroux Gets Bolognied
Melissa McCarthy Plays Girl Talk Jenga With Jimmy Fallon
10 Great Paz De La Huerta Quotes & Photos
Ron Jeremy Is Selling Rum Now
Dating Site For Vegetarians Lets In (Gasp) Meat Eaters
Etsy Spotlight: Beautiful Bracelets That Just Happen To Tell Time
"Bridesmaids" Melissa McCarthy Is Designing a Plus-Size Clothing Line
Beyoncé's Super Sense Of Smell Has Her Hating Jay-Z's Scent
9 Terrible Toilet Tales
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Snooki Has A Sammi Moment On "Jersey Shore"
Idris Elba As James Bond?
Campus Confidential: The Roommate
Scarlett Johansson Responds To Nude Pic Scandal
Behold, Adele's "Someone Like You" Video
Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend’s Mother Controls His Life”
Split Decision Pie Pan
Morning Quickies: "Black Swan" Interns Sue Over Unpaid Coffee-Fetching
6 Men's Fashion Trends We Love
Oh Hey, Just Some Robots Having Sex, No Biggie
The Sober Pill Is On The Way
Patti Stanger's Relationship Theories, Debunked
Michelle Obama Stocks Up At Target
Sherri Shepherd Says You Can Get Freaky At Any Size
10 Animals So Ugly They're Actually Cute
Evening Quickies: Bristol Palin "Whore" Screamer Apologizes
Today's Lady News: FBI Definition Of "Rape" Criticized
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Karaokes As Axl Rose
September 29: What Are We Wearing Today?
Reebok's Butt-Toning Sneakers Don't Actually Tone Your Butt
Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson's E-Harmony Commercial
Style 911: "Find Me Cheap & Cute Ts, Please!"
Jon Hamm Talks Rape Prevention, My Heart Swoons
KFC Condoms Are Finger Lickin' Good
11 Celebrities Who Have Insured Their Body Parts
Saudi King Spares Woman 10 Lashes For Breaking Driving Ban
Ashley Tisdale Channels Mackenzie From "Toddlers & Tiaras"
Girl Talk: Assorted Notes On The Dreaded Ex Run-In
Jennifer Garner Channels Hillary Clinton In "Butter"
5 Things To Know About Sara Leal, Who Ashton Kutcher May Have Cheated With
Dwarf Drama: Hollywood's Biggest Little People Scandals
Welcome To The New(ish) Frisky!
Tyra Tries To Make The "Booty Tooch" Her New Thing
The Bold Single Bride Who Married Herself
Cat Scratch Fever
LeAnn Rimes Hates The Word "Stepmom"
Soapbox: Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Is Thinner Now -- So What?
Morning Quickies: Chris Brown Gay Sex Rumors Are Swirling
Tiger Cub Gets Annoying Kiss From Mom
11 Celebs Who've Had Tattoos Removed
Bebe Buell Says She Was No Groupie
Jennifer Aniston's "Suck It, Brad!" Photoshoot With Justin Theroux
14 Celebrity Love, Dating, And Relationship Analogies
Evening Quickies: Chris Christie Rocks A Pink Tie
Today's Lady News: French Women Say Au Revoir To "Mademoiselle"
Balls To The Wall For Balmain
September 28: What Are We Wearing Today?
Shonda Rhimes On The "Grey's Anatomy" Abortion
George Clooney Vs. Ryan Gosling At The "Ides Of March" Premiere
Shopping Guide: 10 Super Slate Grey Pieces
The "Pippa Butt Lift" Is The New Plastic Surgery Craze
Anna Kendrick Is Over Stupid Lady Questions
The Good, Bad & The WTF: The Gucci Museum Opening
Gandalf, Can You Handle This?
Anne Hathaway Wants To Be A "Jersey" Girl
16 Frightening Doritos Flavors
What Is A Yogasm?
Mindy Kaling Defends Romantic Comedies
Mind Of Man: The Types Of Women You Shouldn’t Date
RIP, Heidi The Cross-Eyed Possum
"Farts Are Not A Solid": The "Bridesmaids" Bonus Scene
Girl Talk: I Played Dungeons & Dragons To Meet Guys
Say "I Do" To Joe
Getting Dumped Is Expensive, New Study Says
What We Can Learn From Anna Wintour
Eddie Cibrian Says LeAnn Rimes Eats More Than He Does
Morning Quickies: Woman Claims Ashton Kutcher Is Cheating
6 Botched Plastic Surgeries That Should Scare You Off From Going Under The Knife
Rihanna's Bandana Bikini
Whitney Cummings Says It's OK To Be Pretty In Comedy
16 Celebrity Nip Slips That Made Us Uncomfortable (NSFW)
16 Celebrity Nip Slips That Made Us Uncomfortable
Evening Quickies: Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant, In Touch Claims
Kendra Wilkinson Had Lots Of Sex In Her "DWTS" Trailer
Today's Lady News: Idaho Court Blocks Abortion Law
Hello Kitty Plays in the Litter Box With Forever 21
The Definitive Juggalo Documentary Is Here (NSFW)
Shopping Guide: 'Tis The Season For Plaid
Sean Maher Of "The Playboy Club" Comes Out
Andre Leon Talley Out, Kelly Cutrone In In "ANTM"?
Style Inspiration: Rome Right Now
Kirsten Dunst Thinks You're A Weirdo If You Haven't Been Depressed
What Do We Think Of TOMS Ballet Flats?
Where's Waldo, As Explained by Werner Herzog
11 Famous Ladies Winking
Find This Hairstylist Love And Get Free Styling For Life
Seth Rogen Cries At ASPCA Commercials, Too!
7 Guys Who Just Don't Look Right With Hair
Leisha Hailey Of "The L Word" Kicked Off Flight For Kissing Girlfriend
The 12 Men & Women Who Won't Make You Happy
Bathtub Partying Just Got Easier
Morning (Um, Early Afternoon) Quickies: Patti Stanger Apologizes, Sort Of, For Gay Comments
A Quick Technical Note
My Obsession With "Jem And The Holograms"
19 Wearable & Unwearable Hair Styles At Fashion Week
Is Karlie Kloss Too Young To Be Nearly Nude In Allure?
Nicki Minaj's Fried Chicken Charms
15 Celebs Couples Biking Together
Evening Quickies: Patti Stanger Pisses Off The Gays With Homophobic Comments
Today's Lady News: On Being Over 50 And Pregnant
Much Ado About Britney Spears' New Video
Culturista: Your Guide To The Week, From "Doctor Who" To "50/50"
Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em: Boat Shoes?
Black Men Targeted By Anti-Abortion Billboard
Shopping Guide: Searching For An Affordable Little Leather Jacket
Tareq Salahi Threatens Michaele With $3.3 Million Debt
Do Not Want: A Boney Hand Bracelet
Is "Up All Night" The Most Feminist New Show On Television?
Supermodel Lindsey Wixson Was Teased, Too
Lisa Vanderpump Was In An ABC Video
Fall TV Guide: The Shows Kicking Off This Week
Anne Hathway's Catwoman Suit Is More Classic Than We Feared
"Drive" Trailer: What A Difference A Song Makes
Poll: Would You Ever Freeze Your Eggs?
App Helps French Mothers Figure Out If Sons Are "Le Gay"
Jennifer Garner On Having A Third Girl, Explaining Thongs To Violet
Girl Talk: I Went On A Shopping Ban ... And It Backfired
Your Essential T-Shirt
22 Halloween Costumes That Won't Get You Laid
Women Can Vote And Run For Office, King Of Saudi Arabia Declares
Dear Wendy: "Did I MOA Too Soon?"
Martha Stewart Wishes You A Truly Horrifying Halloween
Morning Quickies: Jesse James And Kat Von D Break Up -- Again
Travel Diary: The Dos & Don'ts Of Visiting Italy
Halloween Costumes That Are Guaranteed To Get You Laid
Betty White Raps
January Jones' Son's Birth Certificate Reveals Baby Daddy Is Still A Mystery
For The Week Of September 26-October 2, 2011
Neil Patrick Harris' Life Advice: Keep Catching Waves
Making A Damn Good Sandwich -- A Primer
Things Girls Love, But Guys Hate
Shopping Guide: Suiting Up
How To Teach Boys To Be Feminists
Television's Most Villainous Matriarchs
Aqua's New Video Is No "Barbie Girl"
Rodarte's Designers Don't Even Wear Rodarte
The Worst Celebrity Denim Outfits
Be My Boyfriend: Guy In Banana Mania Shirt
13 Costumes That Won't Even Get A Woman Laid On Halloween
Tom Brady Explains What Is Up With His Hair
The Racy Allure Editorial Starring Karlie Kloss Is Being Made Into A Big Deal
Walmart Employees Get Their Cheer On
To Pee Or Not To Pee ... In The Shower
Lefties, Righties Split On Food As Well
Shopping Guide: 9 Gorgeous Moss Green Pieces
8 Celebs Who've Frozen Their Eggs
Teen Heartthrobs Of The '90s: Then & Now!
Rediscovering Gold Lipstick
Don't Worry, Brad Pitt Hates Baseball
Meet Ryan Gosling's Abs!
Garfield The Kitten Hides From Dog In Flower Pot
Evening Quickies: Kim Delaney Seems Kooky & Taylor Armstrong Blames Bravo
Alexa Chung Says Wear Stupid Shoes
"All My Children" Is Dunzo
Meet Harper, The Pitbull Puppy That Cheated Death 3 Times!
GIF Of The Day: Gosling Giggles
Daphne Guinness Doesn't Eat
September 23: What Are We Wearing Today?
The Breast Milk Diet
Man Births Himself From Giant Vagina Tent (NSFW-ish)
Inspiration Board: FX's "Archer"
Don Draper Is Back!
Crazy Woman Thinks She Can Sell Missoni For Target Boots For $31K
6 Conversations I Like To Have With Myself
Crashed The Car? Gisele Says Tell Your Man In Your Skivvies
Freida Pinto Gets Whitewashed By L'Oreal
Fall TV Guide: The Shows Kicking Off Tonight And This Weekend
Bristol Palin Rides A Bull, Confronts Heckler Who Called Her Mom "A Whorey Whoreface Whore"
Awesomely Bad Show Idea: "Extreme Musical Chairs"
First Time For Everything: Phone Sex
A Vinyl Vacation
Morning Quickies: Naomi Watts On Ex Heath Ledger & Rihanna's Got A New Song!
Shopping Guide: 7 Coats That Are Actually Waterproof For Reals
An Imagined Conversation With This Model (And His Beaver)
Courtney Stodden Was Aroused "For 24 Hours Straight" On Her Wedding Night
10 Celebs Share What They'd Do If They Weren't Famous
Eva Amurri's Butt Would Like To Invite You To Her Bachelorette Party!
Ted Haggard Will Be Swapping Wives With Gary Busey
10 Animals With Bisexual Tendencies
Evening Quickies: Maggie Gyllenhaal's "Got Milk" & Rihanna Gets A New Tattoo
Today's Lady News: Reader Submission Edition!
Hugh Jackman Fractures A Wrestler's Jaw
Style Inspiration: London Right Now
You Always Wanted A Piglet Octopus, Didn't You?
September 22: What Are We Wearing Today?
Fall TV Guide: The Shows Kicking Off On Thursday, Sept. 22
George Clooney Hopes Ryan Gosling Won't Age Well
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