Archives: August, 2011

A "Saved By The Bell"/"Final Destination 5" Mash-Up
Dear Wendy: “It’s Been Five Years And My Boyfriend Still Won’t Propose!”
Amber Heard Needs To STFU About "The Playboy Club" Until She Reads A History Book
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: "True Blood" Gets Witchy With It
Girl Talk: I Fell In Love With My Best Friend
Wheel Of High-Heeled Fortune
Morning Quickies: Meet Kate Hudson's Baby Bing
What Was Your Biggest Friend Blowout?
How To Spot A Selfish Man In 5 Seconds
Rachel Zoe And I Agree That Sneakers Suck
An Ode To Vibrators On Film
We're Breaking Up: You Showed Up At The Club In A Baby Tee
Tara Reid Gets Married, Jessica Alba And Tina Fey Give Birth & Hilary Duff Is Pregnant!
For The Week Of August 15-21, 2011
New Plastic Surgery Trend: The "Pippa Butt Lift"
Brooke Hogan Poses Nude In A Dog Cage For PETA
Mila Kunis Talks About Shooting "Baywatch" Back In The Day
New Book Reveals Intimate Details On Jennifer & Brad Pitt's Split
Stylish Subculture: Surfing
From The Boys' Club: The Top 10 Turnoffs For Women
6 Celebrity Women Who Out-Earn Their Mates
Summer Trend: Stacked Friendship Bracelets
A Michael Jackson Perfume And Cologne?!?! No!
Zoe Saldana Got The Literal Blues After The Release Of "Avatar"
5 Actresses To Watch For
How Do The Women Of Sci Fiction Compare To The Rest Of Women On TV?
Taco Bell Worker Allegedly Handcuffed Himself To Woman Who Refused Dates
Kristen Stewart, All Dolled Up
Sarah Palin Tries Fried Butter, Disses Barack Obama
5 Incredibly Uncomfortable Yet SFW Sex Videos
Missoni For Target: Throw Pillows, Dishes & A Bike, Oh My!
The Dos & Don'ts Of Going Braless
My Body Gallery: Finally See Other Women Who Are Your Size
Our Celebrity Relationship Role Models
M.A.C. Teaches How to Get Fuller Lips Fast
What Your Snacks Talk About When They Talk About Critical Theory
Inside Kate Moss' Stunning Wedding
Infographic: Ranking The Week In Crazy Celebrity Fashion
Evening Quickies: Queen Latifah Joins "Dancing With The Stars"
Today's Lady News: GOP Debate Asks Michele Bachmann About "Submission" To Husband
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The "Conan The Barbarian" Premiere
Cory Feldman Rants About Pedophilia
Kim Kardashian Is Past The Pre-Wedding Freak Outs
August 12: What Are We Wearing Today?
Money Shot: A Chess Orgy
Smoking Damages Ladies Hearts And Lungs Way More Than Men's
5 Ways To Wear It: Men's Button-Down Shirt
A Second "Breaking Dawn" Cover For Entertainment Weekly
Kate Moss Got Married Because Of "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding"
6 Things Not To Do On A First Date
Ben Stiller Promotes The See Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation
Nice Toes, Miss: What's The Strangest Compliment You've Ever Gotten?
Girl Talk: On Being A Slob
A Wedding Dress For One Cent? Yes, Please!
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The Drinking Begins On "Jersey Shore"
First Time For Everything: Posing Nude
Boys Will Make Passes At Girls Who Wear These Glasses
Lauren Bush Lauren And Other Unfortunate Married Names
Fall Nails Get Wild: Our 16 Favorite Fingertip Looks
Kate Moss-Inspired "Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels" Kid's Shirt Banned
Morning Quickies: The Kate Middleton Eating Disorder Rumors Begin
What Your Taste In Music Says About You (On A Date)
Is This Spoof Always Ad With Drag Queens Transphobic — Or Revolutionary?
Spice Girl Criticizes Rihanna For Being Too Sexual Without A Lick Of Irony
10 Hot Dudes From Threadless Whisper Sweet Nothings in Our Ears
Evening Quickies: Ashton Kutcher Making A Reality Show About The DMV
Today's Lady News: MTV's New iCondom App Helps You Find Places To Buy Condoms
Small Screen Big Happenings: Mercedes' Love Interest? Alan Ball's Amish Show? Roseanne Reprise?
August 11: What Are We Wearing Today?
Lindsay Lohan Was Buying Crystals, Not Drugs
Racist Or Raving: What Critics Are Saying About "The Help"
Etsy Spotlight: Very Beautiful Vintage Clutches
Roaches Love Dancing To Lady Gaga
Katy Perry Hears The Siren Call Of The Mermaid, Too
Date Like A Gay Man
This Air Force Soldier Has "The Voice"
"When A Woman's At The Wheel" = The Most Sexist Car Commercial Ever!
11 Nude Celebrities As Imagined By Artists
Kate Hudson Is Very Pregnant Under There
70 Percent Of Women Would Give Up Sex Rather Than Their Cellphone
The Perfect Evening Cover-Up
Gap Adds More Color & Washes -- And Tacos -- To Its Denim Collection
11 Celebs Who Might Run For Office
Morning Quickies: Was Pippa Middleton's Butt Padded At The Royal Wedding?
Ryan Gosling Feeds A Baby, My Uterus Explodes
10 Stupidly Offensive T-Shirt Man-strosities
Tamera Mowry Telepathically Experienced Tia's Pregnancy
Mandy Moore Is A Masturbating Swinger In New Sex Comedy
14 Celebrities Who've Mooned Someone
Evening Quickies: Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse's Ex, May Write A Tell-All Book
Today's Lady News: NYC Public Schools To Require Students Take Sex Ed
Emma Stone And Olivia Wilde Unite In Prettiness For Revlon
Style 911: "I Need The Perfect Dress For A 'Casual, Elegant' Beach Wedding!"
Ryan Gosling Doubles My Pleasure
Celebrities, Move To Sunny London!
August 10: What Are We Wearing Today?
A Thing You've Been Missing All Your Life: Fashion Cats!
Blake Lively Played By "The Rules" To Catch Leonardo Di Caprio
Why I Swear By Aerosol Deodorant
Mila Kunis Says You Can Lose Weight -- If You Want To
How To Score A Girl By Following The Movies
Dear Wendy: “I Created A Fake Boyfriend On Facebook To Make My Ex Jealous”
Zooey Deschanel Gets Flummoxed After Being Called "Adorable"
Track Was A Druggie? Bristol Had Work Before? Mercede Johnston's Many Claims About The Palins
Girl Talk: What Is It With Guys And Short Hair?
Gloria Steinem Urges Boycott Of "The Playboy Club"
Snooki: Now With Very, Very Blue Eyes
Sex Fail: He Cried In Bed
The Hose Knows
"Horsemaning" — Er, Faked Beheading — Is The New "Planking"
13 Awesome Celebrity Cat Guys
Morning Quickies: There's A James Franco Sex Tape!
Justin Timberlake: Next Action Hero
Huh? Long-Sleeve Shirts As Skirts?
Money Shot: Vajazzling Will Guide Him Home
The 13 Craziest Penis Accidents Ever
Evening Quickies: "The Hills" Movie Is Coming To A Theater Near You, Maybe
Today's Lady News: Sean Hannity Will Not Pay For Your Birth Control, You Whore
Megyn Kelly Defends Maternity Leave In Unlikely Feminist Fox News Moment
5 Celebs Who Spend Ridiculous Amount Of Money On Their Hair
Inspiration Board: Molly Sims Bright & Light Color Combo
Tide Thinks Your Little Girl Is A Big Ol' Lesbian Because She Likes To Play With Blocks
"Project Runway"'s All-Star Edition Won't Feature Any Of The Show's Stars
August 9: What Are We Wearing Today?
White Girl Films A Video Titled "How To Be Asian" -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
"My Strange Addiction" Tops Itself, Seriously
Shopping Guide: 10 Pretty In Pink Tops
Mercede Johnston Slams Bristol Palin, Says She Got Preggers On Purpose
Swimmer Diana Nyad Abandons 103-Mile Swim From Cuba To Florida
LeAnn Rimes Gets Inked With Eddie Cibrian's Wedding Vows
Cee Lo Green's "Cry Baby": Steve Urkel Gets Dapper
Let's Discuss: Sex On A First Date
Courtney Stodden's Mom Doesn't Think Doug Hutchison Is "Creepy" At All
Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Dating Ben From "The Bachelorette"?
Girl Talk: Dating A Man With Autism Taught Me To Be Myself
Listen Up: Headphones That Complete Any Outift
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Jake & Vienna Clash On "Bachelor Pad 2"
Morning Quickies: Kelly Rowland Treats Fans To A "Double Nip Slip" At NJ Show
Just Kidding, That Tavi/Jane Pratt Collaboration Isn't Happening
Soapbox: Why Is Everyone Going Crazy Over "Bellflower"?
Nikki Reed, Your Obsession With Your Fiance Is Freaking Us Out
8 Inappropriate Celebrity Hitler References
Evening Quickies: "Jersey Shore" Cast To Have "Three Stooges" Cameos
Today's Lady News: NYPD "Rape Cops" Sentenced
The Trend That Is Not A Trend: Sewing Clothes!
August 8: What Are We Wearing Today?
Charlie Sheen's Death On "Two And A Half Men" Will Be A "Meat Explosion"
Vivienne Westwood Isn't Fond of Kate Middleton's Style, Either
Culturista: Your Guide To The Week, From "Bachelor Pad 2" To "Watch The Throne"
An Open Letter To Justin Bieber's Pants
Nerd Girl Porn: Super Hot Dudes Holding Super Adorable Babies
Your 10 Best "How My Parents Met" Stories
Money Shot: X-Rated Shadow Puppetry
The Daily Ovulation: Babies Compete In Diaper Derby
Penelope Trunk Says Startups Shouldn't Hire Women Because We're Too Emotional
Senor Chang Will Frighten and Amaze
Simon Cowell Says Paula Abdul Follows Him Like A Puppy
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The The Teen Choice Awards
Amy Winehouse Lives On ... Through Fred Perry
Cool Trick: How To Make Scrambled Eggs Still In The Shell
Hillary Clinton On Politics & The Double Standard For Women
Girl Talk: Everyone Saw Me Cry
Lady Gaga Morphs Into Sir Gaga In Cover Art For "YoĆ¼ and I"
Taylor Swift Lives Life Likes She's 80
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The "True Blood" Plot Thickens
Poll: What's Your Preferred Method Of Masturbation?
Super Mario Does Jewelry
Morning Quickies: Jane Fonda Talks Body Image & Bulimia
Some Great Dating Advice: Don't Forget To Learn
Kris Jenner's Awesomely Bad Music Video
Newsweek's Michele Bachmann Cover Has A Case Of Crazy Eyes
For The Week Of August 8-14, 2011
Who's That Girl? Frances Bean Cobain Is All Grown Up!
Poll: What's The Best Way To Tell Someone You Want To Be More Than Friends?
The 18 Most On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity BFFS
Ron Swanson In Paper Doll Form Is As Awesome As It Sounds
Wine Is A Natural Sunscreen?!
The Many Glasses Of Woody Allen
Sarah Michelle Gellar Loves New TV Show More Than She Expected
Woman Accused Of Murder By Stiletto -- Are High Heels Deadly Weapons?
Monkey Feeds A Baby Tiger With A Baby Bottle & All Is Right With The World
NYC Construction Worker Apologizes With A Song
The 10 Commandments Of College Dating
Karl Lagerfeld's Macy's Models Put A Lot Into Posing
Found: The Grossest iPhone Case Ever
What's Your Sign?: The Hottest Celebrity Leo Men
Is Your Body Image Hurting Your Love Life? 3 Ways To Change
Her Best Looks: Florence Welch For TopShop? We Hope So!
Just A Hot Skateboarder In Designer Clothing
Emma Stone Romancing Co-Star Andrew Garfield... And Ryan Gosling?
Jason Bateman Doesn't Think "Teen Wolf" Was His Finest Moment
Wish List: A $400,000 Cookie-Baking Robot
The President Reveals What Malia Obama's First Car Will Be
Cindy Sherman For MAC: The Weirdest, Most Awesome Collaboration Yet?
A "Say Anything" Sequel? Pass!
Most Stylish Man: The Final Four
Walk Like An Egyptian: It's A New Song From The Bangles!
7 Female Behaviors That Baffle Men (Explained!)
Shopping Guide: 11 Darling & Dashing Mini Wallets
The 'Stached Stallion