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Evening Quickies: Is Madonna A Toilet Tyrant — Or Is This Story Just Crap?
Today's Lady News: Planned Parenthoods In Kansas Get Funding Again
August 31: What Are We Wearing Today?
Doctors Can't Force Texas Women To View Ultrasound Before Abortions, Judge Rules
Shopping Guide: Rad Rope Detailing
Shopping Guide: Rad Rope Detailing
Paz De La Huerta Glamourizes The Crotch Shot
Your Facebooking Is Ruining The Economy, FYI
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Wears Pickle Fingers
Jaleel White: 8 Career Suggestions For Him
Style Stealer: Bel Rowley's Fab '50s Look On "The Hour"
Lady Gaga Might Have Worn A Prosthetic Penis As Jo Calderone
7 Awkward Online Dating Scenarios You Failed To Consider
Bab-eyoncé Already Gets Taiwanese Animation
Guy Sells Engagement Ring On Craigslist -- For $1!
The Wild World Of Rock 'N' Roll Groupies
Adventures In Bad Marketing: Would You Trade A Date For A New Pair Of Shoes?
Money Shot: Marilyn Manson Steps Out With A Merkin-Clad Mannequin
New Mexico State Trooper Caught Having Sex On Hood Of Car, With Gun On
Girl Talk: How I Stopped Falling For Guys Who Failed To Mention They Had Girlfriends
Turning Your Brown Eyes Blue
Kim Kardashian And Her Butt Make A Music Video
Brad Pitt Thinks Angelina Jolie's Script Is "Not That Bad"
Soapbox: Assorted Thoughts On That Gizmodo/OKCupid/Magic The Gathering Dating Essay
Kill Me Now, Please: JC Penney's "I'm Too Pretty To Do Homework" T-Shirt For Girls — UPDATE
Morning Quickies: Why Is The Pregnant Man Pissed At Chaz Bono?
14 Celebrities Photobombing Other Celebrities
"Work-Coms": They're Rom-Coms, Only Light On The Romance
You're Wasting Water By Shaving Your Legs, Ladies
10 Misguided Celebrity Move-Ins
Evening Quickies: Bravo To Air Russell Armstrong Suicide Prevention Special
Today's Lady News: Majority Of Americans Support Birth Control With No Extra Cost
Aug 30: What Are We Wearing Today?
Ladies, Be Prepared To Fall In Love If You Have Sex
The Formula For An Amazing News Item: Whitney Houston, A Monkey And Toe Sucking
When A Label Knockoff Is Much More Than A Rip-Off
An Open Letter To The Film Industry About The "Just Kids" Biopioc
New Obsession: Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor
Middle Children Don't Have It As Bad As We Thought
Wear It Now/Wear It Later: French Connection Vaity Lace L/S Flared Dress
Forget About Her Politics, Let's Talk About Michele Bachmann's Hair
Goblin King Meets Macbook
The "Dancing With The Stars" Cast: 14 Predictions For This Season
What Was Your Worst Wardrobe Malfunction?
"Absolutely Fabulous" Is Coming Back!
Soapbox: You’re Sexy Without The Life-Threatening High Heels
Bag Lady No More
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: "Bachelor Pad" Puckers Up
18 Songs Written About Other Musicians
Morning Quickies: Lindsay Lohan Asks Out Chris Brown Over Twitter
Hundreds Of Workers Fall Sick At H&M Factory
Quiz: Real Or Fake Super Sexy Sensual Erotic Courtney Stodden Tweet?
Puerto Rican Senator Maybe Caught On Grindr
Kelly Bensimon Shows Off Her "Ferrari"
8 Celebs Who've Turned On The Award Shows That Honored Them
Quickies: Michele Bachmann Loves White People UPDATE: It's A Hoax!
Today's Lady News: Jay-Z Wouldn't Clap For Chris Brown At VMAs
If Hurricane Irene Were A Rom-Com
10 Things That Shocked Me About Lands' End Canvas
Kate Winslet Talks Escaping From That Fire
"Big Sexy," TLC's New Reality Show About Plus-Size Women In NYC
Culturista: Your Guide To The Week From "Shark Night 3D" To Beirut's New Album
Man Arrested For Shaving Girlfriend's Head While She Slept
Cuddle Comfortably With The Modular Love Mattress
5 Things To Know About Romola Garai From "The Hour"
Amber Heard Is In A Relationship With A Woman, But Isn't A Lesbian
Matthew Fox Arrested For Punching Woman
Why Aren't News Stories About "The Hurricane Killer" Calling It Domestic Violence?
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The Witch/Vampire War Escalates On "True Blood"
Girl Talk: My Netflix Queue, My Future
Sofia Coppola's Purple Wedding Wonder
The 2011 MTV VMAs: The Best And Worst Moments
Dear Wendy: "Am I Turning Into A Bridezilla?"
Pancakes, I Am Your Father
Michele Bachmann Says Hurricane Irene Was A Message From God To Politicians
Hanging With Irene: 8 Reasons Why I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Hurricane
Justin Bieber Is Turning Into Rachel Maddow
First Look: "The Hunger Games" Teaser Trailer
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The MTV Video Music Awards
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The MTV Video Music Awards
Elizabeth Banks Calls Sex A "Horrifyingly Embarrassing Act"
Beyonce Announces She's Pregnant At The MTV VMAs!
For The Week Of August 29-September 4, 2011
Science Finds A Way To Make Bulletproof Silk
Check Out These Get-Ready-For-Fall Cleaning Tips
The Daily Ovulation: Watch A Baby Realize Sneezes Are Funny
Ooh, Fashion! "Glee" Pays Tribute To Fashion's Night Out
The 5 Things You Should Never Say To A Job Slut
Etsy Spotlight: Notebook And Journals For Every Occasion
Bitches Over Bros: Why Your Dog Is The Best Boyfriend You’ll Ever Have
Go "Thrifting" In Your Mom's Closet
Anna Wintour Doesn't Think She's Powerful
Woman Attacks ATM With Her High Heel
Baby Owner's Manual
Hurricane Irene Streakers Pop Up On The Weather Channel
Men's College Golf Team Shows Off Their Nine Irons, Gets Suspended
Style Evolution: Katie Holmes
Kanye West: The Musical
MTV VMA "Best New Artist" Nominee Kreayshawn's Rise To Fame
10 Dumb First Date Mistakes
Inspiration Board: Wearing A Maxi Dress For Fall
Here It Is: The Trailer For "The Rum Diary"
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The "Good Old Fashioned Orgy" Premiere
Text It With Balloon Animals
Katie Holmes Getting "Scary Skinny" On Raw Vegetable Diet
Taylor Swift And Justin Bieber Do A Duet Of "Baby"
Quickies: Diamond-Covered Panties Scraped A Victoria's Secret Model's Vagina
Today's Lady News: Happy Women's Equality Day!
Land Yourself A Big Strapping Man With This Perfume
Dorm Room Inspiration Board: For The Undeclared Student
Money Shot: Post-Coital Barbie
Kathy Griffin Confesses Her Love For Justin Bieber
Mark Wahlburgers?!?! 10 Celebrity Pun Businesses We Wish Existed
Fun With "Stocking"
Tina Fey On Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Jokes
A Field Guide To Meaningful Rubber Bracelets
Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em: Capes
Your Daily Science: Black Hole Devours Star
The Frisky 50: What We're Really Into Right Now
Sinead O'Connor Considers Sex With A Yam
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Ronnie Pummels Mike On "Jersey Shore"
10 "Firsts" On The Way From Casual Dating To A Serious Relationship
The Diamond Planet Is A Girl's Best Friend
11 Ways Ladies Can Prepare For Hurricane Irene
In Your Element
Michael Ian Black Recalls His Sex Scene With Bradley Cooper In "Wet Hot American Summer"
Travel Diary: The Midnight Train To Montana (Part 2)
Forget Dogs, Get A Pet Llama
Morning Quickies: Minka Kelly And Derek Jeter Split
10 Guys You Shouldn't Hookup With In College
Victoria Beckham's High-Heel Dreams Come Tumbling Down
J-Woww Swears She Hasn't Had Plastic Surgery On Her Face
10 Celebs Who Want To Be Frozen When They Die
Evening Quickies: Check Out The Red Band Trailer For "Our Idiot Brother"
Today's Lady News: NYPD Officer Being Investigated For Unsolved Rapes
Rashida Jones Can't Stop Talking About Her Kiss With Zooey Deschanel
August 25: What Are We Wearing Today?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Takes Us To Nirvana
Paintball Shot Ruptures Woman's Fake Boob
6 Distinctive DIY Jewelry Displays
6 Distinctive DIY Jewelry Displays
Switzerland's Sex Ed Involves A Wooden Penis And A Fabric Vagina
The TV Shows And Phrases Guys Should Mention If They Want To Attract The Ladies
Infographic: How To Survive College (According To The Movies)
Just Josh Hartnet Looking Hot
Gay Redheads Plot To Save Gingers From Extinction
Dorm Room Inspiration Board: For The Bio-Chemistry Major
12-Year-Old Boy Delivers Baby Brother, Is Probably Scarred For Life
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The Premiere Of "One Day"
Girl Talk: Finding The Good In Goodbye
Pauly D Toilet Papers Vinny
Rumor Telephone: How The Jim Carrey/Emma Stone And Jada Pinkett/Marc Anthony Stories Escalated
Dear Wendy: "I Keep Thinking About Cheating"
Louis XV Style At A Pauper's Price
How To Spot A Man Going Through A Midlife Crisis: Speedos
The Most Important Things We Learned In College
Morning Quickies: Did Rihanna Film A Sex Tape With J. Cole?
Unamused Cat Performs Madonna's "Like A Virgin"
Real-Life Witches Balk At "True Blood" & 4 Other Witches Badly Portrayed By Pop Culture
Queen Latifah Releases A Just-Okay Lifestyle Brand With HSN
James Franco Says The Wizard Of Oz Is A "Cad"
16 Celebrities With Identity Issues
Evening Quickies: Big Bruise On Christina Aguilera's Son's Face Causes Big Controversy
Today's Lady News: Rick Perry Signs Anti-Abortion Pledge
Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison Want A TV Show? 8 Concepts For Them.
August 24: What Are We Wearing Today?
Andy Warhol Got In Trouble With His Landlord, Too
"Wocka Wocka Wocka" On Your Nails With Muppet Polish
Dorm Room Inspiration Board: For The Mathematics Major
Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Are Last Year's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple
OK Go Makes Beautiful Music With The Muppets
Want This Hair: Rainbow Brite's All Right With Me
Would You Want Women-Only Subway Cars To Stop Sexual Harassment?
How To Deal With Your (Crazy) College Roommate
Do Not Want: A Mixed Metaphor, In Shoe Form
Daisy Lowe Gives Us A New Word For Our Lady Parts
Soapbox: On Withholding Sex As Punishment
Looks Like Ben Flajnik Is The New "Bachelor"
Mind Of Man: Why Men Lie
First Time For Everything: Fisting
More Lorien Legacies, More Exciting Battles
Old Navy Gets A Failing Grammar Grade
Travel Diary: The Midnight Train To Montana (Part 1)
Will Smith And Jada Pinkett-Smith Say The Split Rumors Are Totally False
Morning Quickies: Kris Humphries' Family "Looked Appalled" At Wedding
11 Guys You Should Hook Up With In College
Kim Kardashian's People Magazine Cover Revealed!
Is MTV2's "Lingerie Football League" Totally Disgusting?
8 Famous Women Allegedly Fired For Getting Pregnant
8 Famous Women Allegedly Fired For Getting Pregnant
Evening Quickies: Amy Winehouse's Toxicology Report Released, No Illegal Drugs Found
Today's Lady News: All Charges Dismissed Against Dominique Strauss Kahn
First Look: Alexa Chung's New Madewell Collection Ads
Dorm Room Inspiration Board: For The Art History Major
Lindsay Lohan, The Persecuted Graffiti Artist?
Cat Scans Of An Entirely Different Kind
The Frisky Staff's Must-Haves For Fall
Bret Michaels: Weather Man
Bobby Draper Warns His Replacement About January Jones
10 Suggested Names For Brad Pitt's New Hairdo
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