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Vienna Girardi Gets A Nose Job
16-Year-Old Courtney Stodden Calls Her 51-Year-Old Husband A "Tiger" In Bed
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Are You Honest About Your Porn Use?
Woman Fights For Her Right To Fly Pantsless
Bravo Announces "Shahs Of Sunset," The Persian "Jersey Shore"
6 Celebrity Couples Who Got Pre-Engaged
The Tyra Monster Is Coming For You!
How Long Does Soda Really Stay Fizzy?
The Worst Marriage Proposals Ever
Girl On Girl: 5 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do Because I'm A Lesbian
Flirting With Feathers
Kristen Stewart Says The "Breaking Dawn" Wedding Scene Had Secret Service Security
Frisky Reader Revealed: Meet MyWittyScreenname
Morning Quickies: Lindsay Lohan Can't Afford Therapy
Justin Timberlake Becomes An Action Star, Just "In Time"
What's Your Sign? 30 Hot Celebrity Cancers
Julianne Moore Says Nailing Sarah Palin's Accent, Mannerisms Was "Really, Really Hard"
Shannen Doherty Getting Married, This Time On Camera
Nerd Girl Porn: Men With Moobs
Nerd Girl Porn: Men With Moobs
Evening Quickies: Has Blake Lively Been Dumped By Leo?
Today's Lady News: Ad Agency "Surprised" Women Don't Like Those Summer's Eve Douche Commercials
Assault With A Deadly Ice Cream Cake At McDonald's
Shopping Guide: 10 Cool Cut-Out Dresses
Matt Damon Is The The New Baldy On The Block
Not Acting Like "A Lady" Will Get You Dissed In Congress
Style 911: Help Me Find The Perfect White Ruffle Tank Top!
Rupert Murdoch Appreciates Wendi Deng's Criticism, Toughness
Kendra Wilkinson Gets A Finger Where The Sun Don't Shine
10 Celebs Storming Out Of Interviews
Tavi Gevinson Is Going To Write A Book About Being Tavi Gevinson, Sort Of
The Gosling Report: Ryan Brings His Mohawked Dog George On "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"
I'm So Over Arguing About SlutWalks
Breaking News: The New York Times Discovers Women Wear Dresses
Hailee Steinfeld Doesn't Think She's Too Young For Miu Miu
Name That Vajayjay: 40 Words For Every Situation
Get Ready For "Captain Planet," The Movie
First Look At "The Amazing Spider-Man"
Girl Talk: I Hated Summer Camp
We All Scream For Ice Cream!
Sarah Michelle Gellar Times Two In "Ringer"
DIY Project: "Designer" CFDA & eBay "You Can't Fake Fashion" Bag
Morning Quickies: Sarah Palin's Daughter-In-Law Britta Hanson Is Pregnant
What Are Your Shopping Dealbreakers?
The Frisky Q&A: The Guys Of "The A-List New York" Dish On Season 2
Name That Teenybopper Star
A Douche With A Douche
10 Brides Arrested On Their Wedding Day
Evening Quickies: Will Snooki Be On "Dancing With The Stars"?
Today's Lady News: Orlando Protestors Stalking Abortion Providers
Angelina Jolie Says Pax And Maddox Love Eating Crickets
July 20: What Are We Wearing Today?
Hilary Duff Owls
Beyonce Chooses Indie Designers For Album's Fashion Spreads
Shopping Guide: 10 Turquoise Jewelry Pieces
How To Wear: Feminine Accordion Pleats
Health Insurance Makes You Sexier
25 Stars Who Got Naked To Hype Their TV Shows
Ryan Gosling Gives Al Roker The Time Of His Life
Beyoncé Sweats, Gets Snot Bubbles, Just Like Us!
6 "Psycho" Things That Women Do That Are Actually Pretty Reasonable
Photoshop Fail: It's Hip To Be Nowhere
This Couple's Sex Life Is WAY Hotter Than Yours
Birth Control Should Be Covered By Health Care Plans, Says Report
Girl Talk: I Made 7 First Date Mistakes And He Still Liked Me
Nevada Denies A Sarah Palin Vanity Plate. Or Did They?
Adele Predicts An Early Death
Mind Of Man: How To Deal With Bitterness
The Slush Mug Is Back And Ready For Freezing!
Lady Gaga Just Threw On A Few Old Things
Dear Wendy: "Should My Boyfriend And I Move To A Third World Country Together?"
Morning Quickies: Michelle Obama Guest Stars On "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"
Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Gets Giggly!
5 Reasons Why Having A Plant Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend
My Name Is Ami And I'm An Aquaholic
Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon Do "The History Of Rap, Part 2"
Clark Kent And Lois Lane Are Dunzo. Plus Other Iconic, Fictional Couples Who Broke Up.
Evening Quickies: Prince William & Kate Middleton Gifted With A "Vagina Nut"
Today's Lady News: Pssst! Did You Hear Michele Bachmann Might Have Menopause?
An Ode To "Hey Dude"
Today In Terribleness: Woman Attempts To Sell Baby At Taco Bell
July 19: What Are We Wearing Today?
Sexspresso And Rock Hard Coffees May Contain Viagra, Health Authorities Warn
Lady Gaga, There's Only Room For One Mermaid In A Wheelchair In Hollywood
Etsy Spotlight: Awesome '80s Jewelry
Unlikely Style Inspiration: Rachel McAdams In "Midnight In Paris"
The New ASPCA Commercial Is Emotional Cruelty To Humans
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The "Friends With Benefits" Premiere
Natalie Portman's Guy, Benjamin Millepied, Models For YSL's Cologne
Douching Is All About "Empowerment," Says Summer's Eve PR
9 Famous Names You Wouldn't Guess Got Their Start In Playboy
9 Famous Names You Wouldn't Guess Got Their Start In Playboy
A Bunch Of Real Life Zoolanders
Ralph Fiennes Wore Garter Belts Under His Lord Voldemort Costume
Debate This: Do You Need Your Parents To Approve Of Your Significant Other?
Ashton Kutcher Gets Naked In "Two And A Half Men" Promo
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: "The Bachelorette" Meets The Families
Dealbreaker: I Wasn't Jewish Enough
Tim Robbins Goes Folk
The "Jersey Shore" Season 4 Trailer Is Disgustingly Delicious
10 Celebs Busted Doing The Walk Of Shame
Rapports Opus, The Sperm-Sniffing Police Dog
Rebecca Black Takes Her Moment
Morning Quickies: Celine Dion Shuts Down "Ridiculous Pictures Of Celine Dion" Blog
Pippa Middleton's Butt Depicted In Crumpets
Greyson Chance's Threat: He'll "Unfriend You"
10 Stars Who Maybe Lied About Their Age
10 Stars Who Maybe Lied About Their Age
Evening Quickies: J.Lo Dumped Marc Anthony Because He Is "Controlling"
Today's Lady News: GOP To Recruit More Women To Run For Office
Jesus Appears On Walmart Receipt
Shopping Guide: 10 Beautiful Bucket Bags
Culturista: Your Guide To The Week, From "Degrassi" To "Friends With Benefits"
That's Miss Nipplefoot To You
A Style History Of Men In Stripes
Sephora Will Do Your Nails Now, Too
Eat Slowly And Carry A Big Fork
5 Rules For Happier Hunting In The World Of Online Dating
Miraculously, "Jersey Shore" Isn't Hurting New Jersey's Image
Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Get Matching Name Tattoos
Frisky Q&A: Kate Monro, Author Of "The First Time: True Tales Of Virginity Lost & Found"
Forever 21 Rips Off Indie Designer's Print
Listen: Italian Oral Sex Song, "I'm Horny" (NSFW)
Limerence: A Psychological Condition To Describe A Crush That Won't Go Away
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Another Swig Of "True Blood"
Your Vagina: The Most Powerful Thing On Earth (Which Is Why You Should Douche It)
5 Weird, Crazy Things I Have Done With Facebook
Cool, Calm, And Powdered
Casey Anthony Is Out Of Jail. Her Next Move? Pursuing Criminal Justice Or Photography.
"Tush," "Booty" And Other Inappropriate Ways Grown Men Have Referred To My Butt
Melissa McCarthy's "Bridesmaids" Character Was Inspired By Guy Fieri
Morning Quickies: Ivanka Trump Has A Baby Girl, Arabella Rose
For The Week Of July 18-24, 2011
Forget Mila: Marine Asks Betty White To Ball
The Ghost Of Elvis Gave Paz De La Huerta An Orgasm
9 Celebrity Family Members Locking Lips
9 Celebrity Family Members Locking Lips
Unlikely Style Icon: Lol From "This is England '86"
Top 5: Things Not To Say To A Woman Over 30
Check It: Angry Birds On A Math Test
A Tribute To The Tribute
America's 40 Worst-Dressed Cities
Scratch That Record! Kittens On A Turntable
Inspiration Board: Kelly Rowland's Polished & Floral Look
Why Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names Suck
Bret Michaels' Cruise Is Canceled?!?! Some Others You Could Go On, Instead.
17 Celebrities Caught Karaoking
Stupidity Digest: 1516 Ways To Kill The Romance
Google+ Circles You'd Actually Use
So Many Sookies
Queen Latifah: 'Gay Is The New Black'
Helena Bonham Carter's Marc Jacobs Ad Is Just As Crazy As We'd Hoped
Tanya Vlach's 'Grow A New Eye' Camera On Kickstarter
Double Rainbow On The Runway
The Olsen Twins Make A Backpack Only The Olsen Twins Can Afford
Fierce Fringe: Stars With Brow-Grazing Bangs
Beauty Test Drive: Claro IPL Acne Clearing Device Zaps Zits Fast
Most Stylish Man Contest: Donald Glover Vs. Zac Efron
7 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Fresh
Your Future Fashion Overlords: Meet The 2011 CFDA Nominees
8 Baby Gifts We'd Like To Get For Carla Bruni And Nicolas Sarkozy
Miranda Kerr Should Keep Labor Horror To Herself
Lady Gaga To Intern For Philip Treacy
Lindsay Lohan Gets Groped
Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo Wed
Lauryn Hill's Daughter Selah Marley Is A Model
Evening Quickies: Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony To Divorce
How's Married Life For 16-Year-Old Courtney Stodden And Her 51-Year-Old Hubby?
Today's Lady News: The Broadway Show "Hair" Will Marry Gay Couples Onstage
Trend Alert: 5 Wood Accessories A Guy Or Gal Could Love
Tori Spelling Curbs Her Pig
Harry Potter In A Minute, As Re-Enacted By Cats
10 Things You Didn't Know About "Friday Night Lights"
Kate Middleton Is "Thinspiration" On Pro-Anorexia Websites
What's Your Favorite Insult?
Girl Talk: When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Tami Taylor
Sarah Jessica Parker Has Considered Leaving New York
Lea Michele And Chris Colfer To Get A "Glee" Spin-Off?
The Ghosts (Or At Least Stuff) Of Exes Past
New Documentary "The Lavender Scare" Remembers When Gays Were Purged From Government
Eden Wood, Age 6, Retires From Pageant Circuit
Girl Talk: Neville Longbottom And The Glory Of The Late Bloomer
Relax, Guys, Being A Beta Is Better
Lord Voldemort On The End Of Harry Potter
Guy Talk: How Professional Women Can Objectify Men (And Why Waitresses Don’t)
Gimme Some Sugar
Julia Roberts Gets Chola-fied
'90s Teenybopper Crushes Presently Unworthy Of Our Love
'90s Teenybopper Crushes Presently Unworthy Of Our Love
Morning Quickies: John Mayer Wants Jennifer Aniston Back & Will Denise Richards Roast Charlie Sheen?
GIF Of The Day: Christina Hendricks' Bruce-y Bosom
30 Unapproved Names For A Woman's Bush
Kristin Cavallari Is Turning Into That Weird Svedka Vodka Robot
Under The Sea
10 Celebrities Spending Money, Stupidly
10 Celebrities Spending Money, Stupidly
Evening Quickies: Just Kidding, Brangelina Isn't Getting Hitched!
Today's Lady News: Afghan Women Protest Street Harassment In High Heels & Head Scarves
7 Minutes In Harry Potter Heaven
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The ESPY Awards