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Not All Cats Hate Water
9 Films Featuring Underage Nude Scenes
9 Films Featuring Underage Nude Scenes
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A "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" Reunion
15 Celebrities With OCD
Worst. Father's. Day. Gift. Ever.
I Am Never Trying To Skip My Period Again
Beauty Blunder: Rembrandt Two-Hour Whitening Kit And Blistex Don't Mix
New Favorite TV Show: "Say Yes To The Dress Big Bliss"
Dear Wendy Updates: "Once Bitten" Responds
Playboy Club Opens In London And Feminists Say "Eff Off Hef"
The Lady Gagas Of History
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Scott Disick Says Kourtney Kardashian's Design Sense Is "Out Of 'Beetlejuice'"
For The Week Of June 6-12, 2011
Loud Tour, Indeed: Rihanna Grinds On A Female Fan
Justin Timberlake And Mila Kunis Grab Each Other's Junk
MTV Movie Awards: Fashion Face-Offs
The 12 Hottest Man Butts In Hollywood (NSFW)
25 Signs He's Not The One
"Breaking Dawn" Trailer Released!
"Freaky Eaters" Is Back: The Experts Preview New Season, Plus An Exclusive Clip
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Inside The Shocking Defense Of Accused Killer Casey Anthony
An Imagined Conversation Between Chris Brown And His Tattoo Artist
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10 Members Of The Celebrity Psychic Friends Network
Dudes, Keep Your Cell Phones Out Of Your Pockets!
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A Supermodel Then ... And Now
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Reader Call Out: Random Single Gal Snack Recipes!
10 Weird & Wild Fashions From The Royal College Of Art's Graduate Fashion Show
Sketchy Or Straightforward? CoverGirl Mascara Ad Uses Fake Lashes For 'True Volume'
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Why Sarah Palin Will Never Be President
Smooch Flashback: The MTV Movie Awards ‘Best Kiss’ Winners
Would A Snooki Without A Margarita In Hand Smell As Sweet?
UK May Ban Raunchy Music Videos On TV Before 9 PM
Thankfully, Chris Brown is Doing Everything in His Power To Ensure That He Never Gets Laid Again
Quickies: Pink Gives Birth To Daughter Willow & Gisele's Becoming A Billionaire
Today's Lady News: 14-Year-Old Girl Can Spell "Cymothichous" (And You Can't)
Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: '85 Pride
13 Maternity Looks That Aren't Maternity Clothes
Transsexual Model Lea T. Walks In Swimwear Show
Disorder Of The Day: Involuntary Emotional Expression Disorder
Frisky Books: What Are We Reading This Week?
"Rape Cop" Street Posters Reveal Where Accused Officer Kenneth Moreno Lives
"I Don't Want To Be A Crappy Housewife": Meet Tonje Langeteig, Norweigan Pop Star
Awesomely Affordable: 20 Rompers Under $100
Thank The Denim Gods: Someone Invented Reversible Jeans!
Vogue Italia's Three Plus-Size Cover Models
10 Pics We'd Rather Look At Than Your Bulge
Model Sues Estee Lauder Over Bad Photoshopping
Shia LaBeouf Says Megan Fox Left "Transformers" Because Of Her "Spice Girl Woman's Empowerment"
Girl Talk: I Like My Bigger Body Better
"Bachelorette" Villain Alert: Bentley Sounds Like A Sociopath, Chris Harrison Defends Casting Him
Palazzo Pants Make A Return ... Let's Rejoice?
5 Pet Peeves That Make Me Really Stabby
Bring The Tropics Home
"The Life Zone": A Pro-Life Horror Movie
50 Reasons You Are Beautiful
Would You Have Your Pets Be A Part Of Your Wedding, A La Miranda Lambert?
Adam Sandler + Andy Samberg + Vanilla Ice + Ian Ziering + Susan Sarandon = The Best Cast Ever
The 7 Worst Lies Guys Have Ever Told Us
Blake Lively Smuggles Sweet Potato Sauce
Wear Your Disney Pride On Your Eyes
15 Movie Posters With Naked Actors
Quickies: More Alleged Blake Lively Nude Pics Emerge & Whitney Houston Might Have Emphysema
Today's Lady News: The New York Times Appoints Jill Abramson As First Female Executive Editor
AC/DC Is The Preferred Music Of Sharks
Halle Berry And Gavin Rossdale Coming To A TV Near You
Justin Timberlake Says "Friends With Benefits" May Be Your Only Opportunity To See Him Naked
Rats Emerge As Fashion's Darlings
Man Makeup: The Good, The Bad & The Scary
Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton's Love Story To Become A Movie
Most Stylish Man Contest: Adam Levine Vs. David Beckham
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Blake Lively Thinks Breakups Are No Big Deal
8th Graders Go On Field Trip To Hooters
10 Examples Of Poor Sex Etiquette
Are You Smart Enough To Tutor Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin's Kids?
The 7 Basic Female Responses
Mind Of Man: Does Every Man Want To Have A Threesome? (Answer: Yes! Also: No!)
Porn Companies Fight Over Jennifer Lopez's Honeymoon Sex Tape
Ask The Man Panel: Fishy Fashion
Girl Talk: How Commuting Killed My Relationship
Give Your Brew A Citrus Injection
Welcome To Weinergate
8 Things Justin Timberlake And Ashley Olsen Have In Common
Your First Look At Bella And Edward's Wedding
Nigella Lawson Says Baking Is A Feminist Act
8 Celebs Who Have Sued Over Ads
Flowchart: Are You Dating A Cat?
Muslim Beauty Pageant Contestant Katya Koren Stoned To Death
10 Celebrity Couples Who Had Short Engagements
Quickies: Donald Trump Wants Sarah Palin To Run For Prez & Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Twitter
Today's Lady News: Male Politician "Meows" At Female Colleague In Flagrant Act Of Immaturity
Lady Gaga Had 5 Hits In 2009, But Was Still Broke
Who Should Mark-Paul Gosselaar Date Next?
Alec Baldwin Unleashes His Inner '80s Rock Star
Justin Timberlake Says He And Britney Spears Were "Birds Of The Same Feather"
Shopping Guide: 12 Bikinis You Could Probably Wear To Battle The Waves
Forever 21 Pulls "I'm Too Pretty To Do Math" Magnet From Online Store
Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: An Apatowian Christian Comedy?
The Military's Dirty Little Human Trafficking Secret
Most Stylish Man Contest: The Great Eight
Snooki Or Wookiee?
The 12 Most Common Dating Fetishes
Poll: Have You Ever Sent Naked Pics?
Michelle Williams Says She Has Just Enough
Girl Talk: Why Being Drunk Is A Feminist Issue
Meet Aubrey O'Day's Mons Pubis
FHM, We're Calling You Out On Your Transphobia
11 Celebs Who've Had Imposter Nudey Pics Or Sex Tapes
A Book To Be Thankful For
NYPD "Rape Cop" Accuser Speaks Out About Verdict
What Are Your Half Year Resolutions?
Zoe Kravitz Now Appreciates Her Parents' Hippie Style
Rihanna Kills Her Rapist In "Man Down" Video
Ask Our Underwear Expert: "Should I Wear A Bra To Bed?" & "Help! I Need A Strapless Bra That Works!"
Things That Make Us Want To Vom: Cheese Dresses
Check Out The First 3 Minutes Of "True Blood" Season 4!
15 Sexy Celebs Who Showed Off Their Assets In Print
10 Celebrities Planking
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