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Quickies: Justin Timberlake Hired By MySpace & Kate And Wills Are On Our Side Of The Pond!
Today's Lady News: Kansas Denies Planned Parenthood License To Perform Abortions
Woman Walks Topless In New York City, Hilarity Ensues
Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Jaws Of Life
Jake Gyllenhaal Admits Fear Of Heights On "Man Vs. Wild"
Casting Couch: Beyonce And Leonardo In "A Star Is Born"? Scarlett Teaming Up With Apatow?
Is This Your $100 Million ATM Receipt?
A Woman's Lot In Life Is To Constantly Replenish Her Panties
True, Gross Story: My Bikini Waxer Was A Double-Dipper
Javier Colon: 8 Things To Know About The First Winner Of "The Voice"
5 Books That Changed My Life
Coming Soon: A Hilary Clinton Porn Spoof?
Michele Bachmann Doesn't Call Herself A Feminist
40 Books You Shouldn't Bother Reading
How To Get Closure In Your Relationship
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt
Girl Talk: I Want My Boyfriend To Fantasize About Other Women
To Catch A Cheater: National Enquirer Says It Has Video Proof Of Chris Hansen's Philandering
Smurfette Smizes
Denise Richards Adopts, Lets Daughters Pick Baby's Name
My Love Letter To Fanzines
Get Your "Game Of Thrones" Fix
LuAnn De Lesseps Recruits Jill Zarin And Kelly Bensimon For "Chic, C'est La Vie"
What To Read, Based On Your Favorite TV Show
Lindsay Lohan's House Arrest Is Over: How Should She Celebrate?
An Open Letter To Kate Middleton's Hair
17 Photos Proving Rihanna Can't Stop Touching Herself
Anna Paquin Is Totally Comfortable With Her Bisexuality
Trust Me, I'm Doing You A Favor By Not Posting James Franco's Music Video
12 Films With Sexy Spanking Scenes
Quickies: Quentin Tarantino's Toe-Sucking Tell-All & The Kate Moss Wedding Sound Insane
Today's Lady News: Planned Parenthood Of Kansas Fights To Save Funding
Whose Dress Would You Rather Wear: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Or Gabrielle Union?
4th of July Shopping Guide: Red, White & Blue Fashions And Jewelry
Beware Of Courtney Love, Etsy Sellers
Michele Bachmann: What Sexist BS Can She Expect While Running For President?
Who Should David Duchovny Date Next?
Beyoncé Excited To Turn 30, Starting To Think About Babies
I Know Why The Caged Poetry Bomber Sings
Frisky Readers Share Their Book Recommendations!
Would You Wear: Feather Hair Extensions?
Truly Torturous Toe Shoes
Ask An Esthetician: "My Hypothyroidism Is Ruining My Skin!"
This Short Film Was Made On A Cell Phone
Is Olivia Wilde Really A Wild Flirt?
Flowchart: What Should You Read Next?
Anna Paquin Talks Sex Scenes, Watching Fans Fawn Over Stephen Moyer
Emma Stone Gets Striped On The Cover Of Vanity Fair
Dear Wendy: "We Don't Have Sex Anymore"
Stinky Summer Feet No More
The Butter Sculpting Art Of Norma Lyon (RIP)
How Not To Pack For A Trip
"Freaky Eaters" Brings Us A Woman Who Eats 40 Ice Cream Bars A Day
Russell Brand And Kristen Wiig Are The World's Sexiest Vegetarians
The 9 Types Of Pre-Exclusive Relationships
This Wrangler Jeans Ad Is All About D**k
Forget The Headset, Lenny Kravitz Uses A Handset
Taste The Rainbow: 8 Colorful & Matchy-Matchy Celebs
Quickies: America Ferrera Gets Married & "Jerry Springer: The Opera" Gets Protested
Today's Lady News: MTV & VH1 Won't Air Kanye's "Monster" Video
Ohio House Passes "Heartbeat Bill" To Criminalize Abortion At 6 Or 7 Weeks
5 Books That Changed My Life
Doughnuts Cause Depression
Are Hard Nipples An Under-Used Accessory?
The Lohan Defense: Kombucha Tea & 7 Other Things You Should Avoid Before A Drug Test
8 TV Show Concepts For Charlie Sheen
All The Hags Are Planning Gay Weddings Now
You're Such A Cheese Puff: The Frisky Guide To Really Dressing For Your Body Type
Monkey Behavior Advertising, Just Like Human Beer Advertising, Appeals To A Male's Penis
Bill Clinton's My Little Pony Knowledge Is Put To The Test
The Love Guru: Confronting A Ghost From The Past
Anna Sophia Berglund & Shera Bechard: 5 Things To Know About Hugh Hefner's New Girlfriends
Is This Princess Diana And Kate Middleton "Newsweek" Cover Tasteless?
Nerd Girl Porn: 16 Hot Guys Reading
Nerd Girl Porn: 16 Hot Guys Reading
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: "Bachelorette" Ashley Says Goodbye To Bentley
The Bristol Palin/Meghan McCain Catfight Goes Another Round
Tattoos 101: Everything You Need To Know If You Want To Get Inked
Dolly Parton Ushers In A Better Day
Shia LaBeouf Continues To Earn Nickname "Shia LaDouche" By Claiming He Banged Megan Fox
12 Adorable Celebrity Double Dates
Woman Attacks Cops With Breast Milk
Beyonce Doesn't Trust Women With No Female Friends
8 Sex Injuries To Watch Out For (And Enjoy)
Do Not Want: A Very Expensive Thank You
Paralyzed Cat Takes To Water To Learn To Walk
Inked Up: 10 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Tattoos
Quickies: Prince Harry Is "100 Percent Single" & Did Shakespeare Smoke Pot?
Today's Lady News: Watch The "Brave" Teaser Trailer!
Are You Excited To See "Horrible Bosses"?
Shopping Guide: 7 Groovy, '70s-Style Wedge Sandals
Do Not Want: Lucy In Disguise Haight & Ashbury Dress
Dan Savage's First Visit To A Gay Bar Was Like An Airplane Taking Off
5 Books That Changed My Life
Men Inherit Their Cheating Ways
Hailee Steinfeld's The Newest Young Girl To Land A Major Fashion Campaign
The Frisky Readers' 10 Weirdest Quirks
Tara Says Her Lesbian Love On "True Blood" Is The Real Thing
Bristol Palin Says That While Her Virginity Was "Stolen," Levi Johnston Didn't Rape Her
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The 2011 BET Awards
New Thing To Be Terrified Of: Snails!
Culturista: Your Guide To The Week, From "Weeds" To World UFO Day
A Handy Guide To Seducing Your Favorite Literary Characters
Tiffani Thiessen And Justin Bieber Create A "Saved By The Bell" T-Shirt Vortex
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Saying Goodbye To The "Mob Wives" For Now
Girl Talk: My Boyfriend Made Me Feel Ashamed Of My Sexual History
Like A Book On A Wire
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: "True Blood" Season 4 Starts With A Bite
Friends With Benefits: Awesome When It Works, Even Though It Usually Doesn't
Mariah Carey's Daughter Doesn't Like Her Photo Being Taken
Love At First Stroke: OPI's "Play The Peonies" Nail Polish
13 Top-Secret Celebrity Weddings
Florence Henderson Got Crabs From The Then Mayor Of New York
Jennifer Aniston Remembers Dog With A Tattoo -- Would You?
For The Week Of June 27-July 3, 2011
10 Dumb Luxury Items For Your Beloved Dog
The "Wet Hot American Summer" Sequel Is Actually A Prequel
Bethanie Mattek-Sands Is Ballsy
10 Bizarre Tricks For Beautiful Hair And Nails
Home Is Where The Artillery Weapons Are
Kathy Griffin Could Not, In Fact, See Russia From Sarah Palin's House
Her 10 Best Looks: Selita Ebanks
10 Surefire Ways To Fail An Interview
Shopping Guide: 10 Cool Cut-Outs
A Simple Bunch Of Brunch Recipes Even A Non-Cooking Blogger Could Love
"Glee" Cast To Be Replaced By New Actors Next Year
The Frisky's Top 12 eBay Finds Of The Week
Puppie Pandas And Tiger Dogs, Oh My!
Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Floating Leaves
Pink Explains Why You Don’t Need To Take Pictures Of Her Baby
The Cattiest Place On Earth: Camp Bravo
Doll-Hoarding Grandmother Forced To Face Facts
Food I Need To Try: Fried Kool-Aid
Harry Potter: The Cupcakes
Would You Decorate With Your Own Face?
Crap You Don't Need: Jelly Belly Scented iPhone Case
New Cure For Infertility: Witchcraft!
12 Moments In Cameron Diaz's Style Evolution
"Millionaire Matchmaker" Weighs In On Jennifer Aniston's Summer Fling
Shopping Guide: 14 Black Tops That Don't Show Sweat
Banana Republic Unveils Its "Mad Men" Collection
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Timberlake
Hoda Kotb Talks About Having A Boyfriend At Age 47
If Marilyn Monroe Were A Flavor, She Would Be Strawberries And Cream
Yes, Versace Is Doing A Line For H&M
Levi Johnston Wanted A Boy For All The Wrong Reasons
Smell-O-Vision, Coming Soon
Breaking News: Gay Marriage Passes In New York
Quickies: Kate Moss' Wedding Registry Is Crazy & Peter Falk Passes Away
Today's Lady News: A Plus-Size Model Tells All
The Frisky Has A Tumblr!
Shopping Guide: 10 Funky Throw Pillows
Shopping Guide: 10 Funky Throw Pillows
Happy Friday! Let's Do The "Lady Bump"
Michelle Obama Shows Desmond Tutu How A Push-Up's Done
The Many Upcoming Movies Of Emma Stone
An Imagined Conversation With This Model
Male Pole Dancer Wows On "America's Got Talent"
Readers Share ... Your Favorite Rooms!
Would The Real Charlie Sheen Please Step Forward?
Fashion Designer Thierry Mugler Made A Dirty Magazine
Shun, Shag, Or Marry: The Hot Men Of Wimbledon
Readers, Send Us Your Book Recommendations!
Homophobic Celebs Apologize
Why Julianne Moore Won't Be Getting Plastic Surgery
Girl On Girl: Being A Lesbian Isn't "Easier"
Countess Luann De Lesseps Wasn't Always Royalty
President Obama Says Legalizing Gay Marriage Is Up To Each State
Girl Talk: Assorted Thoughts On Losing 40+ Pounds
Cuteness By A Thousand Cuts
First Look At Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub, And Jake Pavelka In "Famous Food"
Where Are We Living?: Ami's Apartment!
"True Blood" Gothic
Cory Monteith Of "Glee" Had Addictions Of The Non-Slushie Kind
The Hot Women Of Mixed Martial Arts
Shattering Our Expectations: An Ode To OPI's Shatter Nail Polish
Kim Kardashian Gets X-Ray Of Her Butt To Prove It's Legit
11 Of The "Baddest" Teachers On Film
Quickies: Lindsay Lohan Caught Drinking Again & "Jersey Shore" Gets A New Cast
Today's Lady News: What Happens At Bachelor Parties
Shopping Guide: 10 Desks For Getting Stuff Done
Did Rihanna Tweet That She "Provoked" Chris Brown? Or Was She Hacked?
How Matthew Weiner Will Work January Jones' Pregnancy Into "Mad Men"
New Anti-Abortion Movie "Gates Of Hell" Glorifies Killing Abortion Doctors
Home Style Stealer: A Simple Kitchen With Retro Accents
Tobey Maguire Sued Over Illegal Poker Games
Galliano Blames Booze And Drugs For Anti-Semitism
Ask Our Underwear Expert: "Help! My Boobs Are Small AND Saggy!" & "What's Up With Underwires?"
Octomom To Appear On "Celebridate"
Sarah Palin Is A Poet And Didn't Know It
What Are Your Weirdest Quirks?
FDA: Silicone Breast Implants Aren't Meant To Last A Lifetime
Today In Royal News: Nicknaming And Farting!
Where Are We Living?: Winona's Apartment
Reggie Bush's New Girlfriend Is A Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like
Erin Andrews Confronts Jerk Over Peephole Video Comment
Girl Talk: I Fell For My Starter Boyfriend
Baby, It's Time For A Cool Down
Your Call: Should I Dye My Hair White Blond?
The 10 Types Of Guys You Should Avoid Dating
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