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What To Wear ... To Give A Presentation
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Chaz Bono Had To Relearn How To Be In A Relationship After He Transitioned
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Ashton Kutcher To Replace Charlie Sheen On "Two And A Half Men"
Gaga A Vision In Diamonte On The Cover Of V Magazine
Quickies: $20 Million Herpes Lawsuit & Lady Gaga's Got Penis Heels
Today's Lady News: Sen. Claire McCaskill Tweets About "Feeling Fat"
Jillian Michaels Adopting From The Congo, Keeping Her Hard Body
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Glenn Beck Calls "Naked" Meghan McCain Fat, Fake Barfs On Air, Suggests She Wear A Burqa
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Personality By Toilet Paper Orientation
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Be Our "Blue Valentine"
Brandi Glanville To Be The New "Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills"
Princess Beatrice Is Auctioning Off Her Royal Wedding Fascinator For Charity
Chelsea Handler Finally Admits She And 50 Cent Were Dating
Whose Fans Give The Best Death Threats?
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Most Stylish Man Contest: Funny Guys Joel McHale Vs. Jimmy Fallon
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Quickies: How Much Would Carrie Bradshaw's Life Cost? And What Are "Jersey Shore Studies"?
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Pump Up The Volume
Rachel McAdams' Parents Spoiled Her Love Life
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Today's Lady News: Orthodox Jewish Newspaper Explains Airbrushing Women From Situation Room Pic
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Dear Navy SEALs: Thank You For Killing Osama bin Laden, Now Here's A Fleshlight
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9 Theories On Why Arnold Schwarzenegger And Maria Shriver Split
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Matthew Morrison's Solo Album Is Gleekable
Swimsuit Featuring Hindu Goddess Causes Outrage And Anger
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A Boobtastic Computing Tool
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Quickies: Christina Aguilera Attacked On "The Voice" Set & Prince Harry's Got A New Blonde
Today's Lady News: Tennessee Wants To Ban Teachers From Saying "Gay" Until 9th Grade
Vogue, In Stitches
iAugment App Shows How Your Boobs Would Look After Breast Implants
Robert Pattinson's Royal Fib
Lindsay Lohan Bites
Frisky Q&A: "Fashion Show" Winner Anna McCraney Strikes Out On Her Own
Bristol Palin's Reality Show With Kyle Massey Sounds Terrrrrrrible
Johnny Depp Promises His "Lone Ranger" Won't Be As ... Racist
14 Celebrities Who Say It Was Love At First Sight
Gross Talk: Post-Nasal Drip Is Driving Me Insane
Benjamin Millepied Dances In The Street
Dear Wendy Updates: "Bated Breath" Responds
The Town Of Florence Declares War On "Jersey Shore"
Photoshop Fail: Urban Outfitters Dress Defies The Laws Of Physics
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Whitney Houston Is In Rehab ... To Cleanse?
"CSI" Co-Star Says Justin Bieber Was A "Brat" On Set
10 Super Creepy Tampon And Pad Ads
Take It To The Max
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The Kentucky Derby
Hasidic Newspaper Edits Hillary Clinton Out Of Famous Bin Laden Situation Room Photo
Pippa Middleton And James Middleton Both Get High-Priced Porn Offers
We See Chick Flicks: "Bridesmaids"
Most Stylish Man Contest: Kanye West Vs. Adam Levine
Uncle Joey, I Mean Dave Coulier, Responds To Alanis Morissette's Song "You Oughta Know"
For The Week Of May 9-15, 2011
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James Dean Brings Home The Bacon
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Herr Karl, Before He Was King
Welcome To The Demented Dollhouse
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Have Your Soup And Wear It, Too
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Today's Lady News: Steven Tyler's Abortion
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A Female Jockey Could Make History At The Kentucky Derby
On Men Who Like Fat Chicks
Tech Update: Commenting Almost Back To Normal!
Do Not Want: Converse Hightop Sandal
Maxim Party Invite "For Beautiful Female Guests Only"
Our 10 Favorite Fictional Mother/Daughter Duos
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6 TV Show Concepts For Rachel McAdams
The Best & Worst Looks Of The Week!
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Is Lady Gaga's "Judas" Blasphemous? 10 Music Videos With Religious Iconography
"Teen Mom" Is Ruining Babies' Names In 2011
Jennifer Lawrence Would Rather Be Chubby Than "Look Like A Scarecrow"
In Defense Of Dry Humping
A Stitch In Time
The New "Charlie's Angels" Look Like A Page From A Catalogue
5 Trends That Don't Actually Look Good On Anyone
Do You Suffer From GLHP Syndrome?
Steven Tyler Loves Borrowing Clothes From Liv's Closet
12 Real Life Celebrity Couples Cast As A Duo Onscreen
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Prepare Slushies: "Glee" 3D Coming To A Movie Theater Near You
10 Celebrities Who Married The Same Person Twice
Quickies: Liz Taylor And Michael Jackson's Post-9/11 Road Trip & Blake Shelton's Anti-Gay Tweets
Today's Lady News: UK Politicians Support Girls-Only Abstinence Education
Bradley Cooper To Play Lucifer In "Paradise Lost"
11 Fabulous Kentucky Derby-Ready Fascinators
Miss Bossypants Herself To Host "SNL" This Weekend
Donald Trump And Lynn Patridge Lock Lips