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Quickies: Angelina Praises Brad's Hefty Package & Why Is Bill O'Reilly Screaming At Kim Kardashian?
Today's Lady News: Egyptians Protest "Virginity Tests" On Women
A Look(Book) We Can Get Behind: Rachel Antonoff Features Fashions With Miniponies
Shopping Guide: 10 Summer-Ready Embellished Tanks
Angelina Jolie Says Her Cleopatra Won't Be A Beauty Or Sex Symbol. Huh?
Wear Your Heart ... On Your Head
Poll: Should Brad And Angelina Get Married Already?
The Playboy Bunny, Couture Style
Snooki Hits A Police Car In Italy, Italian-American Relations Plunge Southward
A Man Who Is Determined To Breastfeed
Kendra Wilkinson Says "Dancing With The Stars" Taught Her She Can Be Sexy With Her Clothes On
Would You Wear: A Twisted Sister Of An Engagement Ring?
What To Wear To Officiate A Wedding
Bangladesh Woman Cuts Off Accused Rapist's Penis
Is West Lee The New Emily Maynard? And Is "The Bachelor" Cashing In On Personal Tragedies?
Dear Wendy: "What's The REAL Reason He Doesn't Want To Date Me?"
Department Of Nonsensical: Suri Cruise In Heels At The Beach
Meet Julia Moreno: Newspapers Give The "Rape Cop"'s Wife A Platform To Trash Alleged Victim
Girl Talk: How I Overdosed On Self-Help
Death Cab For Cutie Wants To Go Home
Man Proposes To Girlfriend Via Mural (Updated With An Awesome Time-Lapse Video!)
Unexpected Style Inspiration: Wendy Peffercorn From "The Sandlot"
Prince William And Kate Middleton Are All Smiles On The Cover Of Vanity Fair
Sarah Palin Rides In Motorcycle Rally, Making A Presidential Run Look Certain
An Open Letter To Spray-On Sunscreen
First Look: David Fincher's "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"
Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Demand Time To Bone
For The Week Of May 30-June 5, 2011
Do Not Want: Stoner Style
Most Stylish Man Contest: Teen Idol Edition -- Justin Bieber Vs. Zac Efron
Would You Wear: Peacock Eyelashes?
Little Shop Of Helen
Conceptual Artist Cherry Tree Makes Perfume From Her Urine
The Dating Cycle Explained
Shopping Guide: 12 Straw & Canvas Beach Bags
Are You Wearing A Dress? Are You Sure?
10 Changes "The Bachelor" Franchise Needs To Make If They Want Us To Take Them Seriously
Love James Franco? Totes!
Reality TV Repeat Offenders: Stars The Networks Love, Even If We Don't
Jason Bateman Gets Buried In The Sand
Chyna Phillips Wrote "Hold On" To Keep Herself From Becoming A Hollywood Statistic
Photobooth Flashback
An Imaginary Conversation With This Origami Model
Lily Allen Launches Her Own Clothing Line
6 Sunscreens That Don't Suck
The Wedding Dos And Don'ts That You Can't Get Married Without
A Father/Daughter Wedding Dance On Another Level
New "X-Men: First Class" Clips Show Action, Half-Naked January Jones
Adele Hates Paying Taxes As Much As Us Normal Folks
What Models Really Look Like -- Without Photoshopping
Ken Jeong Says Mr. Chow Was Inspired By His Wife's Battle With Breast Cancer
Lindsay Lohan Does An Art Film Called "Lindsay Lohan"
Jason Sudeikis Ambushes The MTV Movie Award Nominess
Beat The Burn: 5 Tips To Save Your Skin This Memorial Day Weekend
Shopping Guide: 5 Summer Dresses With Sleeves
The 10 Best TV Wedding Episodes
Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina: "American Idol" Couple?
Lindsay Lohan Begins House Arrest. 9 Things She Can Do In The Next 120 Days.
Jon Hamm To Direct Season Premiere Of "Mad Men"
Eva Mendes Explains Why She'll Never Marry
Plum Sykes On The Hazards Of Being Pretty
Scarlett Johansson Channels Marlene Dietrich
Quickies: Amy Winehouse Is Back In Rehab & Miley Cyrus Hates On Urban Outfitters
And The Prize Goes To ... The Ultimate Summer Beach Bag Essential!
Kittens Need Hugs, Too
Today's Lady News: NYPD "Rape Cop" Jurors Speak Out
Really Now, What's Going On With Brad Pitt's Style These Days?
Coco Shares Her Secret Talent With The Twitterverse
6 Concepts For Pippa Middleton's New TV Show
Watch The "Dark Girls" Documentary Trailer
Get Your Fortune Told By Miranda July
5 Bridesmaids Favors That Aren't Totally Cliché
One Big, Happy Illegitimate Family
Urban Outfitters Steals Another Indie Artist's Work ... Again
How Not To Respond When Your Partner Doesn’t Hit The Big O
Style Icon & Lady You Should Know: Kreayshawn
Roseanne Barr Headed Back To The Small Screen?
Do Celebrity Interns Fetch Coffee, Too?
Maya Rudolph Says She's Been Pregnant For Six Years
Because I'm Crazy: My Fake Nails & Hair Weave Fascinator
Girl Talk: Too Drunk To Be A Victim?
Iced Coffee Just Got Cooler
"Sex And The City" In A Parallel Universe
I Know I Really Like Someone If ...
A Test For Depression? Plus, Three Other Unexpected Things You'll Soon Be Able To Test Yourself For.
Ice-T's Wife Coco Has A Clothing Line -- And It's Coco-Licious
5 Reasons I'm Psyched Kyle Chandler Is On This Magazine Cover
Amy Poehler Strongly Encourages Hand Holding
Watch Two Dudes Play The Piano With Their Penises
12 Female Celebrities Who Enjoy Hunting
Pour Yourself A Glass Of Ass Milk
Quickies: Kara DioGuardi Ate Six Pot Brownies At Once & Check Out Old Navy's Gay Pride Tee Shirts!
Today's Lady News: MSNBC Suspends Commentator One Week Without Pay For "Slut" Comments
The Sad Truth: Pretty Girls Get Free Stuff
The Frisky's Top 12 eBay Finds Of The Week
Watch Kristen Wigg & John Hamm Have Sex In These NSFW "Bridesmaids" Outtakes
Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: This Necklace Is Making Me Thirsty!
Shopping Guide: What To Wear To An Afternoon Elegant Wedding
Should A Boyfriend Ask Her Dad's Permission To Propose?
Dominique Strauss-Kahn May Argue Maid He Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Is A Prostitute
The Good, The Bad And The WTF At The "American Idol" Finale
Don't Jerk(y) Me Around
Courtney Love Is A "Junkie Auntie Mame" For Actresses On Drugs
What Your Favorite Muppet Movie Says About You
Two NYPD Officers Acquitted Of Raping Drunk Woman
Kris Humphries Kicks It Old Skool
Who Is Kola Boof? Osama Bin Laden's Ex-Girlfriend Who's On Twitter, That's Who.
Dear Wendy: "I Don't Want Kids, But My Live-In Boyfriend Does. Are We Doomed?"
What Is Your Dating Fetish?
Elizabeth Smart Faces Her Kidnapper At His Sentencing
Girl Talk: How Going To Vegas For A Bachelorette Party Made Me Question Everything
We All Scream For (Cold!) Ice Cream
MTV Considers A New Series Called "Married Young." We Say: I Do!
Can Scott McCreery Beat The "American Idol" Dude Curse?
Cheesburger, Cheeseburger, Nail Nail Nail
Name That Kardashian Novel!
7 Rules To Avoid Getting Bed Bugs When You Travel
Beyoncé Wants To "Make Love," Stat
Do Not Want: A YSL Bag Made Of Plastic Bags -- For $1,720
5 Celebs Who Tied The Knot In Weird Wedding Attire
Quickies: Check Out An Excerpt From Mindy Kaling's New Book & More Kim Kardashian Proposal Deets
Today's Lady News: Sarah Palin Gets A Documentary Called "The Undefeated"
Oprah Is Pretty In Pink For Her Finale Episode
Been Feeling Over "Glee" Lately? Not So Fast!
Meghan McCain Lashes Back At Glenn Beck For Fat-Shaming
Why Women Prefer Bad Boys
Shopping Guide: What To Wear To A Cocktail Wedding
Michelle Obama Pretends To Enjoy A Guinness
Melissa McCarthy Reveals The Secret Inspiration For Her "Bridesmaids" Character
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The "Tree Of Life" Premiere
Beth Ostrosky Doesn't Like Howard Stern Tweeting Nakey Photos Of Her
Disqus Commenter Blocking
Is This Dove Ad Racist?
On Losing A Pet
World's Worst Mother: "16 And Pregnant" Teen's Mom Takes The Cake
Lady Gaga Rocks Bleached Eyebrows On The Cover Of Rolling Stone
Mind Of Man: Notes On A Wedding
Why Is Everyone So Concerned About My Anus?
John Edwards May Be Indicted For Using Campaign Cash To Hide Affair
10 Models Gone Wild
A Chic Cover-Up For All Occasions
So, "Girls Run The World," Beyonce? Not So Much!
8 Bachelorette And Bridesmaid Traditions We'd Be Glad To See Go
Bert Gets Down To Brass Tacks With Andy Samberg
What The Inside Of A Mermaid Looks Like
10 Celebrity Trends We Hope Don't Take Off
Kim Kardashian Engaged To Kris Humphries: She Gets A Giant Rock And Glittery Mini-Horses
Chelsea Handler Had An Abortion At 16
Atreyu! Atreyu! A Designer Collection Inspired By "The Neverending Story"
Quickies: Justin Bieber's New Perfume Bottle Is Vaginal & Lenny Kravitz Cast In "The Hunger Games"
Love It Or Leave It: Wendy Williams Wishes Demi Moore Hadn't Married Ashton Kutcher
Most Stylish Man Contest: Mark Ronson Vs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Today's Lady News: Abortion Rate Up Amongst Poor Women
Kirstie Alley Gets Over Fear Of Lifts, Eyes Broadway
"Candy Land: The Movie" To Be More Epic Than Sweet
Hair Raising: The Many Hairstyles Of Lady Gaga!
Joe Gorga Of "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey," In Drag
Tonight: Catch The Best Of "All On The Line" And Chat With Joe Zee
The Drunks Of "The Bachelor" And "The Bachelorette"
Julianna Margulies Is Tired Of TV Execs Pitting Shows With Strong Female Leads Against Each Other
Lady Gaga Explains The Egg, Eats David Letterman's Notes
The Love Guru: My Terribly Unglamorous Moment Of Clarity
Saudi Women Plan Major Protest Of Driving Ban On June 17
I'm Not Impressed By The Triple Double Oreo
Shopping Guide: What To Wear To A Formal Wedding
Do Not Want: A Necklace With Lash Appeal
ABC's New Comedy, "Work It," Puts Straight Guys In Drag
Girl Talk: Dressing Vs. Dieting
We Always Want More Thurston Moore
Maria Shriver May Have Leaked The Arnold Schwarzenegger Story Herself
Our 10 Favorite Supergroups
Bigots Admit They've "Lost" The Gay Marriage Battle In Our Generation
Princess Beatrice's Ridiculous Hat Goes For More Than $130K
7 Tricks To Outlet Shopping
Dominique Strauss-Kahn's Semen Found On The Maid's Clothes, French Newspaper Reports
Jingle Punks: Classical Music Versions Of All Your Hipster Favorites
8 Awesome Music Videos Featuring Supermodels
Quickies: Mildred Baena Wore Maria Shriver's Jewelry & Clothes, Plus See "The Muppets" Trailer!
Today's Lady News: Kansas Politician Compares Pregnancy From Rape To Getting A Flat Tire
Russell Brand Banned From Entering Japan, Katy Perry Cries
Britta Hanson: May The Newest Palin Turn Out Better Than Levi Johnston
Is Sarah Palin Moving To Arizona?
Cannes Rewards Cosmically Ambitious Movies With Awards
Cannes Conclusion: More Incredible Looks From The Cannes Film Festival
Joe Gorga: The New Star Of "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey"
Yoga Poses That Are Easy To Memorize
Shopping Guide: What To Wear To A Casual Beach Wedding
Christina Hendricks' Breasts Are Real, People
Mike Tyson's Tattoo Artist Suing Over The Face Tatt In "The Hangover 2"
The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The Billboard Music Awards
Marie Claire Devotes Six Paragraphs To Discussing Kate Hudson And Ginnifer Goodwin's Weight
Frisky Reader Revealed: Meet Painted_Lady!
"True Blood" Season 4: The "Post-Russell Edgerton World"
Selena Gomez Outrages With Pink Horses
Girl Talk: Confessions Of A (Maybe) Shopaholic
Never Lose Another Pen
Chelsea Handler Looks Like A "Playmate," Says NY Times
Dear Wendy Updates: "165 And Ready To Run" Responds
Harold Camping "Flabbergasted" That The Rapture Didn't Happen
Britney Spears And Rihanna Pillow Fight At The Billboard Music Awards
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