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Katy Perry Flashes Kate Middleton And Prince William Nails
A Tale Of Two Royal Brides -- Diana And Kate Compared
Official Royal Wedding Portraits Are Released!
In Praise Of The Eyebrow-Free Face
Mariah Carey Had Her Twins!
Beyoncé Gets Down For Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Campaign
My Own Private "Barbra Streisand"
Katie "The Cougar" Couric Talks About Her Younger Boyfriend
Shopping Guide: Classy -- Not Trashy! -- White Shoes & Bags
10 Hunky Reality TV Hosts
Can You Color Your Hair With Eyeshadow? Kevin Murphy Says Yes.
Town To Change Name To "Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold"
Surprise! There's An Alligator In Your Bathroom!
Quickies: Emma Watson Calls Brown Bullying BS & Zooey Deschanel Knocks Off The Frisky!
Today's Lady News: Kate Middleton Removed "Obey" From Her Vows
Can You Guess The Royal Wedding Costume?
Style Stealer: Michelle Williams Is Interview Magazine's Babydoll Beauty
Carl's Jr. Goes Self-Referential In New Olivia Munn Spot
Style By Jury: Did Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Beguile Or Bore You?
The Frisky's Ebay Finds Of The Week
"Jem And The Holograms" Is Back!
Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern: "Women Don't Want To Work As Hard As A Man"
Celebs Who Endorse Donald Trump For President — And The Ones Who Don't
Meet Karl Lagerfeld's Chocolate Boy Toy
Kristen Stewart Wishes The "Breaking Dawn" Birth Scene Were More Grotesque
The Best & Worst Looks Of The Week!
Study: Anorexia Linked To Spring Birthdays
David Letterman Grills Kate Hudson On Marrying Another Musician
Princess Beatrice Feeds Our Fascination With Fascinators
A Dramatic Interpretation Of "Double Rainbow"
Jennifer Hudson Loved Her Old Body, Too
An Open Letter To Everyone Who Has Ever Offered Me A Store Credit Card
A Rose By Any Other Name Would Not Smell As Sweet
Did Pippa Middleton Outshine Big Sister Kate?
10 Celebrity Theme Weddings
Show Us Your ... Super Cool Mom!
Frowning Bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem Is Not Amused!
Every Itty Bitty Detail You'll Want To Know About Kate Middleton & Prince William's Wedding
January Jones Is Pregnant!
Here's The Kiss!
Princess Beatrice And The Other Royal Wedding Guests Who Rocked Hats And Fascinators!
GIF Of The Day: Prince William And Kate Middleton Exchange A Sweet Glance
Kate Middleton's Dress: Here It Is!
The Frisky Liveblogs The Royal Wedding!
Quickies: Check Out The Royal Wedding Drinking Game & See Rihanna's Airport Full Body Scan
Today's Lady News: Indiana Votes To Defund Planned Parenthood
Flowchart: Should You Pay Attention To The Royal Wedding?
Lara Logan Opens Up About Sexual Assault In Egypt: "They Raped Me With Their Hands"
Blake Lively's New Shade Has "Under The Sea" Running Through Her Head, Too
Cheers, William And Kate: The Royal Wedding Punch Recipe
Cheapskate: 50 Amazing Spring Dresses Under $50
Will Prince Charles Breakdance At The Royal Wedding?
Are Bristol And Sarah Palin Feuding Over Gay Marriage?
10 Celebs Barefoot And Pregnant
The Secret To Marrying A Celebrity Is ...
Chris Hemsworth: All This And An Australian Accent, Too
The Strange World Of Royal Wedding Preparations
Cupcake Vodka? Yes, Please!
Size Ain't Nothing But A Number -- The Truth About Vanity Sizing
Girl Talk: Love Me, Love My Period
Is It The Right Time To Have That Convo With Your S.O.?
Raquel Welch On Pole Dancers, Brazilian Waxes & Feminism
Guy Talk: How To Check Out Women
Keep Calm And Panda On
Was Your Dad An Original Hipster?
Ask The Man Panel: Marchesa's Origami Dress
Oh No, There's A British "Jersey Shore" — It's Called "Geordie Shore"
Beauty Gross Out Time: What Nasty Thing Do You Do?
23 Close-Up (Occasionally Blurry!) Pics Of Celebrity Engagement Rings!
Poll: Would You Rather Your Man Have An Affair Or Pay For Sex?
Alex Pettyfer Has A Bad Attitude, A "Thank You" Tattoo Over His Penis
10 Celebs Who Really, Really Want To Do Playboy
Quickies: Katie Holmes Isn't A Drug Addict After All & Check Out Jon Hamm Looking Hawt!
Today's Lady News: Kansas Wants To Defund Planned Parenthood
"Oh, Hey, Just Hanging At The Pearl Paint"
"Piranha 3DD" Is Coming For You
Win Gap's Royal Discount
Is This Military-Themed Budweiser Ad Gay? Or Just, You Know, Friendly?
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Celebs At The TIME 100 Gala
Natalie Portman's Dad Pens A "Fertility Thriller"
"The Voice" Hits All The High Notes
14 Embarrassing Celebrity Product Pushers
Jake Gyllenhaal Sans Hair Does Not Smell Quite As Sweet
Cary Grant's Daughter Says He Liked Being Called Gay
How 10 Celebs Served Their Time
Kate Hudson Is Engaged To Matt Bellamy -- Check Out Her Ring!
Lindsay Lohan Talks Abour Her Jail Sentence, Future Oscar On "The Tonight Show"
Girl Talk: I'm Really Bad At Being Wrong
"America's Next Top Model" All-Stars Is Happening!
Blake Lively Channels The Little Mermaid With Her New Red Hair
Mind Of Man: Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Dating
Get Wired
Gwyneth Paltrow Calls Her Grandma A "C**t"
Dear Wendy: "Have I Been Permanently Friend-Zoned?"
First Look: Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin! Won't Date A Woman Who Keeps Condoms In Her House
13 Great Moments In Celebrity Sideboob
Poll: What Scares You The Most?
Cindy Crawford Rocks A Vogue Cover Like It's 1992
12 Celebrity Bridesmaids
The "Bridesmaids" Trailer Gets A Naughty Version
Quickies: Kendra Wilkinson Gets Rated R On "DWTS" & Is Carla Bruni Pregnant?
Today's Lady News: Pat Robertson Says Women Have Abortions To Be More Like Lesbians
Sneak Peak: Can Joe Zee Take Dana-Maxx To The Max?
Shopping Guide: 10 T-Back Tanks To Set Your Heart Racing
New Obsession: Tom Haverfoods
Rachel Maddow Says Gay News Anchors Have A Responsibility To Come Out
Candace Bushnell Will Milk "Sex And The City" For All It's Worth
Duck Bullies Dog
Teen Sex Ed Web Site Needs To Stop! Why? Because It Talks To Teens About Sex
The 10 Coldest Celebrity Breakups
Karl Lagerfeld Doesn't Wash His Own Hair
Mariah Carey Keeps The Belly Paintings Coming, Easter Style
Unlikely Style Inspiration: Prince William's Wedding Outfit
Bank Robbers Caught After Bragging On Facebook
Elton John Has Surrogate's Breast Milk Shipped To Him
Frisky Reader Revealed: Applescruff
Michigan Bill Would Require Doctors Offer "Keepsake Ultrasounds" To Women Seeking Abortions
We Have Not Been Pooping Properly
The Love Guru: Love Doesn't Have To Mean Someone Gets Hurt
Explosions In The Sky Makes Some New Fireworks
RIP: Legendary Feminist Punk Singer Poly Styrene Dies
10 Truly Awesome Turquoise Pieces
Behold, The Trailer For Anna Faris' "What's Your Number?"
Hell Yeah, Helen Mirren
A Few Of My Favorite Things: Alissa From Stylish Curves Blog
Levi Johnston Is Writing A Palin Family Tell-All
Poll: What Will Nicki Minaj's Perfume Smell Like?
10 Celebs Too Famous For Dating
Do Not Want: Emoticon Rings
Love It Or Leave It: Can A Person Really Change?
An Open Letter To The New Yorker
Strange Couple Alert: Kim G And Michael Lohan?
Heather Morris' School Of Dance
Style Stealer: Get On The Fringe Like Rashida Jones
Paris Hilton Dishes On Her New Sidekick, Brooke Mueller
GIF Of The Day: Get In Your Go-Go Mobile And Get Some Zerts And Apps, Pronto
10 Smokin' Hot Celebrity Spawn
Moammar Qaddafi Would Like His Own Fashion Retrospective Now, Thanks
This Woman Is Exercising Her Face
9 Glitter Looks That Aren't Gross
Lil B Titles Album "I'm Gay," Receives Major Backlash
Would You Engage In "Sex Bartering" With Your SO?
How To Be Romantic Without Being Creepy
Guess What Kind Of Porn Men Are Really Looking At
LeAnn Rimes Marries Eddie Cibrian, Can't Stop Tweeting About It
Girl Talk: I Think I'm Addicted To Starting Over
Girl Skin Care In A Boy's World
Who's Your Celebrity Doppelganger?
Dear Wendy Updates: "Depressed and Unsure" Responds
Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Weed
9 Easter Bonnets That Put Us To Shame
Tina Fey's Feelings On Fashion
Male Student Called Out For Wearing High Heels To School
For The Week Of April 25-May 1, 2011
When Did "Glee" Become An After School Special?
Snooki Has Given Up Margaritas
Lady Gaga Just Looks Horny ... These People Really Are
Johnny Weir Debuting Line Of Little Black Dresses
Style Stealer: Gwyneth Paltrow Is Simple And Sophisticated In B&W
Asking Super Personal Questions On A First Date Is Dumb
Learn This Easter Egg Trick
10 Pastel Nail Polishes Perfect For Easter
Jodie Foster: Even Women Studio Execs See Female Directors As A Risk
Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: A Shot In The Yarn
Karl Lagerfeld Tries To Sell Some Ice Cream
Reviews Are In For Robert Pattinson’s "Water for Elephants"
A Little Totally Inappropriate Weekend Reading, Anyone?
Who's That Kid On The Cover Of Nylon With Emma Roberts?
André Leon Talley Does The Green Thing, Too
Do You Wear Bold Lipstick For Yourself Or Your Guy?
HUDSON: Denim You Can Tolerate In The Summer
Is "Doctor Who" The New "Lost"?
17 Celebs Caught On Camera (Supposedly) Doing Drugs
Shopping Guide: 8 Comfy & Sexy Sweatshirts
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Schools Conan In Headbanging
A Super Mario Brothers Proposal Is Not For Everyone — But It Was For This Girl
The Cupid Cabbie
Mel Gibson Breaks His Silence Over Leaked Rants, Denies Bigotry
How To Sleep With A Total Stranger
Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Jail — Again
Quickies: Marines Sing "Hold It Against Me" & James Franco Gets Another Ph.D
Today's Lady News: Readers' Submission Edition
Your Ability To Purchase Spandex Body Suits Has Been Preserved
9 Eco-Friendly Designers To Watch
We're Firmly Against The Head Thong
The Real Housewives Of Scottsdale?
19 Of The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Photos Ever
At Least We Don't Get "Watered" For Easter
Warhol's Candy Darling Gets Her Due
Poll: What Do You Think About Paternity Leave?
"The Office"'s "Seasons Of Love" Tribute To Michael Scott
High School Girl Fakes A Pregnancy For A School Project
15 Girl Groups That Prove We Need More All-Lady Music
Tina Fey Sticks Up For Olivia Munn & Answers The Question, "Is Liz Lemon Ugly?"
What Will You Bid On At The "Friday Night Lights" Auction?
Dealbreaker: He Doesn't Believe In Global Warming
Are Push Presents Really Necessary?
Before She Was An Oscar-Winning Actress...
Guy Talk: In Defense Of Dating Your Coworkers
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