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Quickies: Katy Perry And Kanye West's "E.T." Video & Porn Star Sasha Grey Wrote A Book
Today's Lady News: Hijab-Wearing Muslim Girl In NY Assaulted By A Classmate
"Grey's Anatomy" Goes Musical Tonight
Unlikely Style Inspiration: "Roseanne"
Drunk Kim Cattrall Suggests Gossip Reporter Quit, Get A "Respectable Job"
Lawrence Taylor Gets Slap On The Wrist For Raping Underage Prostitute
10 Things I Am Super Obsessed With Right Now
Elizabeth Banks Almost Makes Me Want To Be A Surrogate
Is Skipping Rings The New Wedding Trend?
The Frisky's eBay Finds Of The Week
The Backstreet Boys/NKOTB Single "Don't Turn Out The Lights" Is Here
Britney Spears Porta-Potty Bungee Jumps
I Think I'll Pass On The Tossed Salad
A Brief History Of (Suspected) Lavender Marriages
Raped 14-Year-Old Girl Charged With Adultery, Lashed To Death
Raise Your Hand If Your Armpits Are Attractive
Guy Talk: Is It Natural For Older Guys To Lust After Young Women?
Lady Gaga's Airport Adventure Look
Alye Pollack, We Love You
Girl Talk: I Get More Than One Shot At Love
A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Khloe Kardashian Talks Being "The Ugly Sister"
Our 10 Favorite Onscreen Lady Detectives
Once Again Ladies, Drunk Dialing Is Strictly Forbidden
Can You Guess The Former Pinup?
Stacy London Stole My Sweater And Other Tales From "What Not To Wear"
Frisky Rant: Katie Holmes, Penis Is Not A Dirty Word!
I Hope These Trojans Used A Trojan
9 Of Our Favorite Daytime Drunks
Quickies: Elizabeth Banks Has A Baby Boy & Check Out Amber Rose's Nipple Rings
Today's Lady News: Woman Claims She Can't Close Eyes After Plastic Surgery
George Clooney Surprised To Be A Witness In The Berlusconi Trial
Shopping Guide: 10 Backless Tops To Bring Sexy Back
Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore And Alicia Keys To Direct Lifetime Short Movies
Abortion Is Why There's No Money For Social Security, Says Politician
A Few Of My Favorite Things: Allie From Scoutmob
Girl Scout Cookie Porn
Hailee Steinfeld To Be Sleeping Beauty
The 12 Most Fertile Men In Hollywood
Activists To March On Toronto For A "SlutWalk"
Elizabeth Taylor Had Extra Eyelashes
How To Handle Awkward Moments Without A Panic Attack
Kim Cattrall On Playing An Aging Porn Star
I'm Not In A Bad Mood, This Is Just The Way My Face Looks
Mind Of Man: The Super Friends Are My Emotional Support System
This Blind Date Was More Awkward Than Yours
NYU Welcomes Professor James Franco To Their Staff
Girl Talk: I Want The Job And The Guy After I Graduate
We Heart These Joelle Earrings
Can You Guess The Former Vulcan?
Is Britney Spears Touring with Enrique Iglesias Or Pauly D?
Rihanna Loves A Good Spanking
Whose Style Do You Want To Steal?
Dear Wendy: "Should I Leave My Boyfriend Behind?"
Happy Birthday, Celine Dion, You Are Amazing!
What Exactly Is A Cloud Girlfriend?
8 Celebs Obsessed With "Angry Birds"
Quickies: Christina Aguilera Sure Loves Her Chocolate Covered Banana
Today's Lady News: Virginia's Abortion Clinics Are Totally Screwed
Sweet Valley Style Stealer: Are You An Elizabeth Or A Jessica?
Prince Harry Throws Prince William A Bachelor Party
Shopping Guide: Get Your Pleats, Please
"Mad Men" Season Five Is A Go
10 Reasons We'd Like Armie Hammer To Be Our Prince Charming
Poll: Would You Vow "To Obey" Your Hubby In Your Wedding Vows?
Jessica Simpson Considering Eloping, Designing Her Own Wedding Dress
North Carolina Crowns A Bald Beauty Queen
Frisky Q&A: Joe Zee Puts It "All On The Line"
Lady Gaga Does "Born This Way" With A Mariachi Band
Tom Bergeron Non-Plussed With Chris Brown's Appearance On "DWTS" Tonight
Dating Amelia: Some Dating Rules I've Kept And A Few I've Ditched
Beware Your Tiny Hat
Man Makes A Quilt From 58 Pairs Of Women's Panties
7 Things A Guy Should NOT Do If He Wants To Get Laid
Stop Eating White Bread If You Want To Have More Sex
Is This Calvin Klein Ad Saying A Swear Word?
Girl Talk: My Date With A Porn Star
Peter Bjorn And John Want To Be Your Swedish Pen Pals
Christina Aguilera's Chauffeur Tries Not To Judge
My "What Not To Wear" Makeover
Does This Calvin Klein Billboard Spell Out The F Word?
A Bra For In Between Your Boobs?
Britney Spears Thoroughly Meh On "Good Morning America"
Mila Kunis Says Natalie Portman Did Do The Dancing In "Black Swan"
How Colorful Is Your Closet?
20 Stars We Didn't Know Could Sing Until They Did It On Screen
Quickies: Charlie Sheen Tweets Ex-Wife Denise Richards Is A "Loser Whore"
Today's Lady News: Remembering Geraldine Ferraro, Catholic Abortion Rights Supporter
Mariah Carey Celebrates "Dem Babies" By Painting Her Pregnant Belly!
Shopping Guide: 10 Ways To Put A Bow On It
Politics Bloggers Are All Male, Natch
Ladies, You Could Be Aborting The Next First Black President
10 Celebrity Brides Who Wore Monique Lhuillier
Katy Perry Makes One Hot Alien
Beauty Test Drive: A 2-In-1 Product That Actually Works?
Can Lindsay Join The Ranks Of One Name Wonders?
Khloe Kardashian Wants Kris Humphries To Meet The Family
Georgia Police Officer Claims She Was Fired For Being Pregnant
Dear Wendy Updates: "Doesn’t Use Pot Holders" Responds
His Royal Ginger Covers GQ
Cameron Diaz Working On A Baseball Rom-Com For Alex Rodriguez?
Amy Adams And Others Who've Played Lois Lane Over The Years
Nesting: Bed Shopping Makes Me Want To Cry
Cleaning Up Spills Has Never Been So Zen
He Said/She Said: Our First Vacation Together
Style By Jury: Keira Knightley's Sparkle Motion
Katy Perry's Mom Didn't Know How To Feel About "I Kissed A Girl"
10 Pop Culture Icons In Jewelry Form
Britney Spears And Her Femme Fatacular Light Up Bra
Reese Witherspoon And Jim Toth Get Hitched
Ask The Man Panel: Club Monaco's Boyish Charm
A Mini Horse With A Lucky Leg
Photoshop Fail: The Case Of The Magically Disappearing Ann Taylor Model's Arm
For The Week Of March 28-April 3, 2011
How Moving (And Redecorating!) Changed My Life
Get Toxic With Illamasqua
Style Stealer: Michelle Monoghan's Colorblocked Cool
Nick Cannon Is Trying To "Woman Up" Before The Twins Arrive
Don't Be A Lemon On A First Date
Justin Bieber And 10 Other Notorious Hollywood Pranksters
Geraldine Ferraro Dies
Sex, Running And Other Intense Activity Can Be Deadly
Shopping Guide: 9 Minimalist Earrings
Herve Leger Thinks Models Are Too Skinny And Sad
I Need A Petite Lap Giraffe
Elizabeth Berkley Writes Self-Esteem Book, Praises Taylor Swift
This Puppy's Got Moves
Style Stealer: Madonna's Vintage Material Girl Style
Leighton Meester On Her Drugstore Beauty Must-Haves & The Secret Behind Her Shiny Hair
7 Tips For Sexting Someone You Barely Know
Libyan Woman Says She Was Raped By Qaddafi's Men, Is Detained At Gunpoint By Government Forces
12 Celebs Who Were Dancers First
Dancer Claims She Doubled For Natalie Portman In "Black Swan," Was Asked To Keep Quiet
10 Printed Shoes That Will Put A Spring In Your Step
Kristen Schaal Makes Us Wanna Play Video Games
In Death, Elizabeth Taylor Reveals James Dean's Dark Secret
Shoes Fit For The Playground
Quickies: Lindsay Lohan Is Just "Lindsay" Now
Today's Lady News: Beauty Queen Fired For Eating Too Many Tacos Is Reinstated
The Best & Worst Looks Of The Week!
Shopping Guide: That '70s Look
What Do You Think Of Ivanka Trump Footwear Collection?
tk Bruiser Bracelets to Do Battle With
What Really Happens Inside A "Crisis Pregnancy Center"? Slate Explains
Style Stealer: 5 Of Elizabeth Taylor's Iconic Looks
4 Things I've Learned Moving Back In With My Parents As An Adult
Unlikely Style Icon(s): Simon And Garfunkel
Does A Nine-Year-Old Need A Padded Bra?
Paris Hilton Guessing Game: Tall Tale Or Actual Allegation?
Sarah Palin On The Double Standard For Women
Baby Gifts We'd Like To Get For Rachel Zoe
Decode My Dream: A Footless Fling
Shopping Guide: 9 Minimalist Earrings
Christina Aguilera Perfects The Vacant Look
Genetic Sexual Attraction: True Love Or Incest?
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: What Do You Consider Romantic?
A Bed Wetter's Anthem
Elizabeth Taylor Fashionably Late To Own Funeral, Did Last Interview With Kim Kardashian
Girl Talk: My First Chat Room Girl Friend Became My First IRL Girlfriend
Frisky Reader Revealed: BelongSomewhere
"LOL," "OMG," "♥" And "Muffin Top" Added To The Oxford English Dictionary
You Wear It Well: 9 Dudes Who Love The Lumberjack Look
Jake Gyllenhaal Pimps Out His Mom
The World Rack Map
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: What Do You Consider Romantic?
13 Swingers In Pop Culture
Woman Hired Hitman Online
Misheard Lyrics: Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man"
15 Celebrities In Banned Commercials
Quickies: Chris Brown Whines About "GMA" & Rachel Zoe Had Her Baby!
Today's Lady News: More Sex Abuse Claims Against American Apparel's Dov Charney
Chord Overstreet Shows His Undies, Explains He Didn't Change His Name To Get A "Glee" Audition
Shopping Guide: 10 Fancy Dangly Earrings
Kitty Really, Really Enjoys Belly Rubs
Walmart Facing Biggest Sex Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Ever Next Week
The Good, The Bad & The Meh At The Premiere Of "Sucker Punch"
Mother Gives 8-Year-Old Daughter Monthly Botox
The Littlest Hipster In The World
10 Celebrity Honeymoon Destinations
Katherine Heigl Pulls An Allison DuBois
Lauren Conrad Gets Animated In Credits For Her Show That Will Never Be
A Few Of My Favorite Things: Valerie And Camilla Of A Butterfly By Day
Florida Wants Women To View Ultrasound Before An Abortion
Guy Makes Perfume Out Of His Own Poop
Girl Talk: So This Is What It's Supposed To Feel Like
What's Your Biggest Regret?
An Open Letter To Chris Brown
Guy Talk: Ladies, We’d Prefer You Didn’t Fake It
It Gets Better, The Book
Required Liz Taylor Reading
Frisky Q&A: Adrianne Curry On Her Extremely Surreal Life
Michael Douglas And Matt Damon To Kiss In A Liberace Biopic
WTF Headline Of The Day
Quiz: Stripper Heel Or Designer Shoe?
Finger-Banged By Jesus
Models Eat Cotton Balls Dipped In OJ & Other Troubling Observations By One Model's Mama
8 Entertainers Rewarded For Being Terrible
Quickies: Hugh Hefner's Fiancée And Dr. Phil's Son?
Today's Lady News: Bill Maher Calls Sarah Palin A Vagina (Only In More Vulgar Terms)
Style By Jury: Is Bryce Dallas Howard's Dress Cool Or Too Cutesy?
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