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Quickies: Dior's John Galliano Caught On Tape Saying "I Love Hitler" & A Pregnancy Pact?
Today's Lady News: Science Explains Cat Ladies
R.I. P. Suze Rotolo
Top 10: Our Picks From Target's Designer Collaboration Re-Release
Does The Internet Need A Geek Culture Site For Women?
What's The Most Inappropriate Time You've Dropped The F-Bomb?
Frisky Q&A: "Bachelor Pad"'s David Good On Manhood, Natalie Getz, And Who Brad Womack Should Choose
Gross Talk: Do You Pop Your Tonsil Stones?
Lady Gaga Debuts Truly Bizarre And Epic Video For "Born This Way"
The 20 Best Pieces Of Bling At The 2011 Academy Awards
Store Sneakily Advertises On The Backs Of Women's Legs
Stripping, Spanking, Girls Kissing: It's A New Wii Game
20 Morning-After Dealmakers And Dealbreakers
The PS22 Chorus Was Cute At The Oscars, But Could've Been Amazeballs
This Year's Best Oscar Presenters Were Senior Citizens
The Best & Worst Boobs At The 2011 Academy Awards
Come And Get These Sperm Jeans!
Natalie Portman Says Being Preggers Grounded Her During Awards Season
Girl Talk: Maybe He's Gay
Yep, This Sums Up Last Night's Oscars Pretty Perfectly
Grading Oscar Hosts Anne Hathaway And James Franco
Dear Wendy Updates: "In Love, Maybe" Responds
Oscar Poll: Who Was The Best Dressed At The 2011 Academy Awards?
Lindsay Lohan And Eva Longoria Want You To Try Humpilates
The Stunning, The Sort Of Strange & The Simply So-So On The 2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet
Charlie Sheen Says He Is On A Drug Called ... Himself
Lady Gaga Dyes Bangs Black, Hopefully Does Not Start New Trend
For The Week Of February 28-March 6, 2011
Helena Bonham Carter Wins At Life On The Oscar Red Carpet
Oscar Poll: What Do You Want To Win The Academy Award For Best Picture?
Body Language Analysis! Are These Couples Hiding Anything?
Oscar Poll: Who Do You Want To Win The Academy Award For Best Actress?
GIF Of The Day: Oscar Host James Franco Gives Himself A Good Luck Lick
"Baby-Breeding" Ring Busted In Asia
Oscar Poll: Who Do You Want To Win The Academy Award For Best Actor?
Shopping Guide: Loving Light & Airy For Spring
5 Signs Your Friend Is Really A Frenemy
The Good, The Bad & The Meh At The 2011 Indie Spirit Awards
How Dare Gwyneth Paltrow Do Stevie Nicks!
James Van Der Beek Is In Ke$ha's Creek Now
Beware Of Food-Related Injuries
What Would You Rather Have For Dessert?
Top 10 Surprising Ways To Get A Guy To Commit
14 Oscar Nominees On How It Feels
John Galliano Arrested In Paris; Suspended By Dior
Charlie Sheen Isn't Done Talkin' Yet
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Natalie Portman's $50 H&M Frock?
Quickies: Catherine Zeta-Jones Punched By A Paparazzo & Chris Brown Whines About Abuse Photos
Today's Lady News: Botox For Your Vajayjay?
Kelsey Grammer And Kayte Walsh Are Officially Married
Shopping Guide: The Midi Length Is A Hit For Spring
Kirsten Dunst Poses Nakey With A Lion
Activists Mailing Photos Of Used Tampons To Georgia Politician
"American Idol" Picks Their Top 24
Cameron Diaz Loves Her Some Porn (With Bonus GIF!)
Tacos The Downfall Of "Fat" Miss San Antonio Beauty Queen
The 8 Most Ridiculous "ANTM" Runway Shows
New Couple Alert: Kathy Griffin And Isaiah Mustafa
Lady Gaga Clarifies That Her Perfume Actually Smells Like An Expensive Hooker
Decode My Dream: I Cheat In My Sleep
Who Is This Oscar Guy, Anyway?
5-Year-Old Future Frisky Editrix Gets Remixed
10 Stars Who Bit The Hand That Feeds Them
Rape Victim Was "Inviting" Sexual Assault With Provocative Dress, Flirting
10 Celebrity Hairstyle Inspirations
The Muppets Cover LCD Soundsystem
Winona Ryder, Black Swan In Training
I Will Survive
Kellie Pickler Sells Her Wedding Video On iTunes. Trend Alert?
Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Knighted, Wears A Crazy Hat For The Occasion
8 Celebs Who've Opened Up To Oprah Winfrey About Their Addictions
Charlie Sheen's Rant That Took Down "Two And A Half Men"
GIF Of The Day: Rabbit/Bunny/Squirrel/Adorable Animal Enjoys An Ice Cream
15 Celebs Who've (Allegedly) Had Sex In Public
Quickies: Kanye Tweets About "Gold Diggin' Bitches" & A "Teen Mom"'s Got Nude Pics
"Mad Men" Designer Janie Bryant Unveils Spring QVC Collection
James Franco Takes A Cat Nap
Shopping Guide: 12 Beige Pumps To Elongate Your Legs
Today's Lady News: NYC Abortion Billboard Targeting Black Women To Be Removed
This Is What Scarlett Johansson Looks Like When She's Appreciating Art
10 Super Memorable Oscar Host Moments
Who Should Star In The Remake Of "The Bodyguard"?
Mark Ruffalo's Super Hot Senior Photo
Ask The Mega Man Panel: Strapless Jumpsuit
Jimmy Fallon's "Real Housewives Of Late Night" Is Back For Season Two
South Dakota Bill Would Require "Crisis Pregnancy Center" Counseling Before An Abortion
15 (More) Benefits Of Great Sex
What's Up, Pussycat?
Give Me Back My Girl Scout Cookies ... Or Else!
Who Is The Biggest Oddball You've Dated?
Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Working On A Wife-Swapping Movie
Can You Guess Who's Dating This Pot Goddess?
Stay-At-Home Barista
Snooki Calls Regis A "Grown-Up Gorilla"
Cheapskate: The ModCloth Sale
Gwyneth Paltrow Returning To "Glee"
Look Who Fell Down The Rabbit Hole
Oscar Theory #11: Whoever Wins The BAFTA Gets The Oscar
James Franco And Anne Hathway Feeling Grease Lightening For The Oscars?
Poll: Whose Wedding Would You Rather Attend -- Hugh Hefner's Or Prince William's?
8 Guys We Thought Were Sweet -- Until We Found Out They Weren't
Quickies: Is Lindsay Going Back To Jail & Which "Teen Mom" Is Pregnant Again?
Report: Rihanna and Ryan Phillippe Heat Things Up
Howard Stern Tells Female Journalists To Stay Away From Egypt
10 Notorious Oscar Acceptance Speeches
Today's Lady News: John Wayne Bobbitt And His Severed Penis Visit "The View"
Kelly Osbourne Is A Material Girl
What's The Most Ridiculous Post-Sex Request You've Ever Received?
Rosie O'Donnell Vs. "Glee"'s Ashley Fink
Oprah Talks To Transgender Model Lea T
12 Famous Folks Channeling Lady Gaga
The World's Most Stylish Doughnut
Anti-Abortion Foes Target Blacks With "Dangerous Womb" Billboards
What Are We Reading This Week?
Natalie Portman's Miss Dior Cherie Commercial Is Super-Cheesy
A Bracelet That Predicts Your PMS Threat Level
Dear Wendy: "How Do You Dump A Nice Guy?"
George Clooney's Presidential Campaign Slogan: "I Drank The Bong Water"
Teen Proposes Girls Carry Guns To Prevent Rape
Mind Of Man: Why You're Not Married
Adele Turns 21, Gives You A Gift
American Apparel's New Swimwear Ad Goes Topless
15 Things A Guy Could Say That Would Make Us Fall Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love
Christine O'Donnell To Be On "Dancing With The Stars"?
Behold, Boris Boillon—One Hot French Ambassador
21 Reasons We're Super Psyched For Spring
A Loving Partner Can Help You Become A Better Person
Beyoncé In Blackface: What Do We Think?
Justin Bieber Cuts His Hair?!?! 7 Styles We'd Like To See On Him
Quickies: Rihanna's Sexting Colin Farrell & What Are "Mermaid's Tears"?
Charlie Sheen Is A Wizard
Today's Lady News: Texas Edges Closer To Ultrasounds Before Abortions
Infographic: What Your Hosiery Says About You
The Monkees Touring This Summer
Video Games And Kissing—Better When Combined?
10 Perfectly Sexy Celebs Who Were Told To Slim Down
The Daily Ovulation: Little Girl Determined Not To Get Married Before She Has A Job
Christina Applegate's Birth Experience Was Profound
Shopping Guide: 9 Adorable Cross-Body Bags
Well, That's Adorable: Pug In Pug Slippers
What's A "Stay-At-Home Girlfriend"?
Everyone In Hollywood Is Obsessed With Robert Pattinson
Alleged Details On Lara Logan's Assault In Egypt Emerge
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Jennifer Aniston's Long-Awaited "Amelia" Bob?
Dater X: I'm (Drum Roll) In Love
Hanson's All Growns Up
Would You Wear Weight Loss Leggings?
Girl Talk: We're All In This Sand Box Together
Sarah Palin's Ex-Aide Pens An Unauthorized Tell-All
Emmy Rossum Wears A "Vag Pad" For Sex Scenes On "Shameless"
7 Actresses Who Love Rock Stars
James Franco And Anne Hathaway Take Their Oscar Training To The Next Level
Watch The Situation's Workout Video Bloopers Reel
Style 911: "I Look Super Young. How Can I Dress More Grown Up?"
Ashton Kutcher Dreamed Of Dating Jennifer Aniston
Frisky Reader Revealed: Here's Corrie!
12 Stars Who've Done "Hollywood Homely"
Quickies: Britney Accused Of Plagiarizing "Hold It Against Me" & Kim Kardashian's New Single
Today's Lady News: The Men's Only Lawfirm
Panties That Make Your Pubic Area Appear Well-Groomed
Playing Stylist: Stars And The Designers They Should Be Wearing
What Justin Bieber Looks Like When He's Flirting WIth Rihanna
Radio Station Contest Gives Away Mail Order Bride As Prize
8 Questionable Red Carpet Commentators
Beyonce Tells Jay-Z A Sexy Secret
Today In Baby News: A Kid Named "Facebook" And A Wainwright/Cohen Love Child
10 Celebrity Party Tricks
"The Great Gatsby" ... In 3D
Kanye West's "All Of The Lights" Video Is Out — Featuring Rihanna And Kid Cudi
Girl Talk: I'm 29 And I Am Afraid To Buy Tampons
Site Makes Facebook Stalking Your Crush So Much Easier
John Boehner Accused Of Cheating, National Enquirer Reports
Do We All Need To Learn How To Date?
Richie Sambora Is A Serious Relationship Pessimist
Cut Me Off A Slice Of That
Dear Wendy Updates: "Confused College Girl" Responds
Poll: Ladies, What Holds You Back In Your Career?
Tyra Banks Impersonates The Stereotypical "ANTM" Hopefuls
11 Famous Folks Who Don't Want Babies
Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Pal Wants You To Know They Wrapped It Up
"The Help" Author Sued By Black Maid
For The Week Of February 21-27, 2011
10 Cleaning-Obsessed Celebrities
Illamasqua Introduces Colour Collision -- Get Ready To Clash
Sexy Time: Bedroom Faux Pas
Brush Up On Your Sign Language
Shopping Guide: 7 Proud Peacock-Inspired Pieces
Newport News iCatalog App Makes Shopping Fun And Easy
This Week In Terribleness: Woman Dies In Cubicle
Elisabetta Canalis Has No Interest In Kids
6 Music Videos With Obvious Product Placement
Mila Kunis To Be The Wicked Witch Of The West
4 Tips For Women Who Want To Make The First Move
Shopping Guide: Dress Your Darlin' In A Denim Jacket
14 Famous Folks Who've Turned Down "Dancing With The Stars"
Uh, There's An Anna Nicole Smith Opera
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of January Jones' Premiere Look?
Christina Aguilera Inspires Young Fans Everywhere
Quickies: Miley's Mad At Blabby Billy Ray & Ivanka Trump's Fame-Whore Stalker
Today's Lady News: Will Texas Make Abortion More Difficult For Women?
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