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The Year Wouldn't Be Complete Without A Kathie Lee Gifford BJ Faux Pas
Julie's 10 Best Posts Of 2011
The Dos & Don'ts Of Emailing Online Dating Matches
Amelia's 25 Best Posts & Slideshows Of 2011
Pro-Lifers Spank Ron Paul For Not "Rescuing" Aborted Fetus From Trash Can
Evening Quickies: Bristol & Willow Palin Pitch "Kardashian-Style" Reality Show
Today's Lady News: Brazil To Ban Faulty Breast Implants
New Year's Eve Style Inspiration #3: The Cozy Night In
This Week In Sex: Alien Cathouse, A Brothel For Sci-Fi Geeks & 50 Things To Try In Bed In 2012
The Books Frisky Readers Loved In 2011
Lion Gets A Foot Massage
Russell Brand Files For Divorce From Katy Perry
The 2011 Celebrity Hair Awards
28 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Your Body
Dating Don'ts: 5 Online Dating Types To Avoid
Finding God In A Vibrator
Did Rihanna And Chris Brown Secretly Tweet Each Other?
Guy Talk: On Making The First Move
#Pandagate Gets Taiwanese Animation
Astro Guide 2012: Your January 2012 Gettin' Lucky Dates!
Never Say "Pore Me!" Again
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt May Soon Be "Shax"
Ami's 16 Best Posts & Slideshows Of 2011
Morning Quickies: Kardashian Nanny Writing A Tell-All
The Frisky Staff's Favorite Books Of 2011
Megan Fox Mounts Herself In "Interview"
12 Celeb Couples To Watch In 2012
Evening Quickies: Ashton Kutcher Claims Lorene Scafaria Is "Just A Friend"
Today's Lady News: Saudi Arabian Women Can Vote Or Run For Office Without Male Approval In 2015
Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: 10 Sweet Scarflettes
You're Invited To A Typical New Year's Eve Party
Jessica's 10 Best Posts Of 2011
While You Were Out, Your Cats Were Throwing A Banger
And The Worst Celebrity Baby Name Of 2011 Was...
7 Celebrity Hoarders
Zooey & JGL Remind Us To Ask, "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"
The Top 10 White Lies People Tell In Online Dating Profiles
Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Nether Region Pristine
Us Weekly Tries To Distract Us From Kim Kardashian's Divorce By Dangling Her Diet In Our Face
The Soapbox: Let's Take The "Man" Out Of Mani/Pedi
Dov Charney Describes His Sexual Harassment Charges Thusly: "I Like To Fool Around With Girls"
The BBC’s Women Of The Year Include A Princess And A Panda, But No CEOs
Girl Talk: I Have A Part-Time Boyfriend
Strike A Pose, There's Nothing To It
Rick Perry Flip-Flops On Abortion Twice In One Week
12 Hot Actors To Watch In 2012
Man Tries To Steal Woman's Heart With Stolen Ring
Peta Puts Its Paws Up At Kim Kardashian And Janet Jackson
Morning Quickies: Sinead O'Connor Says 16-Day Marriage Was Like "A Coffin"
18 Guys You Should Date In 2012
Kanye West and Jay-Z -- Now Available for Very Expensive Birthday Parties and Bar Mitzvahs
Emma Watson's Hair Was The Most Googled This Year
9 Fleshlights That Frighten Us (NSFW)
The 10 Proudest Sluts Of 2011
Agent to Jen Aniston: Take Brad Pitt's Sperm
Find Out What Your Guy Is Really Watching On TV
WATCH: Baby Boy Born With 2 Heads, 1 Body
You Won't Believe What Jessica Alba Is Now Selling
WATCH: A World Champion Masturbator's Routine (NSFW)
How To Properly Color Block
The Real Key To a Happy Marriage
Evening Quickies: "Undateable" Pippa Middleton Will Die Alone, Then Be Eaten By Cats
Today's Lady News: Report On Military Academy Sexual Assaults Released 2 Days After Christmas
Your Frisky Deals Of The Week
Shopping Guide: In The Navy
Oh Girl, Don't: Ashton Kutcher's New Ladyfriend Just Shouldn't
The Best-Selling Mag Cover Stars Of 2011? It's Not Who You Think
New Year's Eve Style Inspiration #2: The Classy Cocktail Party
Michelle Obama Busts A Move On "iCarly"
Unacceptable: Same Sex Couples Are Paying An Extra $6,000 In Taxes Each Year
Winona's 10 Best Posts Of 2011
It's A Nice Day For A White Castle Wedding
Duggar Family Sends Video Message (With Anti-Abortion Undertones) To Miscarried Baby Jubilee
Snooki, Michele Bachmann Make Worst Scientific Claims Of 2011
Girl Talk: I Got Dumped By Two Shrinks
And The Name Change Of The Year Goes To ...
Egyptian Court Stops "Virginity Tests" On Female Protesters In Prison
Mind Of Man: My New Year's Resolution
More Unbearable Cuteness: Siku The Polar Bear At Five Weeks Old
Girl, No, You're Like, Seriously The Best
The 15 Worst Looks Of 2011
Work It At Workouts
The Most Illegally Downloaded Films Of 2011 Are...
The Best Time For Sex Is After Midnight On Fridays In December When It's Raining
10 Trends We Want Gone In 2012
Bullfrog Plays Anteater ... With Surprise Ending
Morning Quickies: Katy Perry & Russell Brand On The Rocks?
12 Guys Not To Date In 2012
Did You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions?
How To Get Slow Walkers Out Of The Way
The 2011 Nip Slip Awards
The 2011 Nip Slip Awards (NSFW)
Evening Quickies: Beyoncé Might Be Giving Birth To Babyoncé Right Now!
Today's Lady News: Iranian Woman Might Be Hanged Instead Of Stoned To Death
The Top 10 Ass-Kicking Babes On Adult Swim
25 Crazy Celebrity Face And Name Tattoos
I Love You More Than Morrissey Likes Being Asexual
Do Not Want: All Fringed Up Panties
New Year's Eve Style Inspiration #1: The Human Disco Ball
The World's Littlest Toilet Lover Gets A New Bowl For Christmas
There's Going To Be A Geeky "Jersey Shore"
Lady Gaga Releases Explicit Song For Fans On Christmas
15 Celebs Who Spent The Holidays At The Beach (So Jealz!)
Your Brownie Husband Looks Delicious
HPV Vaccine Doesn't Make Teen Girls More Slutty, Survey Finds
Disaster! 40,000 Pounds Of Ice Cream Spilled On The Highway
14 Great Films To Netflix In 2012
Van Halen And Diamond Dave Are Back!
The Fresh Prince's Aunt Viv Has No Love For Will Smith
Rapper Young Buck Might Have To Sell His Name
10 Signs You Need To Kick Off 2012 By Kicking Your Man To The Curb
The Money Shot: Christmas Is Busting Out All Over
Your Advice, Please: What Shoes Should I Buy?
Girl Talk: My Dad Was My Menstruation Role Model
Through Mosaic-Colored Glasses
What Was The Best Holiday Gift You Received?
The 20 Best Red Carpet Dresses Of The Year
The Best Weird Animal Photos 2011
When You're A Vogue Model, You Don't Need Legs
Watch Cute French Boys Sing Beyoncé!
Sinead O'Connor's Marriage Ends After 18 Days, Plus 12 Other Super-Short Celeb Marriages
Missing Indonesian Girl Reunites With Family 7 Years After Tsunami
Morning Quickies: Taylor Lautner's 'I'm Gay' "People" Cover Is Totally Fake
The 17 Best & Worst Celeb Hair Makeovers Of 2011
Today's Lady News: Reader Submission Edition!
Jennifer Hudson Duets With Her Larger Self In Weight Watchers Ad
Robin Thicke Gives Paula Patton "Double-Digit Orgasms"
Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: 10 Cute Lady Bow Ties
The Top Celebrity Fashion Fails Of 2011
Happy 40th Birthday Jared Leto, You're Still A Fashion Nightmare
Brenda Song Must Be Really Happy About ... Something
Dating Don'ts: How NOT To Kiss
Demi Lovato Furious Over Disney Anorexia Joke
We See Chick Flicks: "The Iron Lady"
For The Week Of December 26, 2011-January 1, 2012
Our Kind Of Parenting Book
Yes, This Is A Gratuitous Shirtless Zac Efron Photo
Model Smuggles Cocaine Inside Fake Breasts And Butt
A Positive Holiday Statement On Chinese/Jewish Relations
Her 10 Best: Rooney Mara, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo," Goes From Blush To Bad Ass
10 Completely Miserable Christmas Cats
Girls Can Like Superheroes, Boys Can Like Pink Stuff
"The Dark Knight Rises," The Cat-ified Version
It's A Christmas Meh-ricle
When Only Hall And Oates Can Help
Who Actually Drinks GIRL Liquor, Alcohol "For Women Only"?
Counterfeit Sting Operation Takes In More Than $76 Million In Fake Goods
20 Incredibly Festive Christmas Manicures
9 Happy Hanukkah Doggies
Beauty Test Drive: Sephora Moonshadow Baked Eye Palette
Taylor Swift Tweets "Hunger Games" Soundtrack Song "Safe & Sound"
Siku The Polar Bear Gets Saved
It's Time To Cry: Anonymous Donors Are Paying For Strangers' Layaways
Evening Quickies: Kate Middleton Getting A Puppy For Christmas?
Today's Lady News: Female Vets Less Supportive Of Wars
JWoww Defies Gravity & Taste With New Stick-On Bikini Line
Holiday Gift Guide: Presents For The Lazy Homebody
Rihanna's "You Da One" Video Is Meh
Other Girls With Dragon Tattoos
Motherhood Only Makes Ani Di Franco More Radical
Mind Of Man: The Gift That Will Get You Laid
Conan Surprises Staffer With Jon Hamm Sneak Attack
Dear Wendy: "He Got Us Both Pregnant At The Same Time"
Meet A Woman Afraid Of (Snow) Men
Girl Talk: I'm A Smart Girl Who Loves "Jersey Shore"
The Only 2 Products Wavy-Haired Girls Need
Breaking "American Horror Story" News: Creator Blows Our Minds
9 Reasons Why The Holidays Are The Perfect Time To Jump Into A Relationship
Guy Fieri Designed A Line Of Men's Jewelry, Naturally
Morning Quickies: Kobe Bryant Accused Of Banging 100 Women Who Aren't His Wife
Holiday Gift Guide: Presents For Ami
Courtney Love's Surprisingly Normal Closet Tour
A Very "Fresh Prince" Holiday
The 11 Most Shocking Scandals Of 2011
Evening Quickies: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Sent Out Joint Xmas Card
Today's Lady News: Politician Trying To Ban Gay Marriage Caught Committing Adultery
This Week In Sex: Tips From A World Champion Masturbator & A Vatican Porno Site?
December 22: What Are We Wearing Today?
"Mob Wives" Season Two Promises To Be Even Trashier, If That's Possible
Sarah Palin Pooh-Poohs The Obama Christmas Card
Ex-Con With "Nervous Colon" Robs Bank After Pooping In Parking Lot
Talkin' Lube With "American Horror Story"'s Gimp Suit Psycho
"Extreme Couponing All-Stars" Takes Savings To The Next Level
Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Picks For Everyone In Your Life From Stylist Robert Verdi!
Valentino's Spring Campaign, All Ladylike and Such
Derek Lam Sues Ivanka Trump For Ripping Off His Design
Girl Talk: The Good Thing About Bad Dates
Michelle Obama Has A Fat Ass, Congressman Overheard Saying
Tammy Faye Bakker, I Mean, Lindsay Wixson Poses For Creepy Uncle Terry
The Dos & Don'ts Of Your Online Dating Profile Photo
Michael Pitt Cries For Prada
WTF Stuffed Animal Of The Day
Girl Talk: Let's Talk About Negging
Seduce Your Savory Sense
Adam Lambert Arrested In Finland?
See Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin In "Game Change"
A Brief History Of LadyJanes (Women Who Pay For Sex)
Paris The Golden Heiress On Spain's "Vanity Fair"
Morning Quickies: Ryan Murphy Talks "American Horror Story"
The Year In Tears: The Best Criers On TV
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