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Quickies: Kacey Jordan Is A Combination Porn Star/Babysitter
Today's Lady News: Wikipedia Is A Dickipedia
Study: Women Who Are Ovulating Buy Sexier Clothing
Shopping Guide: 10 Pairs Of Look-At-Me Hoop Earrings
Behold: The Bacteria Living Inside Your Belly Button
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Anne Hathaway's Pattern-Mixing Marni Look?
Women Are More Effective Politicians, Study Says
Andrew Garfield Will Not Use A Crass Pick-Up Line On You
So That's How It's Done!
The Best & Worst Boobs At The SAG Awards
Jane Krakowski Is My Pregnancy Role Model
Kim Kardashian Didn't Think She Was Going To Look So Naked On Nude Magazine Cover
Sex Mustard, Albino Lipstick, Genetic Shower: 18 Revolting Terms For Sperm
I Knew I Wasn't Crazy; There Is A Preferred Toilet Paper Orientation
PETA Wants To Run Commercial Of Hot Girls Fellating Vegetables During the Super Bowl
How Do You Know You Really Like Someone?
I'm Secretly Excited To See "Never Say Never"
Why Are Politicians Attempting To Redefine Rape?
Girl Talk: My Newfound Respect For Chivalry
Hello, Superman: 5 Things You Should Know About Henry Cavill
The 2011 SAG Awards: The 7 Most Surprising Moments
The Good, The Bad & The Meh At The 2011 SAG Awards
A Mousepad For Perverts
Just Kidding. Jonathan Knight Is Proud To Be Out!
Single Ladies, We Found You A V-Day Date!
Jesse Eisenberg And Mark Zuckerberg Come Face-To-Face On "SNL"
Portia De Rossi's Mom Didn't Want Her To Date Ellen DeGeneres
For The Week Of January 31- February 6., 2011
Therapy For Your Pocketbook Episode 14: "Avoid Lifestyle Creep"
Weekend Wear: Vanessa Paradis' Effortless French Fashionista Look
Computer Kama Sutra
Minka Kelly To Be One Of "Charlie's Angels"
Snooki Regrets Vinny Shoving His Watermelon In Her Pinhole
Javier Bardem Used To Take It All Off
17 "WTF Were They Thinking?" Celebrity Tattoos
This Is How Chinchillas Take Baths
Miley Cyrus Brings Out Jeremy Piven's Inner Teenager
8 Ways To Instantly Revive Your Romance
Quickies: Sarah Palin Is "Great Masturbation Material" For Tracy Morgan
Today's Lady News: New Mexico Introduces Parental Notification Law For Abortion
Miranda Kerr: "I Intend To Breastfeed For As Long As I Can"
Trailer Park: "The Mechanic," "Kaboom," "From Prada To Nada"
Marriage Is Great For Your Health -- So Long As It's A Good One
50 Cent Gives Good Pedi
10 Spring Trends We Love From The Club Monaco Lookbook
I Wanna Dance With This Guy
Woo Hoo! H&M Online Shopping Is Coming Soon
The Many, Many Musicians Who've Tried Their Hand At Acting
If I Could Turn Back Time, If I Could Find A Way
Man Has Mannequin Wife On "My Strange Addiction"
8 Ridiculous Celebrity Lawsuits
Lauren Alaina May Be Your Next "American Idol"
Crush Of The Day: "Red Riding Hood"'s Shiloh Fernandez
12 Reasons Why Women Don't Listen To Men
Don't Eat Your Food, "Whaf" It
The Real Divorces Of The "Real Housewives"
Girl Talk: I'm A Feminist, But I Think I Want To Date A More Traditional Dude
Somebody Needs Some Toenail Clippers
Don't Tell Cookie Monster There Will Be Only 6 Kinds Of Girl Scout Cookies This Year
Money 101: Do Good With Charitable Donations – And Get Deductions, Too!
Woman Claims Yogurt Sample Tasted Like Semen
Charlie Sheen Hospitalized For Hernia After 36-Hour Bender With Porn Stars
8 Stars Involved In Lesbian Sex Scandals
A Television Show About Edgar Allen Poe?
Clove Cigarette Lip Gloss Is Yumz
10 Hot Television Therapists
Quickies: Amy Poehler On Her Embarrassing Stock Model Photos & Who's Got A Coke Booger?
Glozell Dissects Britney’s “Hold It Against Me”
Today's Lady News: Breast Implants Linked To Cancer
If Ke$ha Were A Disney Princess, She'd Be A Homeless One
Guest Star Bonanza: Katy Perry On "HIMYM" And LuAnn De Lesseps On "Law & Order"
Having A Baby -- Not Having An Abortion -- Increases Your Risk For Mental Health Problems
Prince William And Kate Middleton Get A Lifetime Movie, We Suggest Plot Points
Sexy News Anchors Distract Male Viewers
Is Next Week's "Bachelor" NASCAR Date Grossly Off Track?
9 Must-Haves For The Kitchen Novice
Poll: How Do You Respond To Cat-Calling?
Kristen Stewart As Snow White? A Detailed Comparison.
11 Celebs Biting It
Portia De Rossi Sings Ellen DeGeneres Happy Birthday As Marilyn Monroe
Meet Fernanda Rocha, The New Lesbian Housewife On "The Real Housewives Of Orange County"
I'm Single Because ...
A Very Unfortunate Penis Tattoo
"American Idol" Contestant Shares Heartbreaking Story, Sings For Injured Fiancee
12 Hollywood Takes On The Porn Industry
Be Sew Prepared For Anything!
Betty White Was A Pinup Girl
11 Things Not To Say To A Woman Who Has Just Been Dumped
Love Wine? Frisky Readers Get $10 Off First Order With!
Kelly Osbourne's Fiance Cheated On Her With Transgendered Model Elle Schneider
Why I Consider Corey And Leah Of "Teen Mom 2" The Most Inspiring Couple On TV
Lady Gaga Wants You To Smell Like Period Sex
The 8 Hottest Delivery Boys On Film
Quickies: Elton John's Gay Adoption Magazine Cover Censored & "State Of The Union" Funny Faces
Today's Lady News: Texas Governor Takes Aim At Abortion Rights
Thank God – It’s A New Heidi Montag Song!
Shopping Guide: 10 Pairs Of Flare-tastic Wide-Leg Jeans
Simple Math: Friendship + Lust = Love
What Obama's "State Of The Union" Address Said, And Didn't Say, About Women
Baby Gifts We'd Like To Get For Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem's Son
One Puppy Sandwich With A Side Of Fries, Please
Leighton Meester Went Method For Her Role In "The Roommate"
Nerd Girl Porn: 12 Hot Guys From Down Under
At Least You Don't Have Moebius Syndrome
Buffy Who? Sarah Michelle Gellar To Star In A New Thriller Series
Girl Talk: I've Moved Out Of Our Apartment
Nicki Minaj Talks Making Babies With Drake
A Very Michael Jackson "Glee"
10 Oscar Snubs That Still Make Us Mad
Woman Allegedly Mows Down Cousin After Man Refuses Her Facebook Friend Request
James Franco Gets Trapped Under A Mini-Fridge!
Dear Wendy: "My Husband Calls Another Woman Constantly"
A Winter Scarf With An Identity Crisis
Rachel Roy's Man Repeller To The Rescue!
9 Unlikely Celebrity Duos
More Nazi Photos Surface Of Jesse James
Kim Kardashian Gone Swan
The 20 Cuties In The Puppy Bowl 2011 Starting Lineup!
Ashton Kutcher And Little Sister, I Mean, Step-Daughter Collaborate On Duet
Prince William And Kate Middleton's Wedding: Did You Get Your Save-The-Date Fax?
10 Crazy Sexual Practices We Were Totally Unaware Of
Quickies: Marijuana Soda for Sale & Snooki Films A New Reality Show
Today's Lady News: Black Women May Have Bigger "Healthy" Waist Size
Is Referencing Venereal Disease Supposed To Be Sexy? Cause, It's Not.
Wanna Write For British "Skins"?
Natalie Portman's Engagement Ring Is Vegan
Welcome To Barbra's Dollhouse
Dior Haute Couture Brings The Glam To Spring/Summer 2011 Runway Show
James Franco And Kate Hudson To Do A Linda Lovelace Biopic? That Sounds Familiar.
Dater X: Why I'm All About Younger Men
"Mrs." Is A Dirty Word
Kourtney And Kim Kardashian: The Coupled Up Versus The Single Girl
Woman Admits To Kidnapping Baby From Hospital 23 Years Ago
"Jersey Shore" Cast Is Moving To Italy
Girl Talk: Knowing What I'm Worth
Dan Savage May Be Coming To MTV
Bristol Palin's Got A New Boyfriend
The 5 Biggest Lies Rom-Coms Tell
Make Your Wine Breathe Faster
Who Is Oprah's New Sister, Patricia?
10 Bad News Dudes I Shouldn't Be Attracted To
Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Her Engagement Ring(s) All Picked Out
Behold, The 2011 Oscar Nominations
8 Ways To Meet Guys Offline
Ricky Gervais Impersonates David Bowie
We Are Better At Communicating With Strangers Than Loved Ones
9 Celebs Who Won't Get Married Until Gay Marriage Is Legal
Quickies: Oprah's Long-Lost Sister & Rob Kardashian's $15K Boner In "Playgirl"?
Today's Lady News: ESPN Dude Fired For Calling Colleague "Sweet Baby" To Sue
Avril Lavigne Still Doing The Bratty Badass Teenager Thing
James Franco Lets It Slip That He Has A Sex Tape
WTF: Iran To Ban Female Soccer Fans From Live Broadcasts
What Does Your State Suck At?
The Boob Tube: Must-See TV For The Week Of January 24, 2011
Fashion Fail: If Your Bad At Grammar, So Am I
George Clooney Says Marriage Just Isn't For Him
No Strings Attached: How Not To Be A Friend With Benefits
Best Gift Ever: Hubby Builds "Sex And The City" Dream Closet For His Wife
Military Commission To Recommend Women For Combat Roles
10 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Toddlers & Tiaras"
Tiffany Accidentally Outs Jonathan Knight
5 Things To Know About Elizabeth Olsen
Girl Talk: Sex With A "Top Chef"
Anderson Cooper, Back In The Day
Razzie Nominations: The 5 Famous Folks Who've Accepted Their Awards In Person
What Your Facebook Wall Says About You
Should Pregnant Ladies Get Special Parking Privileges?
Elton John Enjoys The Scent Of Dirty Diapers
Dear Wendy Updates: "Righteous" Responds
Keep Pounding Those Lattes, Ladies
Style By Jury: Do You Approve Of Mandy Moore's "Tangled" Top Knot?
14 Celebrity Men Who Fought The Hot
Fang Girl Explains Why She Ditched Brad Womack, How She Got Her Fangs
Can You Name This "Real Housewife"?
For The Week Of January 24-30, 2011
10 Things You Lose When You Commit
I Should Have Written This Book
Greta Gerwig Joins The Hollywood Oral Sex Movement
Weekend Wear: Olivia Munn's Sleek & Casual Comfort
Can An Affair Ever Become A Healthy Relationship?
Pauly D Wants You To Have A Happy Valetine's Day
Did Barack Obama Dye His Gray Hair?
Antoine Dodson Fights Bed Intruders
Don't Say Michelle McGee Didn't Try To Warn Kat Von D
What Inspired Rihanna's Rockin' Red 'Fro?
Is Chivalry Only For Men? I Don't Think So, Ladies!
Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Beau Garrett's Jumpsuit?
Quickies: "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" Finale Was Epic & Ivanka Trump Is Pregnant
Today's Lady News: Columnist Declares February A Sarah Palin-Free Month
Is Monogamy On Its Way Out For Young Couples?
Trailer Park: "No Strings Attached," "The Way Back," "The Housemaid, "Applause"
Do You Harbor A Secret Fantasy Of Becoming An Escort?
Cutesy Pink Infographic Patronizes Women In Tech (Yet Again)
8 Celebrities Dish On Their Dry Spells
Ryan Gosling + Orphans + Dancing = Dying Inside
Which Reality Star Is Also A Kinda Talented Artist?
Shopping Guide: 10 Super Cozy Double-Breasted Cardigans
Cameron Diaz Bought Weed From Snoop Dogg In High School
Shun, Shag, Or Marry: Reality TV Weight Loss Shows
8 Sundance Film Festival Flicks We Want To See NOW
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