Pro-Lifers Spank Ron Paul For Not “Rescuing” Aborted Fetus From Trash Can

I don’t even know why we’re talking about Republican Ron Paul, because he is never going to be president. (Unless Kelly Clarkson gets her way.) But I do find it entertaining that his campaign ad called “Life,” about his opposition to abortion — despite otherwise being all “get the government out of people’s business!” — is now flying back in his face. In the “Life” ad, Ron Paul explains how he has delivered 4,000 babies as a doctor and believes that life is a precious thing. He also claims he allegedly saw an “aborted baby” in an operating room, crying and breathing, and saw it placed in a bucket in the corner of a room and people “pretended it wasn’t there.” Then he says he allegedly saw a baby the same size being delivered in that same hospital and it made him wonder “who are we” to let one baby die in “a bucket,” but let another one live.

A heart-tugging story indeed. Now, I don’t know what kind of back-alley chopshops Ron Paul has worked in as a doctor. But everything I know about gynecology and obstetrics care does not involve “aborting” a baby that can cry and then dumping it in a “bucket” in the corner of the room. Most doctors who perform abortions — and throughout the country, risk their lives doing so — would be offended at the false characterization that that’s what they do.

So the gleeful part of this story — which I believe is a tall tale, if you haven’t figured that out already — is how has found that instead of being impressed by his commitment to “life,” conservatives in Iowa are criticizing Ron Paul for not rescuing that bucket baby. They actually have a point there. Explain that one, Ron! [Slate]

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