Dov Charney Describes His Sexual Harassment Charges Thusly: “I Like To Fool Around With Girls”

“It’s getting strange, you know? Things are strange. Like, at our company, we’re all about gay rights–everyone’s sexuality is human. But, there’s still the conservatives, the scared people, just looking for a little enemy, looking for new sexual things to clamp down on. But we don’t want to fall into that trap–only talking about sex–because the larger message gets lost. The problem with me is that my personal sexuality, or whatever, has been used against me, and it’s taken away from our ideas. It’s like a great gay guy had fantastic ideas, it’s 1964 and everybody’s like, ‘Geez, geez, he screws guys in the asshole.’ Yeah, he screws guys in the ass…so what? I like to fool around with girls. Get over it.”

Don’t you just hate when a guy claims to be liberal, progressive, forwarding-thinking, etc. but he’s actually kinda sexist, icky and gross? American Apparel CEO Dov Charney wins the Stop Patting Yourself On The Back, Dude, ‘Cause You’re Actually Not As Liberal As You Think Award.

In the latest issue of Flaunt magazine, Dov discusses the multitude of sexual harassment charges against him thusly. The asshole-itude and not-getting-it-ness is staggering. While I completely agree with him that both “conservatives” and “scared people” try to restrict our expressions of sexuality, it’s offensive to the women who claim to have been sexually harassed by Dov that he dismisses them this way. He acts like he’s being victimized for being a libertine. His personal right to express his sexuality stops when it crosses over another person’s boundaries. That’s Rule #1 of being a nice, considerate, respectful, law-abiding person.

Furthermore, Dov Charney’s self-comparison to gay men in the ’60s is also offensive. In many parts of the country gay men were shunned by their families and communities, institutionalized, or even killed for expressing their sexuality; none of those things are remotely comparable to a straight, white man who allegedly touches women he employs against their will. Dov Charney hasn’t been accused of “fool[ing] around with girls” — he’s been accused of touching women in ways they did not want to be touched. There’s a difference. [Fashionista]

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