The Best-Selling Mag Cover Stars Of 2011? It’s Not Who You Think

Mila Kunis had a very good year. Besides starring opposite Justin Timberlake in “Friends With Benefits,” Kunis was the top-selling cover girl for GQ magazine this year. Other super successful cover ladies? Sarah Jessica Parker, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Aniston. The triumvirate of blonds were top sellers for ElleVogue, and Marie Claire. In fact, Aniston had the top-selling cover for Marie Claire with her July cover. Surprisingly missing from this year’s top performing list — Lady Gaga, who covered almost all of 2010’s most successful magazine issues.

Not that Gaga didn’t do well …

She had the second best-selling issue of Vogue (March), and the third best-selling issue of Harper’s Bazaar (May). It’s just that she also had some certifiable misses this year, too. Her toned-down cover of Harper’s Bazaar was the mag’s third lowest-selling issue this past year — perhaps owing to the fact that the Harper’s crowd isn’t exactly the Gaga crowd. It may also be an issue of oversaturation. Could it be the world simply needs a Gaga breather? The same could possibly said of Justin Bieber, whose June Vanity Fair cover also tanked with readers. It, too, was the mag’s third worst-selling issue. Reese Witherspoon also failed to woo readers — her VogueMarie Claire, and Glamour covers didn’t do particularly well. Nor did Michelle Williams, Kim Kardashian or Fergie. Well, Fergie — we could have told you that. [WWD]