Your Advice, Please: What Shoes Should I Buy?

The other day I was walking by my fave neighborhood boutique, the inimitable Raised by Wolves (soon, soon, they will have an online store, my darlings) and I spotted these fantastic 80%20 Seanne shoe in Kiwi. Being that I’m not yet over wedge shoes, I had to try them immediately, but unfortch, they didn’t have a pair in my size. So, c’est la vie, I’ve taken to checking them out online. Lo! It seems the Seanne comes not just in Kiwi but also in “Herringbone” and something called “Fawn.” I can’t decide what color I want now. The Kiwi is great, but it’s, you know, white-ish. And I ruin anything light-colored. The Fawn seems kind of diarrhea-colored, but practical. And the herringbone appears closest to black, and has an almost tribal feel to them. Which do you like best?  

Tags: shoes, wedge, wedges