What Was The Best Holiday Gift You Received?

It’s fun to receive a gift you ask for, but, in my opinion, it’s more fun to receive a gift you didn’t ask for, and be astounded by how well chosen it was. My friend Nick gifted me  the soundtrack to the 1979 film “The Main Event” on vinyl. For those of you who missed this gem, it’s a “glove story” starring Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’ Neal. Yes, there is boxing involved and Babs wears those little shorts where her butt hangs out the bottom. But the important thing to note is that the soundtrack is Barbara’s foray into disco music. Yessss!  And, my friends, there is a track called “I’d Clean A Fish For You.” If that’s not “glove,” than I don’t know what is. I have never met anyone I would clean a fish for. No gift could have made me giddier and I didn’t even know I wanted it. Tell us about the best gift you received this holiday season in the comments.