There’s Going To Be A Geeky “Jersey Shore”

Whoa boy, there’s no end to the “Jersey Shore” scourge. The show’s producers have now cast their sights on a new breed of hyper-constructed reality: nerd reality. Their new show, “Fandom Rising” (let’s hope this is the working title), is casting for “eight strangers for a mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new lifestyles and relationships, to boldly go where no fanboy or fangirl has gone before.”

The ad then elaborates:

“If you are a guy or girl and get all the references inThe Big Bang Theory, can quote the Original Trilogy, can spot a Cylon among us, wish you could’ve attended Hogwarts, Starfleet Academy, or Xavier’s School for the Gifted, join the horde, and revere masters of science fiction and fantasy we want you!!! We’re looking for those who value brains over brawn, substance over status quo and march to the beat of their own cantina band.”

The casting notice refers to the show as an “experimental documentary,” but that’s just geek speak for “reality TV show” — so proud geekettes be warned, you could be the next Snooki. [Fandom Casting]