15 Celebs Who Spent The Holidays At The Beach (So Jealz!)

So. I’m currently considering a very, very, very last minute New Year’s trip to somewhere hot. It is barely winter and I am already suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. And there have been signs that I am meant to go out of town and get a tan in the very near future. For example…

  1. Julie is going to Mexico this week. Maybe I should go with her to protect her from sharks.
  2. J. Crew is selling really cute bikinis right now.
  3. I have enough miles to cover my flight.
  4. I’m due for a wax anyway. 
  5. I don’t have any New Year’s plans yet because I’m lame and I need to do something or else I’ll be sad.

Also, the 15 celebs in this slideshow — who spent the holidays in beachy, warm locales — are telling me I should. With their eyes. And their tans. At the very least — since, knowing me, I won’t actually go through with this plan since I am never as impulsive as I’d like to be — I am going to sit on my heater and click through these photos and imagine I am with them.