JWoww Defies Gravity & Taste With New Stick-On Bikini Line

Jenni “JWoww” Farley is probably my favorite castmate on “Jersey Shore,” which is kind of like saying, “Chlamydia is my favorite STD.” And yes, expecting class, grace and tastefulness from anyone in the Shore house would would be ridiculous. However, JWoww’s new line of stick-on bikinis is really next level. You know, stick-on bikinis. Because tying a bikini is really too hard.

According to Ms. JWoww’s bikini production company:

The Inside of our bikini top is lined with Stick2U, our patented silicon based adhesive. Stick2U is activated by your body temperature so the warmer you get in the sun the more it stays in place. Have no fear, the top will stay securely in place. Our motto is, Stays on and Stays Put!

And yes, the Stick2U stays sticky in water. And oh, you can definitely wear the bikini with fake breasts. The Stick2U adhesive doesn’t discriminate. [Fashionista]