Derek Lam Sues Ivanka Trump For Ripping Off His Design

Famous people: occasionally they rip each other off. That seems to be the case with Ivanka Trump’s shoe line, which looks to have directly copied a Derek Lam design. Trump’s Cadie wedge retails for around $150 while Lam’s Ayami sandal is a cool $780, but the physical similarities are rather striking; Lam sent Ivanka Trump Footwear and its parent licensing company Marc Fisher Footwear a cease-and-desist letter giving them seven days to pull the shoes.

According to Derek Lam’s Chief Executive Officer Jan-Hendrik Schlottman, “We have seen very similar copies before but we have never seen a shoe that perfectly copied. It’s such an investment to make a shoe … we had to protest this.”

It appears that the shoes are no longer available on Trump’s website, though they can be found in several retail locations, such as [NYMag]