Today’s Lady News: Lesbian Couple Kisses When Navy Ship Docks

  • Naval Petty Officer Second Class Marissa Gaeta bought 50 raffle tickets so she could win the Navy’s lottery and be the first person off the ship to kiss their loved one at the dock. Once on land, Marissa Gaeta swooped up her girlfriend, Petty Officer Third Class Citlalic Snell, a smooch. So. Cute. [Queerty]
  • The FDA has approved preliminary clinical trials on humans for an experimental HIV vaccine. [Think Progress]
  • Frisky contributer Hugo Schwyzer on why he has resigned from writing for The Good Men Project. []
  • Why women have second trimester abortions. [Salon]
  • Three troop leaders have resigned over a seven-year-old transgender Girl Scout. [Queerty]
  • Blogger Lisa Wade suggests Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip gloss is infantilizing adult women. That’s an interesting POV — I actually assumed this lip gloss was for little girls. [Ms. Magazine]

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