Deep Thoughts From “Hung”‘s Thomas Jane

“We’re taught to fulfill our emotional and physical and spiritual needs by consuming something—whether it’s a product or a service or an idea. You’re taught that a better car is going to make you feel better—or a bigger house, more money in the bank, a prettier wife, a richer husband or processed foods that are easier to eat and full of all kinds of crazy shit. Addiction issues would drastically be reduced in this country if we were taught what our God-given birthright as conscious humans is from an early age instead of having our brains actively switched off in school. That’s what school is: a prison for your mind. It’s a travesty that we do this to our children. … My kid’s not in the American school system—no fucking way. I dropped out of high school and my kid goes to a school where I believe they have a hell of a lot more going on than we do in America. There are alternative schools, and I highly suggest that everyone look into them.”

– Thomas Jane sounds like your kooky paranoid uncle who thinks “the man” is out to get him. But hey, he sounds a lot deeper than 99.7 percent of the other actors in Hollywood. In this interview with Frisky contributer Anna David at, he also claims he was misquoted a few months ago as saying he worked as a gay prostitute. Instead, Thomas Jane says he was merely “sexually adventurous” as a youth — not, uh, gay for pay. [The Fix]

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