Check Out The Frisky’s Holiday 35 Gift Picks!

When it comes to holiday shopping, we have two big goals: 1) Make sure we get something unique and special for everyone on our list and 2) stay on a budget! With that in mind, The Frisky and BuzzMedia partnered with Virgin Mobile to hunt down rad gifts that cost under $35, which, by the way, is how much Virgin’s unlimited data plan costs for their three new Android devices. (And there’s no contract! Oh, happy day!) In the video above, our own Amelia shares three more of her favorite gifts to give this holiday season. Find our more about where to buy them, after the jump!

Gift #1: Votivo’s Red Currant Candle

I’m not exaggerating when I say Votivo’s Red Currant candle is the best smelling thing in the universe. Better than freshly baked cookies or even Ryan Gosling’s aftershave. That’s why it’s the perfect gift to give to that person who you can’t think of a gift for. Every time they inhale, they’ll think of you — hopefully that’s a good thing. [$26.50, Amazon]

Gift #2: She & Him’s A Very She & Him Christmas

If you’re going to have to listen to holiday tunes on repeat at your Great Aunt’s Christmas Eve dinner, you might as well listen to a cool indie folk take on the classics. A Very She & Him Christmas — from the band fronted by Zooey Deschanel — not only makes “Baby It’s Cold Outside” tolerable, it makes it sound good. [$14.98,]

Gift #3: LUSH Silky Dusting Powder

Real talk time: I sweat a lot … and I sweat everywhere, specifically from places my deodorant stick usually doesn’t see. And I know I’m not the only one! Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder keeps the areas that matter the most cool, dry, and most importantly, sweat stain free. Give it to your closest friend or, as an insult, your worst enemy. [$10.95, LUSH]

This post and video were sponsored by Virgin Mobile, but the gifts chosen for the video and the opinions expressed  about them are The Frisky’s own. Get the real deal this holiday season for just $35/month at