7 New Ways To Ring In The New Year

New Year’s Eve is completely overwrought with expectation, isn’t it?  Will your party be hip-hop-video-caliber awesome? Who are you going to kiss? And most importantly, are you wearing enough sequins?

It’s enough to make a girl throw up her hands and stay in watching re-runs of “Breaking Bad.”

Never fear, friend.  We’ve got seven ideas for totally different ways to ring in 2012.

1. Travel to a different city. With the advent of Megabus, it’s cheap and (relatively) painless to pop over to Chicago/Akron/Boston for the weekend.  All bets are off when you’re in an unknown city.  See how many super touristy things you can do in the hours leading up to midnight.  10:00 p.m. viewing of Chicagos most famous sculpture!  11:00 p.m. Chicago-style hot dog eating!

2. Crash a party full of strangers. The recipe for party-crashing goes something like this: 2 cups of cute outfit, 3 tablespoons of I-know-what-I’m-doing, 1 teaspoon of charm.  Every party is improved by the addition of a cute and charming girl, few people are likely to stop you if you breeze through the door and act like you own the place.  Prepare some super vague responses for the inevitable small talk: “I know her through work” and “I work in marketing.”

3. Get away from the city and appreciate the night sky. If you’re feeling more introspective, get out of the city and away from all that light pollution.  Rent a house in the country or check out the lodging options in your state parks.  Bundle up with some spiked hot chocolate and identify constellations as the clock ticks over.

4. Borrow someone else’s New Year’s tradition. Every culture celebrates the new year differently and there’s no reason you can’t borrow a few good ideas.  Brazilians wear white outfits and different colored underwear that indicate their wishes for the new year (yellow for wealth, purple for inspiration).  The Japanese clean their houses from top to bottom and eat soba noodles.  In rural Romania, people dress as bears and then visit the homes of their neighbors and dance for them.  

Okay, so maybe you wanna give that last one a pass.

5. Throw a slumber party. Invite your nearest and dearest to show up in their jammies and spend the night playing board games, doing your nails and eating Totino’s pizza rolls.  Make sure you have plenty of inflatable mattresses and extra pillows!

6. Fancy up the casual. Everything is more fun when you’re wearing sequins!  Dress to the nines and visit your favorite diner or dive bar.  Go bowling in a cocktail dress or check out the dart league at your local VFW in patent leather boots.

7.  Make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished in 2011. With the pressure of having The Best Time Ever, the stress of the holidays and New Year’s resolutions that seem to highlight our shortcomings, it’s easy to forget all the things we’ve done right.  Pour yourself a big glass of champagne, hunker down with your journal and write down all all the awesome things you’ve done.  And don’t forget the small-but-important things!  Not killing your houseplants, learning to drop it like it’s hot and befriending that cool girl from your book club are all fantastic accomplishments!

How do you plan to spend New Year’s?

Sarah Von writes writes daily at YesandYes about topics like non-traditional adulthood, how to cheer yourself up and how to create an awesome group of friends.  Also: cats in vests.